Top 10 Most Beautiful Colleges In The World

Students tend to give a lot of importance to the beauty of the campus while choosing a college. The state of the campus is one of the things that stand out for a college, and influences how students perceive the quality of a college. A beautiful campus setting can help students to have a more refreshed mind even when they slog hard in the 4 years of their academic life. Students who enter colleges with a more beautiful campus typically report of a more satisfying experience with their educational experience.

The combination of excellent location, perfect weather and stylish architecture offer a very satisfying educational ambience to students. Read on and know about top 10 most beautiful colleges in 2018, which make students want to flock to them and enjoy the properly manicured campuses.

List of the world’s top 10 most beautiful colleges in 2018

10. Tulane University

Most Beautiful Colleges

It is located in New Orleans and is a combination of the traditional Renaissance patterns and modern style in the architecture. The campus is enlivened by lots of quad space and big oaks. There is also a beautiful park, comprising of a golf course and a zoo. Students love to study while seated on the patio that is joined to the Joseph Merrick Jones Memorial. The soothing sight of the white rocking chairs and the fountain offer a break from the hectic life of the campus.

9. Georgetown University

Most Beautiful Colleges

It looks just like the school from the Harry Potter films, and the pleasant location of the college along the Potomac River makes it look magical indeed! The historic Healy Hall is placed in the middle of the campus, which makes the place look indeed like Hogwarts. The Walsh rooftop offers a fantastic place to students to watch sunset from.

8. Pratt Institute

Most Beautiful Colleges

This Brooklyn college specializes in architecture, art and design, and does not fail with its ambience which is expected of a design school. There are many artworks all over the campus and the excitement and atmosphere is refreshing. The library has an antique and lovely design, with all of its floors being made out of 19th century Tiffany glass.

7. Duke University

Most Beautiful Colleges

Students call the University as the “Gothic Wonderland”, where there is classic college ambience in this University. There are concealed nooks hidden all across the campus, and the Duke Gardens is a favorite spot for many – as it offers a magnificent view of the sunset against the chapel.

6. New College Of Florida

Most Beautiful Colleges

The 3 mansions, which once belonged to the Ringling Brothers, is the most striking region of the campus. The elegant houses are used these days as offices and classrooms. The Sarasota Bay is one of the most beautiful spots here, which is extremely relaxing to the senses.

5. University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Most Beautiful Colleges

The lovely campus is a historical pace and it was one of the Atlantic Coast Conference charter members. The majestic Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower gives it an amazing feel. This is the place where basketball icon Michael Jordan once studied, and you can see photos of him eating there still today.

4. University Of Florida

Most Beautiful Colleges

The entire campus is dotted with Spanish moss and Palm trees. It is located bang in the middle of Gainesville, a lively college town consisting of exciting shops and a very dominant musical ambience. Students like to roam in the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, popularly referred to as the Swamp, and play soccer or work out. It has a very thrilling atmosphere.

3. Dartmouth College

Most Beautiful Colleges

It is situated in Hanover, New Hampshire, and is lined with many American elm trees that give the campus a very welcoming appearance. It is surrounded by pale mountains and calm woods, and the air is very healthy and refreshing for those who study here. This is what makes Dartmouth students objects of envy for friends and cousins. The lovely Connecticut River at the western side of this campus also makes it very beautiful.

2. The University Of Notre Dame

Most Beautiful Colleges

It is an amazingly lovely campus, consisting of a Grotto with a legendary Golden Dome that is visible from most places on the campus. Students gather at this Grotto for meditation and prayer. Irrespective of the season, the campus looks inviting. The Grotto and the lakes offer a relaxing place where students can rejuvenate their mind.

1. Stanford University

Most Beautiful Colleges

Situated among lovely hills and amazing buildings with red roof, this place has a calm ambience which is appreciated and admired by students from all parts of the world. It appears as a 5-star resort and the fantastic weather serve to enhance the atmosphere. It was once listed among the loveliest campuses on the globe by MSN.

These are the top 10 most beautiful colleges in the world in 2018, which students love to study in. The pretty campuses and the fantastic location make them a winner with people the world over. College life is one of the best days spend and it is the first brushing of hard-core reality, making the first steps in knowing the big bad world, feeling the softness of the bud called romance with colleges paving the way for a flourishing career- choose the best one to give a new facelift to your career!

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