Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World

The saying that the best things in life are free simply does not apply to the real world and it just looks nice in novels and movies and yes, our imagination! In the real world, there are no free lunches!! The Android and iPhone are giving each other tough competition and rolling out some of the most expensive apps that are surely going to burn a hole in your pocket! Of course, there are still hundreds to thousands of applications that you can download for free but the premium features always come with a price.

We’ve rounded up some of the most expensive apps in Android and iPhone in 2017 and the worst thing is that some of these applications are not even worth the money! Take a look at the ten most outrageously expensive apps in 2017.

List of the world’s top 10 most expensive Apps in 2017

10. Most Expensive App (Price $200)

The Most Expensive App does nothing really and yet it is one of the most outrageously expensive apps on the Google Store. The sole purpose of the app is to just show off! It is made for the fun of having the most expensive app over all. On starting this application, a message pops up on the screen that greets users by saying that it is the most expensive app and that’s it.

9. Super Color Runner (Price: $200)

Super Color Runner, World's Most Expensive Apps 2017

The Super Color Runner is a game that looks and plays like a retro Atari game and is basically an endless running game where the users need to fill their paths with energy in order to avoid monsters along the way. It is made by almost same technology but still it’s counted as one of the most expensive apps. The industry experts have no clue about why this Android app is priced so high for a game that barely offers much!

8. Touch Chat (Price: $300)

This iOS-based app is designed for those suffering from conditions such as Autism, Down Syndrome, and so on. It gives them a way to communicate with people using a voice that they’re comfortable with. The app offers both English and Spanish-synthesized voices and makes conversations fairly easy to follow. This made chatting experiences better. Unlike many other apps featured in this list, this is actually one of the most useful applications irrespective of the high price.

7. Water Globe (Price: $219.9)

Water Globe World's Most Expensive Apps 2017

The Water Globe is one of the most expensive apps in the App store and well, no idea why it is so insanely overpriced! This is just a way to show this globe that will be visible after installing this app. It is only really a digital version of a countertop trinket. You can just set the app to function as the lock screen on your iOS devices and well, that is all that there is.

6. DDS GP (Price: $500)

Not all expensive applications are for fun only. This is proved by this particular app. DDS GP is another iOS-based app that is specifically designed for the dentists. This app is meant to accompany a dentist’s explanation of conditions, treatment and procedures to patients and not much use to the average people.

5. GunBros (Price: $600)

Glu Games is a game developer that is notoriously well-known for tacking on expensive add-ons. Certain games are only interesting when there are add-ons. Even in social networks such games are available. But those add-ons are not free. This game application has immense in-app purchases that will surely set you back by a few hundred dollars and if you do not make those purchases then you’ll not be able to enjoy the game and feel quite helpless after a certain point. It is one of the most expensive apps in 2016.

4. Ignition (Price: $1000)

Ignition, World's Most Expensive Apps 2016

Ignition is an iOS-based app that cannot be used on its own. It is used in combination with LogMeIn that is a piece of software for PC and Mac. When used together, users can have access to the files on their computer through their phone and can even restart or shut down the computers remotely. It is very useful for people who need to access their important files every time they want but just can’t start their computers at the moment. The recent updated rolled out even allows users to control the cloud in LogMeIn pro. In addition to the app, LogMeIn costs around $149 a year!

3. BarMax (Price: $1000)

Passing the Bar is definitely not an easy task and hundreds have to appear several times to crack it. BarMax is an iOS-based application designed by a Harvard Law alumni and it is one of the most comprehensive Bar prep guide available on the App store. This is a handy app that also occasionally breaks into the top 40 educational apps available on iTunes. $1000 dollars to pass the Bar exam?! Seems pretty reasonable, though this is one of the most insanely expensive apps in 2016!

2. CyberTuner (Price: $1000)

CyberTuner is another iOS-based app that is specifically designed for professional piano technicians but it is going to set you back more than a grand because after downloading it, one would be required to pay an annual subscription of $80 for Cybercare without which one would not be receiving any updates. And to be exact without updates it is useless.

1. The Abu Moo Collection (Price: A collection of 6 for $2400)

The Abu Moo Collection, World's Most Expensive Apps 2018

Abu Moo, the developer, has come out with a series of application that is named after precious stones. The app does not do much except for allowing the affluent people to flaunt how rich they are by putting a jewel on their home screen! Each collection costs $400 each. Talk about spending money!! This is an Android-based app and one of the most expensive apps in 2017, given the fact that it does not do much.

Thanks to the update that Google rolled out in 2017, Android apps cannot cost more than a maximum of $400 but unfortunately for iPhone users, there are no such updates and hence, in our top ten list some of the most expensive applications are iOS-based. Most of the apps don’t even do much other than just charging the users an exorbitant price and hence, it makes us scratch our heads!

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