Top 10 Most Attractive Things About Boys In General

Men can do and say some darn nice things. What are the top 10 most attractive things about boys and men in general? Please read on to learn about some of the most desirable traits that men do have on the average.

List of Top 10 Most Attractive Things About Boys In General

10. Tend to become passionate and are passionate


Just like if a man is passionate with words, he will probably also, be a man that is truly passionate in every wonderful and warm fiber of his very being as well. If a man becomes passionate, and is passionate in nature, he is sure to express an attractive view that will instantly capture attention and hearts at the very same time.

9. They are smooth with words

They are smooth with words, Top 10 Most Attractive Things About Boys In General

One of the most attractive of all traits that a man or boy can have is his ability to speak passionately. Men who can do this are very smooth with words and have an apparent gift for words that is captivating beyond captivating for sure. If a man talks excitedly about anything or everything that he does care about in essence. He is openly displaying his soft and gentle side that is very strong in depth. Being smooth with words is something insanely attractive for a man.

8. They cook very good


A man that is attractive in all the right ways is one that can do many things. One of the most interesting, and also appreciated of all things he can do, is when he has the amazing talent of being able to cook very good. A man that cooks is one that does aim to please the taste and palate of those around him. If he can cook, he knows how to be a turn on, in a cooking sort of way that is attractive on his very own.

7. They tend to concentrate hard


A man doesn’t have to be a genius to be interesting or fascinating. If anything, he just needs to know one thing only, and that is how to lower his guard enough to let others on the inside of his thoughts and possibly heart. A man that is able to express himself in the best way possible, is one, who does stop and think before he says anything. He tends to put lots of hard work into just how he thinks and will approach a person or situation before just speaking out of the blue. He is prepared to showcase a look that he is just trying hard to figure something out.

6. Good at holding conversations


Another thing that makes a man very attractive is his special ability to make and hold an awesome conversation. A man that can do this is truly exceptional. Because, to be perfectly honest, there are a lot of men out there that are very shy and withdrawn. A man who can dare to make a chat with a woman he doesn’t know is a man that is open to communication. He is someone receptive, open, and willing to go the extra mile in order to make her smile.

5. They work very hard


One outstanding quality about a man is their total devotion to work and making sure to provide for themselves and those they love the most. If a man can go out to work every day, and do the same thing, day in day out and do it selflessly. A dedication of this type is captivating in its own kind of special way. He truly is a man with an attractive quality that makes him shine as man in every way. Men are providers and they do their best when they are providing. Simple as that. This is one of the Top 10 Most Attractive Things About Boys In General.

4. They get all gooey-eyed


When a man sees a good looking woman right in front of his face, he will get that certain sparkle in his eyes, and slight but cute grin on his lips. They then proceed to get all sort of gooey-eyed in a sexy and come hither kind of way that is attractive beyond attractive. The way that a man looks at you with this gooey-eyed look will surely totally floor you and keep your eye on his face for sure.

3. They roll up their sleeves manly


When men do take the time to roll up their shirtsleeves for all to see and witness, they are sharing a truly sexy and intimate part of themselves, most of the time not even knowing it. Showing forearms isn’t only sexy, it is highly attractive to women, who go buggy-eyed and swoon over a man that does have this cuter than cute little habit. A man is showing off his swoon capabilities whenever he does this with his shirtsleeves.

2. Gift of laughter


Everyone loves to laugh. If a man has the gift of laughter and shares it freely with others. He definitely is a “man” among men. A man who takes the time to laugh at this and that, without holding back or restraint, is a man who knows what real joy and humor is in the world. He is someone who is happy with himself and can clearly laugh at himself for being silly. He is also capable of true and pure laughter that comes from deep down inside him and the laughter is genuine/uncontrollable.

1. Kindness


There are men and then there are better men. What is the difference? The answer is clear. The better men are the men that go out of their way to be nice to others in various ways. Some of these ways do include being openly kind to strangers that they don’t know. It can be anything from pulling over on the road to help someone who is having problems with their car to tipping a delivery guy a little extra because it’s raining to holding a door open to someone who has their hands filled and can’t do it themselves. Open and unselfish kindness from the heart of a man is a sign that he is a caring and decent man on all fronts.

These above are the Top 10 Most Attractive Things About Boys In General. There are things which do make a boy or man attractive. These things are things. They don’t even know they are doing, or do already have as a gift of their nature. Simple as that.

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