Top 10 Most Bizarre Traditions in The World

If you was wondering what was weird in other areas then you will see that these are some very bizarre traditions that will make you wonder if they are even able to be doing this. If you go and see the festival then you will understand more of what is really going on. Do not go and make fun of them you may not like what will happen afterward. They do these things for certain reason and that is just how they believe things work. Some are for fun some for health and some just because it has been happening for so long.

List of Top 10 Most Bizarre Traditions in The World in 2017

10. Hindu Thaipusam Festival Piercings

Hindu Thaipusam Festival Piercings Top 10 Most Bizarre Traditions in The World

In Thaipusam people will peirce certain parts of the body because it shows devotion to the Lord Murugan. Some of them will pierce their tongues or other parts of the body. When I say tongue I mean with a huge needle and it looks very painful. During later years they have started piercing their chest and faces. They take huge spears and hooks that they stick through the bodies.

9. La Tomatina


This is where people throw tomatoes at each other. This happens once a year during August. It happens the last Wednesday of the month and it is purely for fun. They take the whole day out of their lives to throw tomatoes. It all started in the nineteen forties and it started because of people who wanted to be seen throwing tomatoes at a parade. It is said that that may have been the reason but no one is sure how it really started but it is one theory and it may just be true. If it is at least now everyone has fun just one day out of the year.

8. Bullet Ant Glove

Bullet Ant Glove Top Most Famous Bizarre Traditions in The World 2018

This is one crazy ritual. It is painful and you know it is going to hurt before you even do it. If you do not do this then you do not become a man. It happens to little boys who hit sexual maturity. The boy and the Medicine man plus a few other boys go out in the forest to collect ants. The ant has the worst sting known in the world. It is said that the ants bite is so horrible it is like being shot by a bullet. The ants are stuck the glove while they are asleep from a drug and when they wake up they are mad and start to sting. The boy must stick his hand in the glove for ten minutes and dance. Dancing keeps the mind off the pain that is happening. They must do this twenty times before they are said to be a man.

7. Burial Ritual Yanomami


Doing this ensures peace to the one has fallen dead. The body is burned and the ash and bone is put into a soup. The people then drink the soup and believe that ingesting it will allow the spirit to live inside them forever. Everyone is cremated and made into a soup if not it is said that the soul will not be happy because he did not find a resting area. If they do not hurry and do the cremation then they believe the soul will haunt the ones who remain alive.

6. Tooth Filing


This is done so you can hit your full puberty. Both male and females do this. They must have this done to them before they even get married. They do this because they say it will help with how people act in a marriage. The teeth will be filled and then they will be ready for marriage. It is also mainly for women who are entering adulthood. It seems very painful but not something everyone will want to do.

5. Bathroom Ban of Tidong


The groom is not allowed to see the bride’s face until he sings love songs to her. After he does this the curtain is raised so he can see her. After this they are not allowed to use the bathroom at all for three days including night time. This happens after the wedding. If you do not do this it is said that your marriage will have bad luck in it and be a broken marriage or that infidelity will happen. If neither of those happen then it is said that your children will die at a young age. People will watch over the couple to make sure they do not go to the bathroom and they will give them little food and drink. After the three days they get a bath and then on with their normal lives.

4. Famadihana Dancing With the Dead


The people of the area will dance with the dead. They will rewrap the people in fresh cloth and then dance to live music in the tomb. They do this every seven years in Madagascar. It is to give the dead respect and to bring the family together. If you are some kind of close to the person who has died then you are invited. It is said that the people believe the person will be reborn so they show them respect so they remember when they are reborn.

3. Finger Cutting of Dani Tribe


They cut off their fingers at funerals to show grief. They also rub the ash and clay on their faces to show sorrow. If it is someone they love very much they will cut their fingers off and show them that is how much they love them. Enough to give up their fingers. The wife or husband cut their fingers off so they can be buried with the other one. Depending on how many times the person remarries is how many fingers that will be cut off so that they can also will show that they are connected through something. They do not care how many fingers they lose as long as the other person knows they love them enough to do it and sometimes they can not do chores because of how many fingers they have lost.

2. Baby Throwing


This is where newborn babies are thrown fifty feet of a temple. At the bottom of the fifty feet is a cloth that will catch the newborn. It has been done for five hundred years and still happens. Seems dangerous but they can be thrown as long as they are under the two year mark. Every year two hundred babies are thrown by the parents while the people below sing and dance. It always happens the first week of December. It is said that it helps the baby with health and luck.

1. Mourning of Muharram


During this event people get whipped. The whip has knives and razors attached to them and many people do it for the Mourning of Muharram. This shows how much they appreciated him. Some children are forced to do such things. The parents make them get whipped causing lots of pain to them. The parents show them this is how it works and they will do it later on in life.

These above are the Top 10 Most Bizarre Traditions in The World 2017. Who knew throwing a baby fifty foot off a building was even legal. They have done some of these things for so long no one questions it. Some have been shut down but there is not evidence that it has stopped some people still do the things that should not.

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