Top 10 Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

Nuclear accidents or disasters also referred to as radiations accidents are known to have caused many deaths and destruction of properties. Nuclear reactors were first created in the year 1954 and since then there have always been a debate on their matter. With time measures have been put in place on prevention of nuclear accidents but as we all know that human is to error and so these disasters still take place. There have been many reported cases of nuclear disasters but below is a list of the top most dangerous of the cases ever.

Here is the list of top 10 Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

10. The Wind scale Fire

The Wind scale Fire

This is one of the most dangerous nuclear disasters that occurred in the year 1957 in Great Britain. This happened after the world war 11 where Britain made two nuclear reactors. These reactors were made as a project that would make the country have atomic bombs. On 10th Oct 1957, fire occurred in the reactor of pile number one. This fire burnt for three days and isotope iodine was released causing a big number of cancer cases.

9. Tokaimura


This happened in Japan in the city of Tokaimura where two accidents occurred. One happened in the year 1997 in Donen plant and the other one in 1999 in JCO plant. The JCO plant accident was the most critical one that caused death of two unqualified workers who were adding more uranium in the tank than was required. Very many other people got exposed to radiation and were hospitalized. Residents around that area were also forced to evacuate.

8. Brazil Goiania accident

Brazil Goiania accident Top Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever 2017

This accident occurred in the year 1987 month of September the 13th when radiotherapy old source was stolen from a hospital that was abandoned for some time. The thieves didn’t know how to take care of the equipment they stole and in the process four of them died out of radioactivity they got exposed to. Many others who handled the equipment were also exposed to radioactive material having radioactive contamination. The number was said to be 112,000 people.

7. Radiotherapy accident in Zaragoza

Radiotherapy accident in Zaragoza

This happened in Spain on 10th December 1990. A machine at a Cancer clinic that had been in operation for 14 years was operated wrongly overdosing the cancer patients. This radioactive equipment as a result claimed more than 20 lives while 16 of the patients were severely wounded. This incident happened in a span of 10 days and many were left in very bad shape by the accident.

6. Saint- Laurent Des Eaux- 1980

Saint- Laurent Des Eaux- 1980

This accident occurred in France in the month of March the year 1980. It is considered one of the most dangerous accidents that have ever happened. It occurred as a result of failure in the cooling system resulting to increase in temperatures that melted uranium that was in one of the gas cooled reactors. This incident remains the most dangerous nuclear accidents ever in French history.

5. Kyshtym Disaster

Kyshtym Disaster

It took place in the month of September the year 1957 in a city called Ozyorsk in Russia. Just like the France accident, Kyshtym disaster also occurred as a result of failure of a cooling system. It also occurred after the world war 11. When the plant’s cooling system failed, an explosion happened that resulted to more than 50,000 people being evacuated. The disaster was named after Kyshtym which was the nearest town because Ozyorsk was not yet marked on the maps.

4. Three Mile Island – USA

Three Mile Island – USA

Occurred in March 1979 whereby faults occurred in the system leading to a meltdown in one of the nuclear reactors. This was as a result of poor maintenance and poor craftsmanship from the people handling the plant. The release of radioactive material polluted the air and water affective people around. It was one of the worst nuclear disasters in history even though no serious casualties were reported. The epidemiology studies also never associated any cancer case with the accident.

3. Chalk River – Canada

Chalk River – Canada

Chalk River happened in December 12th 1952. A reactor suffered a failure of the cooling system and power excursions that had occurred earlier. The natural research experimental that was situated nearby blew up as a result of the explosion of the reactor. The plant closed for two years then later was closed down completely later in the year 1990.

2. Fukushima Daiichi- Japan

Fukushima Daiichi- Japan

This disaster happened in Japan in the year 2011. It was one of the recent accidents that have happened. It was as a result of a tsunami that was brought about by an earthquake that had happened earlier. The tsunami caused the cooling to fail and the three reactors melted down. Radioactive materials were released causing many deaths. It is one of the largest accidents that ever happened.

1. Chernobyl

Chernobyl Top Famous Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever 2018

This is the largest and worst ever experienced disaster in the whole world. It happened in April 1986 in Ukraine. The nuclear accident occurred after core material was released claiming lives of 31 people and other being affected greatly by the radioactive material that they were exposed to. Other effects such as cancer and other deformities are still being experienced by the people living there.

That is a list of the top 10 most dangerous nuclear accidents that have occurred so far. Many others have occurred too. As much as nuclear energy is useful and good, it is important that human well being be considered and ensuring that the plants are always well functioning.

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