Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things

The list below is of things that are outrageously expensive but oddly enough all of it is really popular buys. I have no idea how anyone could invest in some of this stuff but they are all pretty cool though!

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things in 2017

10. Most Expensive Box of Sweets

Most Expensive Box of Sweets, Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things 2017

Le Chocolate is the only sweets that you are going to have a difficult time paying for. They are going to cost you one and a half million dollars if you want to buy them. In the box is some of the absolute best chocolate with different types of diamonds surrounding it all such as brilliants that are yellow and blue, some emeralds, and then you are going to get beautiful sapphires. So if you have a big bank account and want to buy someone a great gift for a special occasion, this will be perfect for mixing up diamonds and a world favorite desert that is chocolate.

9. Most Expensive Cell Phone


Diamond Crypto is the name of this outrageous phone. Spending $1.3 million dollars just may be worth it if you want a sparkly electronic. On each side of the phone there is fifty brilliants and that includes ten blue ones. There are brilliants making up the navigation button and the bar has a carat on it. Peter Aloisson designed the expensive device and I am quite sure only the richest of the rich can afford this. One thing most people should consider before purchasing is if the phone is going to be one of the best working items on the market or else you are going to pay for a cell that is only pretty but not worth using.

8. Most Expensive Hello Kitty


A lot of people love the character “Hello Kitty”. She is such a cute cat but this figurine is going to set you back $163,000 if you want it. She is designed using the bows of different stones such as brilliants, pink sapphires, blue topazes, amethyst, and rubies. Only one of these was sold in Tokyo back in 2006 at the shopping center. This figurine is little, only 5.6 centimeters in height. She is going to definitely shine with all the sparkly stones that has been used to make her.

7. Most Expensive Pizza



Everyone loves to eat pizza, but is one hundred and twenty five dollars for one slice something that someone wants to spend one a small amount that is not going to fill you up? Well, in New York you are going to find just that. Nino’s Bellissima Pizza makes a pie that will set you back quite a lot since one piece is $125 and a whole pizza has eight slices so for one whole pie you are looking at around one thousand dollars! They put some pretty great ingredients on it though such as cream fish, chive onions, different types of petrossian caviar, tails of atlantic lobsters that are sliced very thin, some salmon caviar, and for a great taste they add just a little wasabi. I figure with all these ingredients mixed together you are going to get quite full quickly, at least we can only hope or your bank account is going to truly hate you.

6. Most Expensive Handbag


Back in 2007 a company showed this gorgeous bag at a fashion show in Tokyo. It is made of pure platinum and has approximately 2,182 brilliants, that puts the purse at being a total of 208 carats! I am sure we can all guess that if you want to have this you are going to be paying a high amount of money for it. Well, we are all very correct. This little beauty is going to cost someone over one and a half million dollars just to enjoy. I would not suggest carrying it around everyday though, with it costing that much you never know who may try to rob you so they can sell it.

5. World’s Most Expensive Tequila


For a bottle of this platinum and white gold tequila someone is going to need $225,000. Of course the company making this expensive alcohol does offer different choices being gold and platinum or silver and gold. Each of those still cost a pretty penny though, $150,000 and $25,000. The platinum and white gold mix was made out of blue agave juice and the company stashed it away to preserve it for six years before selling to a private collector from Mexico city in 2006.

4. Most Expensive Cricket Ball


At the Cricket World Cup in 2007 these was given out to only the best players in the game. Each of the balls were decorated with diamonds, 5728 to be exact. If you enjoy the game of cricket and want one of these I am sure you can get one made for the same price they paid, about sixty eight thousand dollars. Of course, most people can not afford that but these things are definitely unique and so pretty to look at that it is worth dreaming about owning one.

3. Most Expensive TV


Almost everyone watches TV now days, but what about a television that will cost $130,000 to own? I am not entirely sure I would want to even touch it for that price. The LCD TV called Yalos Diamond is made up of brilliants making it a cool 20 carats. The white gold surrounding it also gives the item a brilliant look. Some people would buy a house or a few cars with that kind of money but apparently others prefer the high end television instead of those other items.

2. Most Expensive Tea Bag


For the anniversary of seventy five years in business for the company PG Tips, that is a British company that distributes tea, a jewelry company named Boodles made a special tea bag for the occasion. It is made out of two hundred and eighty diamonds and was handmade. Of course, the price is quite high for this little item being $14,000. I guess the British truly are obsessed with their tea.

1. Most Expensive Toy


Even though the platinum handbag costs the most on this list, the most popular is this lovely toy so that is the reason the number one spot was reserved for it. A company in Japan designed Gandam, a Japanese robot that is a favorite cartoon character in that country. Gandam is on thirteen centimeters tall so of course he is small but made from pure platinum and is going to cost you a little over forty one thousand dollars to own.

These above are the Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things 2017. We can all see that these products are quite expensive and going to take probably all of your limbs on the body just to purchase but if you do have the money to just throw around then you are probably going to be interested in one of them. Kudos to those of you that can afford these while all of us others sit back and only wish we had the kind of money this stuff requires.

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