Top 10 Most Expensive Addictions In The World

Many people worldwide perform many addiction practices today. They are common things that we find ourselves spending money on. Some are not applicable to many people but others are like a mandatory for everyone. We are going to spend our time in looking at some of these expensive addictions. Go through guideline below. It contains 10 most expensive addictions in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Addictions In The World in 2017

10. Falling in Love

falling in love, Top 10 Most Expensive Addictions In The World 2017

Many people might think that falling in love is not an addiction. Research has shown that it is one of most expensive addictions worldwide hence ranked in tenth position of this article. Couples perform many activities together. These activities are costly and require much time. Some of them include going for outings, holding wedding ceremonies ad anniversaries and purchasing gifts for one another especially in certain parties such as Birthdays ad relationship anniversaries. Without doing all these, a health relationship begins deteriorating.

9. Video Games


Video game is another expensive addiction that has been featured in many articles and list. It could not be left out in this competition. Consumers of this activities are mostly men ad are said to spend between $600- $2,000 in every year. Currently, video gaming has grown so huge and video owners make effort of updating new games in their electronic devices. When young men and ladies get addicted to it, they tend to make it a mandatory for them to play. By participating in video games, consumers spend a lot of money.

8. Tanning


This is either another popular activity that can be done at home or luxurious salons. It is a process of darkening skin color to maintain a relatively uniform complexion. Unique machines are used to perform that work. For a client to get tanning service in a salon, she or he has to place a lot of money. For those that tan their skin at home, then purchasing of that specific machine and other beauty products such as creams are required. This is so expensive than most people could realize. However, its cost of beauty and clients will not mind paying for quality services.

7. Alcohol


Alcohol addiction cannot be left out in this list of most expensive addictions worldwide. People tend to drink a lot for pleasure. Drunkards tend to spend so much money on drinking alcohol. Experienced alcoholic people have confirmed to Wikipedia news that spending money on alcohol is just draining pockets without care. Under this addiction, there is drinking games. This is more expensive than drinking as an individual. Alcohol drinks are not limited in such occasions and participants are required to drink to their fullest. Alcohol addicts spend $500-$ 8,000 per year.

6. Strip Clubs


Strippers are beautiful, young ad most elegant ladies that dance naked in clubs. They do this to entertain viewers. Strippers ear their daily bread by doing that. There are specific and luxurious clubs worldwide that host these ladies. These destinations have many fans that come to have good time. Within a short period, these fans get addicted and cannot stop themselves from going there. They tend to visit there frequently ad spend a lot of money by doing so. This addiction is one of most expensive worldwide hence featured in this list.

5. Online shopping


Just as other popular and expensive addictions listed above, online shopping is also an addiction that requires one to spend a lot of money. It is normally done when one does not want to travel to pick shopping from manufacturing companies and top selling markets. With a working and fast electronic device such as a computer, tablet ad Smartphone, you can be able to navigate through most trusted online sellers and meet your shopping requirements. This addiction encourages laziness because many people purchase various kinds of items in search of an original one. He or she could have met that in physical markets.

4. Smoking cigarettes


Smoking cigarettes is a common addiction in many people. This addiction does look expensive like those studied in different positions above. However, you will only realize the expenses after spending. Information gathered from addicted and chain smokers worldwide say that best friends introduced them. They began this behavior by smoking just a puff. As time went by, these people got addicted and could not help themselves but just smoke. Research materials shows that number of current smokers is increasing every day. Some have even gone to an extent of smoking packets of harmful cigarettes.

3. Gambling


On third position of this article is gambling. This is just an addiction activity where one desires to reap where he or she has not planted. In other words, gambling is making predictions over something. Gamblers are always positive in whatever they do and expect victory. Their bosses on winning after sometime always convince mostly gamblers loose but them. Once one has started gambling, it is not easy to stop like other activities.

2. Redecorating and refurnishing the home


This addiction is not very common to many people but is featured in this article as one of most expensive addictions practiced by many people worldwide. People or couples that are addicted to decorating their home are always in a busy ad disturbed environment. They always get worried eve when their houses are clean and neat. Redecorating ad refurnishing of homes takes a lot of time and money.

1. Plastic surgery


This is another dangerous activity done by many people. Clients of plastic surgery perform it with an aim of repairing their damaged skins and making them look more elegant than before. Plastic surgery industry and doctors are currently millionaires. They are now hosting various celebrities and high-class people.

The list above contains most expensive addictions worldwide 2017. They are common activities that are performed by many people. Addiction like falling in love is everyone’s desire. No one gets afraid in spending because it is bring good feelings to one’s life.

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