Top 10 Most Evil Austrian Serial Killers

Serial killers are the worst that human nature has to offer. They take pleasure in the kill and kill to satisfy a need that they have. They cannot stop killing. While they may know that killing is wrong there is something in these people where they need to kill in order to feel good. Serial killers do not stop at one victim. Many do not stop killing until they are caught or die. They can have dozen of victims. It may not ever be known how many people they have killed.

There are the top 10 most evil Austrian serial killers ever until in 2017.

10. Elfriede Blauensteiner

Elfriede Blauensteiner, Top 10 Most Evil Austrian Serial Killers 2017

This female serial killer became known as the Black Widow. She killed at least three of her victims by poison. After she killed these people including her husband she saw a nice inheritance. This serial killer does not look violet at all. She looks like a grandmother. She died in 2003 and no one will really know how many people she ended up killing.

9. Jahann “Jack” Unterweger


This serial killer liked to kill prostitutes in several different countries. He was arrested in 1974 but in 1990 he was released from prison due to good behavior. Within a couple of months after being released he began killing again. He killed three prostitutes in the United States alone. All of his victim were beaten, sexually assaulted, and strangled. In 1994 he received a life in prison sentence. He committed suicide while in jail and no one is quite sure of the exact number of women that he killed.

8. Maria Gruber


This woman worked as a nurses’ aid and is responsible for a large number of deaths of her patients from the years 1983 to 1989. She along with three other women killed by overdosing the victims with morphine or by drowning them. She was the first of the women to kill. She said she killed her patients because she enjoyed playing God. She ended up being convicted of 15 murders as well as 17 attempted murders. Many feel that the number if much higher.

7. Martha Marek


This serial killer is convicted of four murders. She killed a family including a child. While she did not admit to the murder she was convicted and was sentenced to death. This woman serial killer is said to have some rage from her poor childhood upbringing.

6. Hugo Schenk


Hugo killed back in the late 1800’s. He killed at least four people. He liked girls and attracted the ladies to him with a gentle looking face. He would hire women to work for his as his maids and then kill them. Before killing them he would rate them and bind their feet together. He then tossed them into the cold river. Sometimes his brother would help him out with the murders. He was caught and was said to be in correspondence with around 50 women all of whom could have been potential victims.

5. Max Gufler


Max was convicted of killing four women. He was a suspect in another 18 murders. He is said to have had a lot of range and would take all this anger that he had out on his victims. He was sentenced to life in prison where he died in 1966.

4. Harald Sassak


Herald became known as the Gas Man since he pretended that he was hiring his victims to be employees of his energy company. He would then rape his victims before killed and robbing them. He did this at least seven people. He was sent to jail and was then released in 2010. He died in 2013.

3. Frederick Mors


Mors killed his victims in the late 1800s. he worked at a nursing home and poisoned at least eight of his patients. He would dress up as a doctor and then administer the fatal doses. He did admit to the murders when he was asked by the police. He was sent to an insane asylum where he was able to escape. Nothing else is known about Mors since his escape.

2. Austrian Baby Farmers Organization


This organization was found to have 27 dead hidden under cigar boxes in 1893. There were three farmers that were arrested in relation to these deaths. All of the dead were infants. The women farmers admitted to the murders and forever left a mark on this company.

1. Am Spiegelgrund Clinic


This clinic is responsible for the deaths of around 800 people or possibly more. This was a children’s clinic that killed these kids when it was part of the Nazi Regime Children’s Euthanasia Program during Hitler’s Final Solution. Jewish children, those with mental or physical handicaps, and those of different ethnic origins were sent to this death hospital. It was said these children were killed in a merciful way but that is something that is up for debate. This clinic was closed at the end of the war in 1945.

These are some of the worst serial killers in Austria until 2017. These killers killed without remorse and their victims suffered. These evil serial killers were finally caught but the exact number of people they have killed is still unknown.

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