Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Cities

Japan is a beautiful country situated in east part of Asia covered by the Pacific Ocean on all sides. The word Japan means “land of the rising sun”. It’s a beautiful country with beautiful people, places and rich in culture. The mainstay of this country is fishing and farming. Japan follows constitutional monarchy form of government where the emperor and the government take combined decisions.

Japan has given world some of its most talented people in form of actors, scientists, doctors, teachers and professors. There is no top 10 of anything which will not have an Asian in it and most of the times it’s a Japanese person. Japan is one of the top 25 cleanest and most beautiful countries of the world.

List of top 10 most beautiful Japanese cities in 2017.

10. Hiroshima (Net worth in terms of GDP – $500 million per year)

Hiroshima, Most Beautiful Japanese Cities 2017

This is the same Hiroshima where the first atomic bombings took place and was in ashes the people of Japan own this credit of making and bringing life back to this city. The most famous and beautiful place to visit here is the Hiroshima Castel.

9. Kyoto (Net worth in terms of GDP – $857.10 million per year)

Kyoto, Most Beautiful Japanese Cities 2017

Kyoto is one of the most planned and beautiful which was built by the Japanese kings in the 6th century AD. The places of interest in this city are the Kyoto imperial palace which is the home of the king as well. The high speed rail is also a tourist attraction and a mainstay of cities life.

8. Kobe (Net worth in terms of GDP – $978 million per year)

Kobe, Most Beautiful Japanese Cities 2016

One of the favourite cities of the Japanese youth today this city is famous for its night life, parties and clubs. The major tourist attraction of this city is Rokko Hills which is just 931 meters tall. Kobe has approximately 100 MNC headquarters in it.

7. Kawasaki (Net worth in terms of GDP – $38.57 billion per year)

Kawasaki, Most Beautiful Japanese Cities 2018

Probably the sports capital of Japan Kawasaki is filled with stadiums and arenas. It’s a heaven for Japanese athletes not only them but athletes come from all parts of Asia to practice here. This is not the home of the Kawasaki motors as many people may wonder due to its name.

6. Sapporo (Net worth in terms of GDP – $61.5 billion per year)

Sapporo, Most Beautiful Japanese Cities 2017

Sapporo is the political capital of Japan with some of the countries yummiest food this is the birthplace of many of well-known Japanese foods. The history of Japan is the heart of this place. This city is filled with big shopping malls and five star hotels and restaurant, the street food is equally famous.

5. Yokohama (Net worth in terms of GDP – $120 billion per year)

Yokohama, Most Beautiful Japanese Cities 2017

Yokohama is an important port and one of the most beautiful Japanese cities now. It is controlling a large portion of the total imports and exports from the country to all parts of the earth since 2nd June 1859. This city is one of the first to make and use high-speed railway system which is one of the fastest in Asia. This city is very well known for its very beautiful markets and has one of the biggest fish markets in the world selling more than 2200 varieties of fish.

4. Fukuoka (Net worth in terms of GDP – $162 billion per year)

Fukuoka, Most Beautiful Japanese Cities 2016

Home of over 2.5 million people Fukuoka is the industrial capital of Japan. This city is beautiful because of its wooden architecture. Houses inside are filled with wood the reason being Fukuoka lies in an earthquake belt. In spite of that reason this city is one of the top most dynamic cities in the world. This city is well known for its International Passenger Ship terminal.

3. Nagoya (Net worth in terms of GDP – $311 billion per year)

Nagoya, Most Beautiful Japanese Cities 2018

Nagoya is the world 4th biggest metropolitan cities; this is yet another port city of Japan handling exports and imports from all parts of the earth. The Nagoya port is a sea port that enables maximum exports of electronics from Japan all over the earth. The Kinkaku Temple in Nagoya is one of the world’s heritage sites as announced by the UNO. This place is also famous for Sumo wrestling.

2. Osaka (Net worth in terms of GDP – $341 billion per year)

Osaka, Most Beautiful Japanese Cities 2016

Osaka is the commercial capital of Japan this place is a business hub. Filled with palaces and temples of the past this city attracts millions of tourists from worldwide every year. This awesome city has 760 bridges which are managed by the government. The evenings in this city is filled with lights basically LCD screens displaying shop names brands and thousand more things are all over the city. They have the world’s fastest train which is the Bullet train.

1. Tokyo (Net worth in terms of GDP – $4.41 trillion per year)

Tokyo, Most Beautiful Japanese Cities 2018

Tokyo is known as one of the world’s most densely populated city in the world. It stands in the 9th rank with almost 13 million people living in it. It is also one of the electronic hubs of the world and has the headquarters of almost all the big electronic companies in it. Filled with sky scrapers this city looks like a glass Toyland from the sea. In terms of the standard of living Tokyo has Japans richest biggest tycoons and the cost of living is very high as well. It holds the 11th position in the list of the costliest cities in world today. The city is undergoing massive beautification work as it will be hosting the 2020 Olympic Games.

Japan which was considered a under developed country now is a nuclear super power and also a beautiful place to live in. The people of Japan are friendly and good. They have been voted as the top 10 hardest working race of humans ever. Pride of the Asian continent this country is the best.

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