Top 10 Most Cruel Torture Devices

Many centuries ago there were no actual prisons that work how ours do today. The only types of things that they could do for punishment back then was what they thought would teach a lesson the best way. These were cruel and most of the time they was a very unconventional way to handle the situations but it all happened. Listed below are ten that was the most cruelest ways to torture an individual.

List of Top 10 Most Cruel Torture Devices in 2017

10. Chinese Water Torture

chinese water torture, Top 10 Most Cruel Torture Devices 2017

This method of torture may not be painful or have any type of destruction come from it but the idea did seem to work. Spanish Inquisition’s used this as one of the very first types of torture. The victim would be restrained on a solid wood surface and then cold water or warm would be allowed to slowly drip down on their foreheads and supposedly this drive the person crazy. One time on Mythbusters this method of torture was tested to see if it actually worked how it was said to have worked and they actually did find that it would gradually send the person into an insanity fit because of the thought that there was a hollowed out space forming in the middle of their forehead.

9. The Judas Cradle


This device was created in Spain and was used by trapping the individual in a harness and lowering them onto a pyramid shaped seat that would penetrate the anus or vagina. Slowly the person would be let down from a series of ropes. Usually the person would be completely naked while the torture was happening. The ideal was to cause a great amount of pain by stretching opening the orifices and sometimes they would even have weights tied to their legs to increase the pain which would eventually tear the muscle tissues of the area being penetrated. Sometimes the torture would for hours or it would go on for days at a time. The pyramid seat was never washed so it often caused very harmful infections which would result in the victim being dead.

8. Thumbscrew


It was used as an interrogation tool back in Medieval Europe. The simple design has crushing bars that were lined with sharp teeth and would be used to slowly smash the thumbs or fingers of its victim. In order to achieve crushing the fingers, the people would turn the handle that was made on the top of the device and that would push together the bars. They used this when asking prisoners questions that needed answers. The process was painful and lasted for long hours. Later on in the next stage a device called the boot would be used to do the same type of act on the victim’s feet.

7. Spanish Donkey


It is kind of like Judas cradle but this one is a lot worse than that. Spanish Inquisition are the ones to use this in the late middle ages. The device was sharp and had a slanted angle on both sides which resembled a wooden horse. The victim would be made to sit on it while naked in the position someone would if they were to be riding an actual horse and then weights would be placed on the person’s feet so that the torture would increase and keep them from falling off. Many sources state that the wedges would cut through the victim because of the amount of weight being put on them. Union soldiers used this device during the time of the American Civil War. Victims had to stay on this thing until they passed out.

6. Coffin Torture


The victim would be placed into this metal cage that was made poorly into the shape of a human body. The ones that were overweight was forced into cages that were smaller so that they would have more discomfort on them. After the victim was inside, then the “coffin” would be hung from a tree, wall in the city, or a gallow. The serious crimes like heresy or murder were the ones that warranted people to be placed inside this device. The person usually died from being thirsty or starving and sometimes they died from hypothermia. People walking by would throw rocks or food that was bad that way the pain and embarrassment was worse. Once the victim was dead, birds and insects would devour the skin that way the only thing left was a skeleton.

5. Lead Sprinkler


This tool was used to pour molten lead or even boiling oil over a victim. Looked like a ladle placed at the end of a handle. They would pour the liquid in the device by taking off the top half then reattaching it so they could sprinkle the fluid on the bodies. They usually would use it to pour the metal into the person’s mouth or even their vaginas. It caused a very large amount of pain. Sometimes they poured it in the eyes for more punishment.

4. Breast Ripper


This was used on women that had went and had a self induced abortion or if they committed adultery. If they practiced witchcraft then they suffered with this to. It would rip the breast from the chest with red hot claws that burned the skin while it was being pulled. Most times the woman would bleed to death or get a very bad infection that killed her anyways. Sometimes called the spider or the tarantula.

3. The Rack


The victim would be tied to the device by their arms and legs. They then would be slowly stretched. The bones would pop while the person was screaming in pain. Some would be forced to watch so they would tell the truth about what really happened. Later on spikes were added to that the person would have more pain done to their backs. The spinal cord would get damage from this to.

2. Crocodile Shears


Heat this up and then rip off the guy’s penis for thinking he could overtake the king. If he was lucky he would survive but the fact that he would bleed a lot he usually died a slow painful death because of his inside bleeding so much. You should never try to take over when there is already a king that makes all of the rules. It had very sharp teeth that helps bite down on the private area.

1. The Head Crusher


This explains a lot already. The fact that it is called the head crusher tells you that your head will be placed under it and slowly and painfully they would screw it down to smash the head. You would first feel the pressure and then your head would start bleeding. The jaw would get the damage first then your eyes would pop out. I am pretty sure that no one would be able to survive this kind of pain.

These above are the Top 10 Most Cruel Torture Devices. Any of these being used would tell you from the beginning that you should listen to what is being told. Follow the rules and you will not have to be in pain or any other kind of problems. Some was used to cause pain others to kill the person but doing it very slowly.

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