Top 10 Most Luxurious Largest Yachts in The World

When we think about Yachts, we think about luxury, richness of life and wealthiness of the person who owns such beautiful boats. The picture becomes more massive when these boats have everything from swimming pools to helipads and enough space to take hundreds onboard at a time.

Yes, there exist some of the world’s most luxurious largest Yachts owned by many wealthy citizens of the world who spend their holidays on these powerful Yachts. These Yachts have so much facilities and amenities to offer that people are lure to have gone on one of such yachts once in a lifetime.

List of the world’s top 10 most luxurious Largest Yachts in 2018.

10. Superyacht Ocean Victory 140m (459’5″)

Most Luxurious Largest Yachts

Built: Italy, 2014

Ocean victory includes seat water dock for almost 14m tender with 6 pools of up to 8m in length. The first plate (steel) was cut in Sept 2010.

9. Superyacht Yas 141m (462’7″)

Most Luxurious Largest Yachts

Built: UAE, 2013
Builder:De Schelde (1977) / Abu Dhabi MAR, 2013 (rebuild)

Yas is being rebuilt in Abu Dhabi using steel hull from 1978 Dutch-built frigate and being completely modified. Luxury interiors, new machinery, new technology are being installed. The beautiful yacht will be able to accommodate 60 guests along with 56 crew. With the top speed of 26 knots and powered by MTU twin diesel, she is all set to be a beast ready to be unleashed.

8. Superyacht El Horriya 145.7m (478′),

Most Luxurious Largest Yachts

Built: The UK, 1865
Builder:Samuda Brothers
Former names:Mahroussa

It was originally built for the Governor of Egypt and was present on the historical day of the opening ceremony of Suez Canal in the year 1869. During that time, she was used for receiving dignitaries. With the length of 12.1 metres, she has rebuilt again in 1950. At present, she is serving as the Presidential honour and care by Egypt May. She has a top speed of 16 knots. El Horriya is the classic largest yacht in the world.

7. Superyacht Prince Abdulaziz 147m (482’4″),

Most Luxurious Largest Yachts

Built: Denmark, 1984
Builder:Helsingør Værft

In1984, 5200 Superyacht served as Royal Yacht for Saudi Arabia’s king Abdullah who received her in inheritance from father late Kind Fahd. Her home port is currently Jeddah and she resides beside the King’s palace. It is manned by the staff of 65 and it has been rumoured that her system includes missiles and underwater system for surveillance

6. Topaz | 147.25m (483’2”)

Most Luxurious Largest Yachts

Built: Germany, 2012

Topaz was launched in mid-May 2012 when she was brought to life at Lürssen yard. She is the 3rd largest yacht to be manufactured by Germany and holds her position with an elite member of UAE

5. Al Saïd | 155m (508’6″)

Most Luxurious Largest Yachts

Built : Germany, 2008
Builder / naval architecture:Lürssen

The huge, beige coloured yacht was already known as Sunflower by the builder Lürssen. She now belongs to Sultan Qaboos bin Sa‘id Al Saïd of Oman, from the year 2008. Sails with Omani flag at home port in Muscat, Oman. The tops are almost 25 knots and can contain crew of 150. The orchestra hall of Yacht can accommodate more than 50 orchestras with class interiors, space for 65 guests. The Yacht is also equipped with cinema and helipad.

4. Dilbar | 156m (511’8″)

Most Luxurious Largest Yachts

Built : Germnay, 2016
Builder: Lürssen

Dilbar has a total interior volume of 15,917 GT and is the largest yacht by gross tonnes, but not by length. It was again built by Lürssen and was delivered at Mediterranean in May 2016, Her record-breaking features include 180 cbm swimming pool and 30,000KW electric diesel plant which is known to be the most powerfully fitted to any yacht till date.

3. Dubai | 162m (531’6″)

Most Luxurious Largest Yachts

Built: UAE, 2016
Builders: Blohm and Voss / Lürssen in 2003
Rebuild: Platinum Yachts in 2006

Dubai is a vast 162-metre yacht and used as a royal yacht by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum. It has accommodation for 24 guests with 5 VIP suites and 6 guests suites with all open balconies. A special feature is 21.3-metre wide Atrium. Some of the other facilities are inclusive of Gymnasium, Barbecue area, Swimming Pool, Cinema and Disco with Blackhawk helicopter, garage for submarine and am nay water toys. She has made many voyages since 2006 after receiving full certifications and was also featured in The Superyachts book Volume 23.

2. Eclipse | 162.5m (533’2″)

Most Luxurious Largest Yachts

Built: Germany, 2010
Builder / naval architecture:Blohm + Voss

It took almost five years of in-depth development, intensive designs and massive construction to create this beauty and the beast. The accommodation consists of 56 metres of owner’s deck in length and also the facilities of maintaining 92 crew members and personal staff of the owner. The deck area is 16 m swimming pool which is largest on any of the Yacht in the world where the base can be further raised to create a dance floor. It can accommodate three helicopters with two helipads and storage hangar. In 2011, Eclipse was awarded Motor Yacht of the Year by World Superyacht Awards,

1. Azzam | 180.00m (590’7″)

Most Luxurious Largest Yachts

Built: Germany, 2013

Lurssen’s received another feather in his cap with Azzam. He has been responsible for building 6 of the top 10 super-yachts. With not much information on this behemoth, it is rumoured to be serving royal family of Abu Dhabi in UAE. At 17.5 metres longer as compared to Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, Azzam takes the most prestigious title of the world’s largest yacht.

These are the top largest Yachts in the world and there is no doubt that some of the kings and heads are using these beasts to live life to their fullest.

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