Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in The World

These are just ten of the worse corrupt people and knowing this should make you not want to hear anymore. If you want to hear more just keep reading because it is no mystery to what they have done and what they are still doing today and will continue to do.

List of Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in The World in 2018

10. Joseph Estrada

Most Corrupt Politicians

Before the man became president of the Philippines he used manipulation as a tactic for winning because he used the situation of the country’s poor against the people so that he could advance his campaign further and it helped how expected since he did manage to win the president position. The man has supposedly taken over eighty million dollars in bribes along with dealings that were corrupt. He was more focused on getting the lower class people in his back pocket so that he could get the higher class people to trust him as well so he could steal from them. The country was in a vulnerable state and he took advantage of them when it came to that area. He was an actor in his younger years so it is not a surprise that he pulled off this awful plan easily.

9. Arnoldo Aleman

Most Corrupt Politicians

When a person wins the title of President they should actually feel honored because of being the leader of a country. Instead of being honored this man was not worried about his promises that he vowed to keep when he was elected because once someone wins the presidency position they must make oaths and promises when it comes to the law. Arnoldo was working towards becoming a lawyer before he ever became president so people thought he would be honest and work for their better but that was not true since the man got sentenced to twenty years in prison for embezzling 100 million dollars from the Nicaragua’s treasury.

8. Pavlo Lazarenko

Most Corrupt Politicians

This man did not even make it to being a president of a country he was only the prime minister and still done great in hosting a stream of illegal activities that he was involved in. He had plans of using the president to distract people and keep the attention off of himself in order to keep up his illegal business. There was two hundred million dollars came up missing under his care but later on it came out that some of the money got used for signing a bill worth ten billion dollars that consisted of abusing office rights. It never made sense how he was able to swipe two hundred million dollars without anyone ever realizing it was gone but he managed it and is now considered to be one of the most corrupt politicians 2017.

7. Alberto Fujimori

Most Corrupt Politicians

The man has a heritage of Asian descent which usually means the person is going to be very smart and disciplined but sometimes that is not always a good thing since in his role as president he managed to steal away with six hundred million dollars from the state. He also had the military men take part in kidnappings and murders all in the span of time he was president. This not only makes the man corrupt but also very cruel hearted.

6. Jean-Claude Duvalier

Most Corrupt Politicians

The man’s father terrorized the people of Haiti for over ten years so I guess that meant that his son could swoop in and do the same stuff when he became president of the country. They had the thinking that since they were president, they owned everything and everyone but that is definitely not the case but try telling Jean Claude that. He promised he wanted to change the economy with the starving people but instead during his time he just wanted to steal close to eight hundred million dollars from these poor people.

5. Sani Abacha

Most Corrupt Politicians

He is the President of Nigeria. He would steal items that was worth millions and he would not care at all just so he could put the money in his account. He was one of the bad ones but not the worst. If you have heard of this man than you know just how bad he could be at times. His wife in the end robbed him taking him for all of his money making him even madder than he was in the beginning. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in The World 2018.

4. Slobodan Milosevic

Most Corrupt Politicians

This is this former president of Yugoslavia. He was convicted of laundering money and he has not stopped there. He does as he pleases and if it involves money then why not. He wants it all to himself. He wants power and that is what he will get if it takes him a while but he will do as he wants so he can gain it. He would steal from a homeless person if he had to just to get all the money he wants because he is just that greedy.

3. Mobutu Sese Seko

Most Corrupt Politicians

If you do not this man you should know he is the president of Zaire. He is known for the embezzlement of million even the twelve billion that he did do just that with. He is very rich and loves the money he has even though it is not something he he earned himself. This man needs to learn a lesson but will not because he has power and will not give it up for anything as long as he has money under him.

2. Ferdinand Marcos

Most Corrupt Politicians

This man was also involved with number three. He helped with the money that was stolen and he was so happy to help. He is the second on the list because the top three was all involved together. Billions and billions of money was stolen and he helped and felt no guilt because well it was money and he wanted it. He is the President of Philippines. Just make sure to stay out of his way or he will take every dollar you have to your name with a smile on his face.

1. Mohamed Suharto

Most Corrupt Politicians

The top man in the group to have stolen the money. Why not help two other presidents when it helps him out in the process. He helped the other to so he could get money out of it to. He is the president of Indonesia. He has been in the spot for over thirty years and still counting. What an evil man to have done something so wrong and have no shame in the act of doing it.

These are some of the Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in The World 2018. They do things to get their way or to get the money they think they should have. They will go beyond to have what they think is theirs. Do not think twice they would not take you for your money because they would steal from a homeless person to make themselves better.

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