Ten Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks In History

Magicians are just normal people that perform mysterious practices before their fans. They do this to draw attention of viewers and gain fame. Magicians earn income through funny ways of life. Currently, these people are not many as they used to be. Magic tricks are however, interesting to some people and they love watching them happen. Fans of these activities are always willing to spend part of their riches in exchange. Below is a list of 10 people that died while practicing magic activities.

10. Charles Rowen

Charles Rowen Top 10 Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks In History 2017

Charles Rowen is also known as Karr the Magician or Karr the mysterious. He hails from South Africa and used to be a great magician and escape artist. This man has been featured in this list as one of those mysterious people that died while performing their tricks. According to his case, Charles used to into piles of glasses that are broken and used to enjoy that very much. Unfortunately, Charles died in 1930 while performing at Orange Free State, in South Africa. Records show that Rowen was tied by his own jacket and therefore could not untie himself.

9. Madame DeLinksy

Madame DeLinksy Top Most Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks In History 2017

Madame DeLinksy is another popular mysterious person from Schwartzberg- Sonderhausen. This lady used to perform her tricks together with husband. They used to practice gun trick, which is a game where magicians pretend to be shot by guns. In that way, they are able to catch bullets by their own body. In November 1820, Madame was performing that same mystery and got shot by six squads of men. She tried to stop those bullets but was unable. Madame fell down and died instantly.

8. Benjamin Rucker

Benjamin Rucker Top Most Popular Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks In History 2018

Many people know him by his stage name Black Herman. Benjamin Rucker is very different from other magicians that we have heard about. He is among mysterious people that died by natural causes. Hacker was born in United States of America and was good at performing tricks with black people just because of his Jim Crow laws. Bucker was a very committed magician who used to promote his shows. This great man died of heart attack while performing in April 1934. Most of his fans could not belief and they kept going to mortuary to check if he was truly dead.

7. Dr. Vivian Hensley

Dr. Vivian Hensley Top Famous Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks In History 2018

This is another great magician from Australia. He was a 43 year old dentist in Brisbane and worked truly hard in his profession. Due to this profession, Vivian could tell of disadvantages of getting sticky food into teeth. This did not hinder him in any bit of swallowing those kinds of foods. Hensley is said to have died of swallowing something that is not known to date. This happened while performing on 6th July, 1938. One of his sons said that Vivian died of swallowing a sharp razor blade.

6. Janaka Basnayake

Janaka Basnayake Top Most Famous Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks In History 2019

This great magician is from Sri Lanka. He was a 24 year old mysterious person. His trick was burying himself in sold and could stay there for couple of days. I am sure that some people may not understand whatever I am trying to explain here. Other several magicians practiced this game but were not able to beat Basnayake. Its only one magician named David Blaine who stayed for six hours in soil. On 5th March, 2015, Janaka asked his family to bury him alive and they did as they had been told. They got him up after seven and half hours but was very weak. This great man died while receiving treatment in Hospital.

5. Royden Joseph Gilbert Raison De La Genesta

Royden Joseph Gilbert Raison De La Genesta Top Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks In History

Most of his fans referred to him as Genesta. This man was an American mysterious person who usually performed milk can. He used to sink in a container full of milk or water. In all circumstances, Joseph managed to get out before being drowned. His fans used to wonder about this trick. However, in 1930, whole journey of mysterious tricks ended here. Royden was put in a milk container that had less space when compared to previous ones. He could not any movements and died due to breathing problems.

4. Jeff Rayburn Hooper


Here is another great magician called Jeff Rayburn Hooper. He died at age of 23 years old on 7th July, 1984 while performing his tricks. Hooper used to perform mostly during afternoon. He could enter into Winona Lake Bible conference and try to escape from Shackles. On this day mentioned above was not too good for him. He could not make in escaping them all and by that, he died while performing before his audience.

3. Joseph W. Burrus


Joseph W. Burrus is also referred to as Amazing Joe. This man was very famous compared to other magicians mentioned in positions above. His hero was Harry Houdini and was slightly popular than him. Joseph kept playing tricks of being buried alive in a coffin all his life. His grave was approximately two meters or simply 7 feet. He could escape all these tricks and merged out alive. However, one time Burrus was buried and covered with dirt and cement. These two products led him to suffocate and died in that grave.

2. William Elsworth Robinson

William Elsworth Robinson

William Elsworth Robinson is also known Chung Ling Soo. He hails from United States of America but had been adopted from a Chinese Magician. Even after that separation, the character in this young man did not fade away. William extended his mysterious actions to that different country. Elsworth died of a fatal accident at a place known as Wood Green empire in London. This happened on 23rd March, 1918.

1. Sigmund Neuberger

Sigmund Neuberger

Sigmund Neuberger hails from German and is the highest paid magician in History. He was a friend to animals and used to love them very much. His favorite was terrier Beauty. Neuberger had received this gift from famous and successful magician Harry Houdini. Beauty was dressed with suit of this great man. Sigmund had planned to hold a great show with his dog. Unfortunately, beauty died just before the show. One time he was performing in a certain show and fire engulfed in that building. He was caught with fire and died while saving a horse.

Some tricks are hard to believe but who are we to oppose. They truly happened. As we all know, we are differently created and many people do things according to their desires. These magicians died of their own funny tricks.

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