Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in USA

For every individual a house is the most important and priciest asset. The high-end real estate market is always changing with the price hike every single year due to the shortage of available space in the crowded cities. Yet we have some amazing houses around the world and places which have a worth to watch. Starting with indoor and outdoor pools, glasses, walls, castles like homes that have been visited and enlisted in this top 10 list of most expensive houses in USA 2017.

Below is the list of top 10 most luxurious houses from USA. Until one look into these houses it will seem unbelievable that a how a house can be. Or rather one should wonder whether these should be called a house or not. See how amazing these most expensive houses in USA and its facilities are.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in USA in 2017.

10. Casa Casuarina: (Price $75 million)

Casa Casuarina Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in USA in the World 2017

The mansion displays the style and taste of the late Gianna Versace, who was murdered on its periods in the year 1997, and still retains much of the original furniture and decor. The 23,000 sq. ft. home features an immaculately pool and tiled terrace, an impressive courtyard, a rooftop, lounge, 11 bathrooms and 10 bedrooms.

9. Tranquillity: (Price $76 million)

Tranquillity Top Most popular Expensive Houses in USA in the World 2019

This home on Lake Tahoe is unique and is placed in an aspen and pine forest. The very environment speaks of tranquillity itself. The 210 acre property boasts a 27000 sq.ft. mansion with two private lakes and boathouse, two parks, horse stables, 3 golf holes with the water barriers, an artist’s studio, staff and guest residence. On the whole it has everything to mesmerize the onlookers!

8. Snowmass Estate: (Price $78 million)

Snowmass Estate Most Expensive Houses in USA in the World 2018

The view alone explains the price tag. This massive 18000 sq.ft. home is settled in the Rocky Mountains, which is the outside area of Aspen. In this 876 acre property, there is 15 miles for riding horses or trails for mountaineering or ATVs. Three ponds in Snowmass Estate which is completely created with waterfalls, a brick pizza oven, two outdoors kitchens and fireplaces and fire pits. The home features seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, an indoor outdoor pool, a movie theatre with a bar and a glass elevator.

7. Sherry Netherland: (Price $95 million)

Sherry Netherland

With an apartment like this one is really paying for location, location and location! It’s situated in a luxurious spot in an expensive city like New York. And exactly how is it matching with its surroundings? The house has terraces on over looks Central Park and closely every side, Mid-town Manhattan and the Upper East Side. It has seven bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, an eating- in kitchen and a formal dining room.

6. The Penthouse at City spire: (Price $100 million)

The Penthouse at City spire Most Popular Expensive Houses in USA in the World 2018

This house has been on and off the market recently. Its owner has a put it back on the block and claims it again! It is the highest terraced residence in United States. It stretches from the 73rd to the 75th floor of the City Spire Building. It included an indoor pool, health club and valet parking. The apartment measures only about 8000 sq. ft. yet enough for six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a private elevators, wine cellar and media room. Talk about space management!

5. Estate and lands of de Guigne (Price $100 million)

Estate and lands of de Guigne Top Most Expensive Houses in USA in the World 2017

This house is located in south of San Francisco. It has a Grand ball room, library, living room and a pavilion which all exposed to a pool courtyard. Recognized park and gardens-like ground surrounds the home, but the rest of the land is underdeveloped which allows for privacy and maintains security. This has limited access in this case, but it is a place for taking a breather and goes closer to nature. The estate has been owned by the same family for 150 years and they keep it in immaculate condition.

4. The Legendry Beverly House: (Price $115 million)

The Legendry Beverly House

This estate sits atop a hill three blocks from the sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills and can be accessed only by one of the city’s longest private drives. The house has elaborate architectural details like balconies, curved ceilings, fireplaces, Waterfall flowing into pool. It has gym, spa, massage room, double master suites, formal dining room, and breakfast room and deco nightclub. What is the astonishing fact about this house? Together 400 people can sit at a time in the dining room.

3. Big Homer’s Pond (Price $120 million)

Big Homer’s Pond

The house got four bedrooms and six bathrooms which is spread over 56000 sq. ft. It has a guest house and a pool but nothing too flashy. This Big Homer’s Pond located in Martha’s Vineyard, it is the home, seated on 314 acres of ocean front property with a 35 acre pond of freshwater and more than 12000 ft. of private beach on the Atlantic. It covers 632-acre wildlife refuge, further separating you from a rest of mankind. This is another example of houses where you will feel attached to the environment.

2. The Penthouse at the Pierre Hotel: (Price $125 million)

The Penthouse at the Pierre Hotel

This is the apparently the most expensive New York City apartment available in market and it may be also one of the largest. The Penthouse includes three floors of the Pierre Hotel that is 41st, 42nd and 43rd. With 360 degree views, there is no part of Manhattan one can’t see. There are four adjoining terraces, five master bedrooms, nine bathrooms, five working fireplaces, separated guest suites and rooms for staff.

1. Copper Beech Farms: (Price $190 million)

Copper Beech Farms

A 1,800 foot driveway winds through the woods to this massive home, which as 12 bedrooms and nine bathrooms. There is also wing for staff and kitchen workers who maintain the place. One is not just paying for the house but also paying for the property which has spa, 75 foot long heated pool, stone carriage house, grass tennis court, clock tower, green houses and cottage. And did you know the mile of shoreline and two islands?

So these were the top 10 most expensive houses of USA. After going through these names, one will have a vast idea and lookout about the estates and housings. Even the word Mansion will find itself too small for these architects. And it can be really emphasised that no one in this worlds would not like or dream to stay in these dream places at least once in a lifetime.

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