Top 10 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces in The World

We all know that man who can not keep his eyes off of the women. Well these women are in some type of armed forces and ye they may look “hot” as men call it but this is a job to them just like it is to you guys. They do just as much as you and sometimes are pushed harder each time because of the fcat their bodies are smaller and they need to know that it is not easy. They have curves but when it comes to them being in the forces they can get pretty mean depending on the rank they are at. Never cross a woman you have to deal with each and every day.

They will only make it harder on you. Keep your highs on the face and do not let them wonder below the neck because they all know when you are looking at their breasts. And even though they are walking away they feel you staring at their butts so just do not do it to be safe. The reason some are allowed in is because the tiny hands they have and the steady hands they have. Men have huge fingers that can get in the way of pulling a trigger and if a small item is lost then a woman can reach and get it easier than waiting a man to figure out how to get it.

List of Top 10 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces in The World in 2017.

10. U.S. Army

U.S. Army, Top 10 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces in The World 2017

These woman are seen because of their looks and their the early days they had to hide their bodies just to be able to walk with the men in the armed forces. The woman makes up fourteen percent of the U.S military but they can do just as a man can. They have the hair and the faces to make a man want more than just a friendship. Women are seen different because their body parts are more visible to the eyes because of the curves and the beauty. Their butts are round and they have a big bust and trust me men will be looking and could really regret it when the woman finds out.

9. Czech Republic Army

Czech Republic Army, Top 10 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces in The World 2017

When you see a woman from this area the first thing you will notice is the face. Their face is perfect and their bodies may be to but keep your eyes up guys. One simple twitch of the eye will have her knowing you are paying more attention to their bust and not their face. This is a gift all women have and they are not scared to call you out on it. Just try it and see what happens because some men just do not listen.

8. Polish Army


They have over twenty five hundred women serving today. They have the same rights as you men so get use to it. They are not trying to prove anything but simple doing something they have wanted to do for a long time. They can join the Army the Navy or even the Air Force. Do not be surprised if you see a female walking around the Special Forces because hey who said women can not do what a man can. They may have to work a little harder but they will do it to prove they are just as good as a guy.

7. British Army


Women have been able to join the British Armed Forces since the nineteen nineties. They are just to remain excluded from combat units Such as in the Army, Royal Air Force Regiments. This does not stop them from trying because they want to help just as much as the men but who does not want to look at a man and show them they can do it just as good if not better. The small hands and non shaky hands will make it easier. I am sure that a woman does shake with that much power but they do try very hard to learn ahs they go.

6. Pakistan Army


Pakistan is the only place that will allow a woman to perform their duties in the combat military operation. They have been able to do this since nineteen forty seven. In two thousand and six women were trained to be in the combat missions. They was trained to use snipers because of the steady hands they have. If they are not in the forces they would be great doctors for surgeries because it is easy to keep still.

5. Israeli Army


They are the only nation that will put a women in the line of fire with enemies. At the age of eighteen, all teens in Israel are made to enter the national service which means that the army there is flowing with female soldiers. Current reports state that thirty one percent of the IDF soldiers are all women. That is about three times more than the United Kingdom’s reports showed. Just because of that, it does not mean they are some of the most attractive women in the armed forces. What makes them get that title is their mainly because of their ages. If not their age then it must be the uniform that gives them this reputation.

4. Greece Army


In this country, the men are required to serve nine months in the military once they turn the age of eighteen but all of the women are just their on a voluntary basis. The country does not force them to join if they do not want to unlike how they do the males. The reason they are number four on the list is because of the dark hair and great skin tones. Their body shapes are mostly perfect as well.

3. Australian Army


Since the late eighteen hundreds, women in Australia have been a part of the military there. Up until World War II, they could only be part of the military by being Army nurses. In the nineteen forties the role changed and expanded more because that was when the Australian Navy and Air Force decided to make a female branch and women ended up being able to take on supporting roles. Years laters in the seventies and eighties, all of the females were able to be part of the services more than just having a supporting role. Now, these beautiful women are able to be in combat or the Defence Force.

2. Russian Army


Russia has always been said to have some of the most pretty girls because they have a slender frame, are groomed good, and have a mysterious personality mixed with all of that. In their military, the females get to do a variety of different duties and this is not only just in today’s society because apparently this dates back further than even the Great Patriotic War.

1. Romanian Army


Even though this country is not able to say that they hold the most firepower in the whole world, they are capable of claiming to have the world’s most beautiful armed forces women. With their higher cheekbones, full lips, pretty eyes, great bodies, and awesome personality, that makes them capture this number one spot easily.

These above are the Top 10 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces in The World 2017. The military rules have changed so much over the past decades since allowing women to be part of this dangerous career. A lot of people view females as weak or not capable but that just is not true. Give them great training and they will be able to hang in there with all of the rest of those soldiers that are putting their lives on the line to fight for their countries. It is not only dangerous but also can cause health problems, whether they are physical or mental.

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