Top 10 Most Evil Serial Killer Couples of All Time

Many prolific murders and heinous crimes against humanity have been perpetrated by individuals or entire groups that have an axe to grind or are just looking to cause mayhem. The criminals that many people don’t seem to look at as often are couples. Serial killers gain their definition by killing at least three or more people in order to satisfy some unknown psychological need that requires in-depth analysis to understand. While the majority of individuals that feel the need to fulfill these twisted desires tend to work alone and disdain being around other people, the truly horrifying fact is that some people manage to find a partner that is just as off kilter and twisted as they are. Here are the top ten most evil serial killer couples of all time.

List of Top 10 Most Evil Serial Killer Couples of All Time until in 2017

10. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka


This couple met in Toronto in the late 1980’s, and by the early 1990’s they were wed. What many people didn’t know for some time was that six months before they tied the knot, Karla gave her soon to be husband the gift of her 15-year old sister’s virginity. It was found out later that Paul knew Karla was bothered by the fact that Karla wasn’t a virgin when they met, so on Christmas Eve of 1990 Karla drugged her younger sister. After this the couple videotaped themselves taking turns with the younger girl. Unfortunately the girl eventually choked to death, but this was not ruled a homicide. This left Paul and Karla able to continue their spree as they raped young girls side by side until around 1993 when they split. Paul assaulted Karla, after which she made a confession to the police that granted her a 12-year sentence and her husband a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Karla was released in July of 2005.

9. Gwendolyn Graham and Catherine May Wood

Gwendolyn Graham and Catherine May Wood, Top 10 Most Evil Serial Killer Couples of All Time 2017

These two met while working in a nursing home in Michigan, where they soon became a couple. Unfortunately regular sex didn’t quite excite them enough. They tried choking, but even that got boring after a while. As a result they eventually tried their hand at executing the helpless, elderly women they were charged with caring for in the nursing home. The first murder they committed came in 1987, when they smothered an Alzheimer’s patient shortly before they had sex next to her still cooling body. They repeated this pattern four times and even took souvenirs in order to remember their kills. They even went so far as to brag about what they’d done to their co-workers, who refused to believe such a tale. That changed however when Graham, the dominant figure in the relationship, ordered Wood to kill one of the residents just for fun. Wood refused, and eventually Graham found her way to Texas where she attempted to acquire a new job just before the pair split up. Unable to take the stress of what she’d done, Wood surrendered to the police. Eventually the two women turned on each other, with Wood managing to give a full confession in exchange for a much more lenient sentence. Graham was given a life sentence while Wood received a 20 year bid.

8. Fred and Rosemary West


These two are still remembered by many as one of the most disturbing serial killers of all time. Both of them were said to come from very tumultuous backgrounds, with incestuous relations that occurred with their families. Most of the murders that they were accused of took place in a six year period, from 1973 to 1979, but the first of their kills actually happened in 1971. Fred was in prison for theft at the time and Rosemary was watching over Charmaine, Fred’s stepdaughter. Rosemary was said to be a very violent woman, and eventually ended the life of Fred’s stepdaughter. After Fred was released it is said that Charmaine’s mother came to pick her up, but disappeared soon after. It is widely believed that Fred ended her life. Their marriage was a very twisted one, the incest that went on was often at Fred’s approval, and he even encouraged Rosemary into a life of prostitution. To take it even further Fred liked to watch through peepholes he’d made in the wall. If that isn’t enough, Fred raped his own daughter in 1972 and continued up until 1987. The couple also killed around nine women in that span of time, including one of their own daughters and children that lived around their neighborhood.

7. Charlene and Gerald Gallego


During a two-year period from 1978 to 1980, this couple manage to murder nine young women, one of whom was pregant. Charlene and Gerald were quite devious in their sexual appetites. Gerald was the dominant one in the relationship and Charlene did as he said. All of their victims were women, some that were no older than 13. They would rape these unfortunate women for hours before disposing of them. This continued until they shot and killed a young woman’s fiance and then raped and killed her as well. What undid Charlene and Gerald was that friends of the slain couple managed to get their license plate during the abduction and called the police. Once they were caught in 1984 Charlene flipped on Gerald and was given a 16-year sentence while Gerald was sentenced to death. Before he could be executed however he died of rectal cancer in 2002. Charlene gained her release in 1997.

6. Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate


This couple met as teenagers and fell deeply in love with each other back in the 1950s. Starkweather was 19 and Fugate was 14, which her parents did not approve of at all. When Starkweather entered into an argument about this in early 1958 he shot Fugate’s mother and stepfather, and then took it one step way too by strangling Fugate’s half-sister, who was only a toddler at the time. After that the couple went on a road trip during which they murdered and robbed anyone and everyone they came across. The final count when all was said and done was around eleven people and two dogs. After a 60-day murder spree they were apprehended and convicted of murder. Starkweather was the only one to receive a death sentence, while Fugate was paroled in 1976.

5. Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck


Fernandez was in prison on a charge of petty theft during the 1940’s when he took up the practice of voodoo that he learned from a fellow inmate. Upon his release he decided to test his skills by trying to control women. He would write letters to single women, his plan being to woo them before robbing them blind and disappearing. His plan went just fine until he came upon Beck, who came with two kids in tow. His ultimatum to staying with her was that she had to get rid of her kids, which she did by abandoning them with the Salvation Army. Fernandez took this as the ultimate sign of devotion. After that they stayed together, but jealousy eventually got the best of Beck when she saw Fernandez lavishing attention on other women, and eventually the couple would rob and kills their marks. It was only when they murdered a young mother and her daughter, who was only two, that they eventually slipped up. Against common sense they stayed in the murdered woman’s apartment long enough that neighbors became suspicious and called the police. They were both eventually executed by electric chair in 1951.

4. Ray and Faye Copeland


The Copeland’s became the oldest individuals in the US to be given death sentences in 1990. Their crime was the murder of five drifters that they had hired to purchase cattle for them. They would hire the men, give them fake checks to use, and then turn around and sell the cattle for far more than the asking price had been. The drifters were always promised a small amount of the profits, but Ray would soon execute the drifters to avoid any such payment. What finally got them caught was the fact that one drifter saw what he identified as human remains on the Copeland’s property. Faye was adamant about any knowledge of the murders and claimed that Ray abused her. Eventually though both were sentenced to death, but Faye was instead given a life sentence. Ray passed in 1993, while Faye didn’t pass until 2003.

3. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley


Hindley was instantly taken with Brady when they began dating. Brady, who was a strict believer in Aryan idealism, convinced Hindley to read the books he gave her on Hitler and the Nazi atrocities during the war, further inducting her into his way of thinking. By 1963 they had decided to plan and enact a murderous spree that began with the abduction of Pauline Reade, a friend to Hindley’s younger sister. When Hindley managed to coerce Reade into going where she wanted, Brady appeared and raped and then nearly decapitated the young woman. The couple abducted and murdered five children in the span of two years, and were eventually turned in by Hindley’s sister, who had seen Brady murder a young boy. They were both given life sentences, but Brady was judged to be criminally insane and was admitted to a mental ward. Hindley passed away after serving sixty years of her sentence.

2. Henry Lucas and Ottis Toole


The two men met in 1973 and became lovers not too long after. Authorities were never certain when they began their murderous spree, but what they do know is that in 1983 Lucas was arrested for weapons charges, during which he was dumb enough to brag about several murders he was responsible for in prison. Toole denied such stories at first, but then began to make his own confessions. Eventually they both confessed to hundreds of deaths by their hands. This was believed to be real only because they had intimate details of each murder that only someone who’d been there could possibly know. Unfortunately a good number of the confessions were thrown out due to the possibility that police used unusually forceful interrogation techniques to gain their answers. The final tally that was released when the two men finally managed to remember them all was well over two hundred. Despite all this Toole was convicted on five counts of murder and Lucas was convicted on eleven. They were both given the death penalty to start, but each of them were then given a life sentence. Toole passed away in 1996 and Lucas passed in 2001.

1. Suzan and James Carson


It was the 1980’s when the Carson’s downed a heavy mix of drugs, managed to convert to Islam, and relocated to a marijuana farm somewhere in San Francisco. They took to stating that they were vegetarian Muslim warriors, and eventually went on a murderous spree that targeted those they believed had an evil energy within them. They killed their roommate in 1961, bludgeoning her repeatedly with a frying pan before stabbing her to death. After this they murdered two more individuals in their bid to rid the world of such things as witchcraft and negative energy. Once they were caught authorities managed to procure a list that laid out their plans detailing who they were going to kill. Both of them admitted to their violent acts and were eventually given life sentences without parole.

These above are the Top 10 Most Evil Serial Killer Couples of All Time until 2017. Murder isn’t always done by psychopathic loners, as this list would indicate. Keeping in mind that these couples are only some of the worst, it is safe to assume that many serial killers in the world today and in the decades before have found someone that is willing to embrace their ideals and follow them down the same twisted path. The one constant that seems to hold true for many couples is that there is often a line that one of them will not cross, which is a sort of failsafe to insure their imminent capture.

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