Top 10 Most Expensive Substances in The World

Different countries worldwide contain very expensive minerals. Most of these substances have contributed a lot to economy growth of those specific countries. However, manufacturing process is so difficult and therefore, perseverance is much needed in such cases. Apart from minerals, other expensive substances are drugs and chemical acids. Drugs are harmful but are expensive regardless of their bad effects. Let us have a look on list below that contains 10 most expensive substances on earth.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Substances in The World in 2017

10. Rhinoceros’s Horn


A rhinoceros is a big wild creature that is part of big five animals of the forest including elephant. A Life span of this animal ranges between 40 – 50 years. It is found mostly in Indian countries and some Parts of Africa like Kenya and Tanzania. Tourists flock in countries with Rhinos. However, illegal hunters kill them to get their horns, which are very expensive when sold. One gram of rhinoceros’s horn is $110. It has been ranked in position 10 of this article.

9. Heroin

Heroin Top Famous Expensive Substances in The World 2019

Some people refer to it as diamorphine. Many other names are used to refer to Heroin. This recreational drug contains euphoric effects. Patients at times use it to relieve pains. However, too much of it is very harmful to one’s health. Heroin drug has been ranked in 9th position of this article as one most expensive substance worldwide. One gram is approximately $130 and not readily available at all times. Heroin is pure white in color and very expensive product.

8. Cocaine

Cocaine Top Most Famous Expensive Substances in The World 2018

Cocaine is more expensive that substances discussed in 9 and 10 above. Cocaine is a strong stimulant and coke that is popularly used by men and women as a recreational drug. When inhaled, snorted or injected into active veins of a body, it changes normal feelings of a body. Cocaine is harmful and dangerous when used by young generations. Fatal cases have been reported as a result of using it. This harmful drug has been ranked here because of its high cost. One gram is sold at $236 and is an illegal business in most countries.

7. LSD


This is a highly concentrated acid. In full, LSD is Lysergic acid diethylamide. In other words, LSD is an acid drug that is responsible in causing psychological effects. This drug is expensive simply because of its manufacturing process, which is very difficult and takes a lot of time. When packed, they resemble capsule tablets and it is difficult for one to note them. A single person can carry several packs of this drug because they are light. For you to have a gram of this acid, you need approximately $3,000. Excessive usage of LSD can automatically cause death.

6. Plutonium


Plutonium is silver white in color and manages to take sixth position of this article. Another expensive chemical element is rarely available in several countries. Functions of plutonium are many. This chemical was discovered in 1940 and is position 94 in atomic number column. When exposed to air, Pluto tarnishes and a dull coating is formed when oxidization takes place. These are some its known characteristics. You can indicate it using its symbol Pu. It is among expensive chemical elements or substances. One gram costs $9,000.

5. Taaffeite


Taaffeire is mineral that was discovered in 1967 by Richard Taaffe and named it after his own name. It is of different colors such as colorless, greenish, light green, mauve, pink violet red, violet and grayish. Crystal system Taaffeire is hexagonal. This mineral is used as a gemstone because of rarity and occurs in form of carbonate rocks, tourmaline, mica and fluorite. Taaffeire is mostly found in Tanzania (east Africa), Sri Lanka and some other parts of China. This stone is so precious in many successful jewelry and fashion houses. One Carat of this amazing mineral is $4,000 and $20,000 per gram.

4. Tritium


Tritium is also referred as triton and is hydrogen that contains radioactive Isotope. Two neutrons and one proton are combined together to form gas lightening substance. Process of manufacturing this substance is difficult, time consuming and costly. One gram can be manufactured in a whole month. It takes $15 million to come up with one pound of Tritium. This item is not common in many countries and therefore not many people are fully aware of what I am trying to explain. It is good to have slight information before seeing it. One gram costs approximately $55,000.

3. Diamond


Diamond is a famous mineral that scoops a chance in third position of this list. It is made of metal carbons that are arranged in a crystal structure known as diamond lattice. When compared to graphite, Diamond is more stable. It has great and quality features that attract market value. Compared to other minerals, this is hardest and has high thermal conductivity. Colors of this minerals are grey, colorless, white, Pink, red, violet, purple, translucent, black, green and blue. Its cost is very high ad cannot be compared with any of above substances. Price of one gram is about $55, 000 and is among famous and precious stone worldwide. Ladies love this mineral so much.

2. Californium


Californium is a substance that is relatively cheaper when compared to those studied in several positions above. It is another chemical substance that cannot be omitted in this list and article as well. It was discovered in 1950 and has remained to be valuable among many people. You only need $25.27 to buy one gram of Californium.

1. Antimatter


Antimatter has been ranked in first position of this article of most expensive substances on earth. It has quality features and advantages that shoots its price high than other items on earth. Manufacturing it is cheap but sold at a relatively expensive price of $65.5 trillion per gram. It is the most expensive.

This article is much importance for it has equipped you with quality information that you need to have. Some of them are earthly minerals and precious stones while others are harmful drugs and chemical acids. These above are Top 10 Most Expensive Substances in The World 2017.

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