Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is undeniable that there are places that are simply a sight of beauty and wonder to behold. Whether it is the architecture or the cultural heritage of a city, or even the monuments and legendary sculptures found in these cities that contribute to the aesthetic value of a place, one thing is clear, both the physical features and the people that live in that place make it a worthwhile destination. Europe is a home of some of the most beautiful cities in the world as voted by travel companies. Here are the top 10 most beautiful cities in Europe.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe in 2017

10. Vienna


The lovely city of Venice is the capital city of Austria. Most of the architectural influences stem from a baroque theme because the city has adopted a lot of roman culture. There are many palaces in Vienna that add to the aesthetic value of the city for example the Schonbrunn palace and Hofburg palace. St Stephens cathedral which is also an outstanding work of architecture is also found within the city. Vienna is musically inclined hence the name “the city of music.” Famous intellectual musicians such as Beethoven and Mozart hail from there.

9. Bruges

Bruges Top Most Famous Beautiful Cities in Europe 2018

The city of Bruges is found in Belgium. The city is clothed in beauty with canals all over and beautiful streets. The town has a port, which is an important center for trade and transport. The tower of Belfort would also be a must see while in Bruges. The intricate beauty of this city is charming. The city also has a number of museums namely; Torture Museum, Groeninge museum, and the Historium Brugge as well. You cannot believe it but the whole city has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

8. London

London Top Most Popular Beautiful Cities in Europe 2018

London is a city of sophistication and class all wrapped in one. The English culture can be seen in the architectural planning of the city as well as the buildings. The city rests on River Thames. The Romans who discovered this gorgeous place, named it Londinium. The ancient city has a number of attractive sites, museums, palaces you name it. Buckingham palace is enchanting and architecturally accurate as they say it is. The palace of Westminister is also a picture perfect work of art. There is so much beauty hidden in this city.

7. Amsterdam

Amsterdam Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe 2017

This city is one of the most visited cities in the world. The city is found in Netherlands and though it is not the capital city of the country, it is still a very important destination in Netherlands. The city is known for its rich artistic heritage that can be sampled at the Van Gogh museum. The city has canals through and boats resting on the water, giving off a cool calm atmosphere. Initially the city was build around the dam on the river Amstel. Amsterdam has previously been ranked second in the list of the world’s best cities to live in.

6. Barcelona


This is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe 2017. This colorful city has beautiful buildings and a cheerful spirit roaming around and penetrating every area of this place. Barcelona is tucked away in Spain. The picturesque city has some of its most treasured architectural masterpieces designed by Antoni Gaudi who was the architect behind the Sagrada Familia church and Llois Domenech which are marked by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. The largest football stadium in all of Europe, Camp Nou is found in this city.

5. Paris


Paris is coined the city of love and with good reason. The ambience all through the city is that of romance. The city is a favorite destination for couples and a dream destination to many. Paris has a lot of culinary pleasure to offer as it is a well known center of gastronomy. Art is also at the core foundation of this city with one of the most popular art museums, the Louvre , being in Paris. Musee d’Orsay is also another important museum in the city. One look at the Eiffel tower will have you feeling like you are in a fairy tale.

4. Venice


Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Italian city sits in between islands on water. The main source of transport is by boat making it all the more enchanting. The air is crispy fresh because there are no fumes from vehicle exhaust pipes. The canals and bridges intersecting the city add to the beauty of the city. Piazza San Marco and St. Marks Basilica are some of the wonderful architectural pieces in the city. Though cliché, Venice is as beautiful as they say it is.

3. Rome


Rome is a city found in Italy. It is commonly referred to a city within a city because the Vatican city is found within the city of Rome as well. Rome has managed to preserve its historical heritage. The influence of art on the city is obvious. Renaissance has its roots in this city. St Petersburg which is the Catholic Church headquarters is found in the city hence it is a religious destination as well. The Vatican museums are a fascinating place to visit. The Colosseum is also a must see while in Rome.

2. Nice


Nice is a city found in France. Resting on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and on the French Riviera, the city is captivating even without trying. Because of its proximity to the sea it became a maritime city. There is a walkway along the sea which a beautiful stretch along the coast. Some of the sites that make the city a dream destination include The Font of Mont Alban, The port and Old Nice. The city is also referred to as Nissa la Belle meaning Nice the beautiful.

1. Prague


The city of Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic. Vltave river cuts right across the Bohemian city. Some of the Roman emperors chose to stay in this city. The Prague castle is one of the main tourist attractions in the city. The Old Town square has a traditional feel to it that makes it feel like home. Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe. The city has ten museums to choose from and whole other lot of enchanting sites to visit.

These above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe 2017. The covetous cities mentioned above make up our list of the top ten most beautiful cities in the continent of Europe. Travelling to any of these cities will prove worthwhile. Travelling allows one a chance to experience different cultures, diversity in terms of environment and practices and you also get to meet new people so what are you waiting for? You only live once so travel if you can.

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