Top 10 Most Cruel Rulers Ever in History

These rulers did everything and anything that could possibly have the other people shaking in their boots because what they could have done to them. They have never understood why someone so evil would try so hard but if you think about it they get their way rather anyone likes it or not. Some even punished people as far as burning them and eating them. It does not matter which way you look at it the things done are wrong and should have never happened.

List of Top 10 Most Cruel Rulers Ever in History until in 2017

10. Idi Amin Dada



The President of Uganda from the years nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy nine. There was so many people killed when he was ruler because of abuse and other kinds of bad things. The numbers range anywhere from eighty thousand to five hundred thousand no one is quite sure of the exact number just yet. This man even though he was overthrown still made it a point to be part of the ruling for everything. He only stopped being part of it in the year of two thousand and three because of being in the hospital for kidney failure which killed him.

9. Attila The Hun

Attila The Hun Top Most Famous Cruel Rulers Ever in History 2018

This ruler goes way back to four hundred thirty four to four hundred fifty three. He was the leader of Hunnic Empire. He tried to take over France. He tried to take over several different places and failed each and every time. He got married in the year four hundred fifty two and he married Honoria. He died on his wedding night from drowning in his own blood. He died the year of four hundred and fifty three.

8. Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan Top Most Popular Cruel Rulers Ever in History 2018

He was the empire to the Mongol Empire. It was the largest contiguous empire in the history of his demise. He united some of the tribes of northeast Asia. he starter an invasion that became the conquest to Eurasia. He was a ruler but also a warrior. He put all of the Mongolia under himself as the ruler. His family was involved with all of this just like he was and they ruled worst than some of the others.

7. Pol Pot


The leader of Khmer Rouge and a Prime Minister of Cambodia. He was doing all of this in the years of nineteen seventy six and the Nineteen seventy nine. He became the leader on April seventeenth of seventy five and during this he killed and displaced millions of the people under him. He left most of the people starving or they had come to have some sort of disease. The people was also tortured and dealt with execution.

6. Vlad Tepes


He was the Prince of Wallachia. He ruled from the years of fourteen fifty six to fourteen sixty two. He is best known for the cruel punishments that he dealt out and he was the main reason for the vampire Dracula. His father was also given the nickname of Dracula. He was given this nickname because he would eat and drink the blood of the corpse that died. He did this to almost twenty thousand of people. The punishments that he gave out ranged from them being skinned or they was boiled some was blinded or hung. Some roasted or burned. There was so many people that this torture happened to.

5. Ivan IV of Russia


He was the Grand Duke for Muscovy from the times of 1533 to 1547 and was often referred to as Ivan the Terrible. The man was also the very first ruler Russia ever had along with being the first to be proclaimed tsar of the country. The man enjoyed watching people suffer. He would have his troops go out everyday and get five hundred to one thousand people and have them tortured and killed right in front of him and his son. He died when he had a stroke while playing chess with a friend of his.

4. Adolf Eichmann


The man was a German and also one of the biggest organizers for the Holocaust that happened. The man got hanged in Israel because of the part he had in the Nazi killing of the Jews while World War II was happening. He was recorded saying that the deaths of millions of the Jews being in his mind and part of his history gave him a lot of self satisfaction. He was a twisted man that many did not like at all.

3. Leopold II of Belgium


He was the owner of the congo free state which was a project that he privately done on his own. This project was for being able to get rubber and ivory from the Congo area in Africa. This dealt with forcing labor on the locals and that ended with three million of the Congolese dying.

2. Adolf Hitler


He was a German politician that was also the leader of the German workers party. In 1933 until 1945 he was the chancellor of Germany as well and he was the main leader of the Nazi beginning in 1934. By the time the second World War ended this man’s policies about the territorial conquests and the racial subjugations ended up causing millions of deaths to people along with millions of Jews being killed and that today is known for the Holocaust. Hitler killed himself in 1945 by shooting himself and biting down on a cyanide capsule at the same exact time.

1. Josef Stalin


This man laid out orders for millions of people to be killed or letting them starve to death. He cause more than twenty million of his very own people to die all while holding onto the Soviet Union in a tight grasp for about twenty nine years because he was the leader of the Soviet Union.

These above are the Top 10 Most Cruel Rulers Ever in History until 2017. These people are horrible and cruel. They did as they pleased and they did all they could to show people they was not playing. If you follow up with what they did some will make you drop open your mouth and some will have you wondering why they did such a thing. If you do not believe what is on this list go ahead and find out by yourself it is all true and can be seen anywhere.

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