Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in The World

The world has undergone so much change in the last about two to three decades or so. One of the changes that still remain a wonder every year is the change that has happened in the technological world. This is because every time the technology world is reporting an advancement in their inventions as human beings are becoming very innovative since the inauguration of the computer.

But there some of the wonders that have still remained significant all through. This is what we are mainly going to focus in today. Check out below the list of the top ten most amazing digital wonders in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in The World in 2017

10. Open Source


Starting off our listing today is the open source. This is where a software’s code are made available to the user freely so that they can make adjustment and make them look better than when they first obtained them. This has been a wonder in the digital world simply because it led to the creation and innovation of better things like Wikipedia, Android, and Linux amongst many other. Great minds were brought to the limelight since when the software developers decided to make the source code available.

9. Personal Computer


This was the greatest invention of the century. This is because it made use of computer a lot much easier and more user friendly. Initially we used to have big desktop computers which if you needed to move from one place to another you would not carry them but since introduction of personal computers in form of laptops and tablets and even notebook life has become a lot easier. You can find them almost everywhere you go.

8. Microprocessor

Microprocessor Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in The World

We should all be thanking the guy or guys behind the invention of the microprocessor because if it is not for them we would be using the computers that work slower than it would take a tortoise to cover a distance of 100 miles. It I found in almost all digital devices from smartphone, laptops and computers and they have made the processing of information to become even faster and better. This has increased consumer satisfaction as the performance in their devices is of high speed.

7. Digital Photography

Digital Photography Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in The World 2017

In the world of photography this has been considered the most amazing and wondrous invention. This is because it I found in almost all devices cameras, smartphone and this has made photography to become accessible to everyone. Digital photography is the one that has made it possible for us to Snapchat, use Instagram, video chatting and even face recognition all this is attributed to this great innovation. It is advancing every time and you will be able to capture everything in the clearest way possible.

6. GPS


Thanking to GPS you can now roam around a place you have never been to without necessary asking for direction. It is one of the best inventions that has happened in the technological world. Right now it is found in smartphones so when you need to track someone you do not have to go to the police or the army for them, you only need to use your GPS. It is found even in cars where you are directed on how to drive along different routes. This is one of the most wondrous invention ever if you come to think on how it works.

5. Graphical User Interface


Can you imagine if you were still using commands in your computer even in this day? Life would be very boring but thanks to Graphical User Interface life has become even better. Were it not for this great invention only those person knowledgeable on computer language would be using computers. They are now found in all computers and other devices. This is one of the Top 10 Most Amazing Digital Wonders in The World 2017.

4. Media File Compression


This includes mpeg, jpeg, mp3, mp4 etc. that have brought so much revolution in our lives. Initially sharing of data was more complicated since the data was very large but thanks to this you can now share data easily with friends and colleagues with a lot of ease. It has become very useful for individuals to perform data analysis and make it better for every to be able to have it. It has enabled development of some type of software we have today.

3. Fiber Optics


Every one of us I either a heavy internet user or those who use not so much. The innovation of fiber optic cables have really helped in making use of internet better. Without these cables it would be impossible for us to watch anything on our television or internet. These cables make data to travel all over the world hence we are able to get access to high speed internet and cable television. Though we are now in the world of Wi-Fi it all started with the fiber optic cables.

2. Smartphones


Though we may see smartphone as being a very normal thing it is one of the greatest and wondrous invention that was made by man. Those early mobile phones were only used for communication. Smartphones came about due to globalization as the world was shrunk to a small village. The smartphones have not only made it possible to communicate with friends and loved one but you can use them to work, take photos and videos, access internet, play games, and listen to your favorite music and all other things you can imagine of. All this has been made possible by this small gadget.

1. Internet


This was the most digital wonder in the whole world. The internet is what has made almost everything digital to become possible. Without the internet we would still be in the world of reading and researching thins from the newspapers and magazines. This is the best and most significant invention that ever happened in the world. You can get access to all information you want, communicate with people and the list is endless of what the internet has done. It has made the whole to become a small village.

Finally as I conclude these are the top ten best digital wonders in the world 2017. In one way or another all this wonders have affected our lives either directly or indirectly. Let me tell you for sure it would not even be possible for you to read about this article if it were not for these amazing wonders.

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