Top 10 Most Expensive Tanks In The World

Its 2017 and we are already past two World Wars, World Wars fought with weapons to wipe out the existence of our entire species. At first it was just the first world nations, the only two super powers of the bi-polar world who had that capability. But now almost every country has acquired the knowledge of building Nuclear Weapons. The whole world is armed for nuclear warfare and has countless reasons to charge towards each other and mark the beginning of the third World War. The only reason that isn’t happening is because the whole world is basically in a Mexican standoff. And the guns pointed in this standoff aren’t just ‘guns’, they are missiles and tanks.

Tanks form an important part of the national border security. First used during World War II tanks have now been upgraded to a virtually indestructible level. These tanks are bulletproof, missile proof and can run over heavy jeeps like a roller on cheese, and in spite of their weight they often have speed that might remind one of a charging Rhino. This is to say, they don’t come cheap. Countries spend millions of dollars on weapon zing their force, and one of the costliest equipments would be the tanks. Let’s have a look at the top 10 most expensive tanks in the world.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive Tanks in 2017

10. ZTZ-99- China (net value $ 2.6 million)

ZTZ-99- China, World's Most Expensive Tanks 2016

The tank was first introduced in the Chinese army in 2001 when the People’s Liberation Army started acquiring firepower. The tank’s design reminds us of Soviet tanks, specially the T-72 because of its outlook and the primary 125mm gun. However, unlike the Soviet tank from which the design is borrowed, these tanks have an angular turret and horsepower of over 1500run by diesel. The 58 ton equipment has a crew capacity of three. It is equipped with laser protection system warning the crew of incoming missiles, targets and equipment to blind and potential human threat. It is also protected by classified armour which includes explosive reactive armour.

9. T-90 AM- Russia (net value $4.25 million)

T-90 AM- Russia, World's Most Expensive Tanks 2017

The tank is the demon child of two Soviet Union tanks. The cheaper and more readily available T-62 tank and the high end T-64/T-80. However, this is not just a model. The T-90 has several models. One of them is made for easier export, therefore, cheaper and lighter, and the better and more expensive high end version, the AM being used to service the home army. The tank has a 1230hp engine with an explosive reactive armour, high end fire control equipment and projectile deflection system.

8. Merkava IV- Israel (net value $ 6.0 million)

Merkava IV- Israel, World's Most Expensive Tanks 2018

The Merkava is a series of tank models build for the Israeli Army after they had to battle Egyptian and Syrian forces with foreign western tanks. The tank is more suitable for defence than offense as it is primarily build for protection. It has been proved so in the 2006 Lebanon War when only two tanks were destroyed and the rest of the tanks withstood heavy anti-tank offense. The tank has a modular design which allows for a quick removal and replacement for damaged parts.

7. Arjun MK II- India (net value $6.0 million)

Arjun MK II- India, World's Most Expensive Tanks 2019

It is the only tank in the list and is tied with the Merkava IV of Israel. The tank was first introduced in the infantry if Indian National Army in 2004. The mark 2 versions have just finished upgrading and undergoing trials. It took two years to upgrade the model. The tank combines both old Soviet and new Russian and Western design. The absolute monstrosity has several features like laser tank design, smoke grenades, infrared jammers, explosive reactive armour and also new navigational equipment.

6. Leopard 2A6- Germany (net value 6.79 million)

Leopard 2A6- Germany, World's Most Expensive Tanks 2016

These lines of tanks are the oldest tanks in the list. They were used for defence services by the German army since 1979. The tank weighs 63 ton and has a 120mm smoothbore gun which can fire projectiles with precision. The tank has a speed limit of 45mph and is propelled by a diesel engine of 1500hp. The 2A6 is the last model to be used. The new 2A7 is on its trial stages and is about to be unveiled soon.

5. M1A2 SEP- USA (net value $ 8.5 million)

M1A2 SEP- USA, Most Expensive Tanks In The World 2018

It’s the most durable tank on the battlefield in this list. The monstrosity weighs 69tons and was used extensively during battle with Iraq from 1991 to 2003. The armour of this tank consists of depleted uranium and graphite. The tank has a 120mm smoothbore gun, reactive armour, remote controlled machine gun and a Tank Urban Survival kit.

4. Challenger 2- Great Britain (net value $ 8.6 million)

Challenger 2- Great Britain, World's Most Expensive Tanks 2018

The Challenger 2 is on par with the M1 tanks of the USA. The tanks have seen war together in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq and emerged victorious. The armour details of the new version of the tank are classified but it is called ‘Chobham Armour’ and is twice the tensile strength of steel. However the tank isn’t exactly a dream propel machine as it weighs 69 ton and has a horsepower of 1200.

3. K2 Black Panther- South Korea (net value $ 8.8 million)

K2 Black Panther- South Korea, World's Most Expensive Tanks 2018

The K2 tank combines all the new amenities of the Western and Soviet tanks. This is the newest tank in the list and has therefore, not seen battle yet. It has a 1500hp diesel engine, active jam controls, smoke screens and explosive reactive armour.

2. Type 10- Japan (net value $ 9.4 million)

Type 10- Japan, Top Most Expensive Tanks In The World 2017

This is the lightest tank on the list and has been in service since 2012 so it is relatively new too. It has a speed of 70 kmph which is pretty impressive for a tank. The tank is heavily guarded against hand held anti-tank weapons and has several warning mechanisms. The tank has a capacity of three crew members and the fourth member is automated.

1. AMX-56 Leclerc- France (net value $ 12.6 million)

AMX-56 Leclerc- France, World's Most Expensive Tanks 2018

The exact price of the tank is unknown due to confidentiality measures, but the price lies somewhere between $23 million to $ 12 million. The armour of the tank is made up of steel, ceramic and Kevlar providing mid blowing defence (pun intended) against antitank offensives. It has a 1500 hp diesel engine, advanced optics, computer controls and a crew space for three.

These expensive tanks are costly mostly because of their firepower, horsepower and defence power. The ownership of these tanks gives the home country a feeling of safety and leverage in the big impasse that we are at.

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