Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in The World

It is very rightly said that “Fill a house with Love and it becomes a Home”. The basic need of every human being is a shelter where he can stay with his family. Houses are built by skilled people but it becomes a home when a family or a group of people start living together in it. The best journey of life gets completed when you reach home. Initially humans dwelled in caves and later shifted to huts and now live in houses, flats and big buildings.

There are many kinds of houses people live in, some are called Flats where multiple families live, some have their own home for their family, some have palaces like kings and queens, some in villages have huts and some find shelter tree trunks as they do not have a proper fixed place to stay. But the thing is everyone needs a home to stay, No matter rich or poor, king or paupers all need a shelter to survive. So here we will elaborate about the most expensive homes of the world.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive homes in 2018

10. Rybolovlev Estate (Price – $95 Million)

Most Expensive Homes

The most expensive family home in the world where only one family lives that is the Rybolovlev’s. Well known all over the world for its beauty and engineering. This home is originally owned by the very famous Donald Trump. This was one of the most expensive houses ever built when this was in construction. This house has 22 washrooms, 18 bedrooms and 6 halls along with a king size garden outside the magnificent structure. This is an ocean front mansion which is 33,000 square foot is one of the most beautifully built house with the best of everything in it. This million dollar house comes 10th on the list.

9. Silicon Valley Mansion (Price – $100 Million)

Most Expensive Homes

This is one of the world’s most fancy homes with specialized interiors and exteriors. This is owned by Yuri Milner in the world’s most famous place called the Silicon Valley that is the most beautiful place on earth and the most expensive place to build a home as well. This mega house is built in an 11 acre area and covers 25,000 square feet this has 23 big rooms and 18 bathrooms. Each and every room is specially designed and built with the latest trends and technologies this house is the pride of the Silicon Valley since it was built.

8. Fleur De Lys (Price – $125 Million)

Most Expensive Homes

This mega mansion costing $125 million probably has the longest driveway any home can have which is 200 yards long. This mansion is built on 35,046 square feet floor area with a total area covering 45,000 Sq. Ft area. The address of this huge mansion is 350 North Carol wood LA California. The chief designer of this huge mansion is Richardson Robertson III who is well known for designing mega mansions all over the world. It took 6 years for this mansion to be completed and has 12 bedrooms, a personalised tennis court, a running track of 1200 meters and much more inside it.

7. The Manor (Price – $150 Million)

Most Expensive Homes

The Manor presently is the most expensive real estate house ever sold. This house was actually built with a cost of $85 million and later sold at a shocking price $150 million an increase of $60 million dollars in the worth of a property in just two years is a huge achievement. The floor area of this magnificent mansion is 56,500 Sq. Feet almost as big as a football stadium and has 123 rooms in it wowww!!!!!!. That’s more than enough for seven generations of a family. The parking lot itself is huge that can accommodate more than 100 big cars in it easily. The Manor gets 7th place on our list.

6. The Pinnacle (Price – $155 Million)

Most Expensive Homes

One of the most beautiful mansions ever built is the Pinnacle mansion this is situated in the Yellowstone national park. This mansion gets covered with snow during the winters when it’s snowing and looks like a decked bride. This is owned by billionaires namely Time Blixseth and Edra. This is a multipurpose house which turns to a lodge in the winters for billionaires who come to visit the Yellowstone national park every year and then remains the residence of the owners for the rest of the year. This house has 10 floors with specialised heating systems for winters.

5. Franchuk Villa (Price – $161 Million)

Most Expensive Homes

This mansion was built keeping in mind the Victorian culture and standards in the heart of London. This is one of the fanciest villas in the world presently. Five stories tall with 10 bedrooms that is no less than a seven star suit. The special features of this mansion are the underground movie theater with a swimming pool as well and a Jacuzzi gym as well. This house is on the 5th position with the Price of $161 million construction cost.

4. The Hearst Mansion (Price – $165 Million)

Most Expensive Homes

One of the houses that has Movie Theater, a private Disco tech, 3 large swimming pools and 56 bed rooms along with 61 washrooms and much more. This rather seems to be entertainment residence more than a proper residence where people can live. This place is covered with lush green trees on all sides and built near a historic landmark. This mansion is spread in an area of 127 acres. This is the only private residential property that has a zoo in it with zebras in it who roam about freely in the green fields around this mansion.

3. Fairfield Pond (Price – $250 Million)

Most Expensive Homes

This is not a ponds name for your information, this is the name of one of the world’s most famous and expensive house on earth built with a worth of $250 million. The owner of this massive house is one of the top 50 billionaires so this has to be a masterpiece. This is a beach front home with a very huge garden all around. With an indoor bowling alley which is custom designed, two specialized tennis courts and three very big swimming pools large enough to be the venue of a pool side party.

2. Villa La Leopolda (Price – $736 Million)

Most Expensive Homes

This is probably the most expensive home built in between 1929 to 1931. This villa has been registered by the French government as the French Historic Monument. The reason is that it has had many owners who have a lot of historic value. Lily Safra is the present owner of this house and this house has also been used as movie set for some movies in the past.

1. Antilla – (Price – $1 Billion)

Most Expensive Homes

The most expensive house ever built in the world is in Mumbai (India). The owner is none other than one of the world’s most famous business tycoons Mr Mukesh Ambani. This has 26 floors with multiple floors parking and almost everything inside it from gyms to swimming pools to a roof top garden. Built with combination of both Indian traditions and modern architecture this is the costliest home that people actually stays in it. It’s a gift to Mukesh Ambani to his wife.

So these are the most expensive homes in the world today. But very unfortunate to say that over a 100 million people in the world are still homeless, but one day will surely come when no one will be without a own “Home sweet Home”.

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