Top 10 Largest Rivers In The World

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 largest rivers in The World in 2016 and 2017. Earth consist of mountains, deserts, lakes, waterfalls and so many beautiful rivers. All these things are distributed equally all across the planet for allowing people to explore the beauty that nature offers. Rivers are the important source of water and food on this planet. Each country is bestowed with rivers that bring beauty, food and life to the flora and fauna of that lace.

Some of the rivers are comparatively bigger and larger in size flowing through different countries. These rivers lead to the contribution to humans and many organisms including aquatic, amphibians and land animals as well. Rivers are associated with farming, navigation, agriculture, irrigation, and hydroelectricity and much more. So, here is the list of top 10 largest rivers in the world in 2017.

List of the world’s top 10 longest and largest rivers in 2016-2017

10. Amur River

Amur River Top 10 largest rivers in the world 2017

The river runs 2763 miles long and rises in the hills of Manchuria in the west where it confluences from its two major sources: Eugene river and Shilka river at a height of 994 ft. The river flows east from the borders of Russia to China and slowly entering the south-east region at an arc for about 250 miles where it receives many tributaries passing through the small towns.

9. Congo (Zaire) River

Congo (Zaire) River

Congo was previously known as Zaire river. It is one of the world’s deepest river found in Africa. As per the volume of water, it is the second largest river on this earth. The drainage basin is approximately 4,014,500 sq km. The river along with its tributaries flows through entire Congo rainforest which is the second largest rainforest after Amazon.

8. Parana River

Parana River Top most popular largest rivers in the world 2018

Parana is a famous river from South America and has a length of 3030 miles. The river runs through three different countries and also one of the biggest in terms of drainage area 2,582,672 sq km. The average discharge of this river is 17,290 cbm/sec. There are basically two rivers flowing in Parana. The first flows between the areas of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina while the second one runs through Uruguay and Argentina.

7. Ob River

Ob River Top most largest rivers in the world 2018

River Ob is one of the major river in Russia, Western Siberia and considered as the fourth largest in Russia. The river merges with Irtysh river from Kazakhstan and Siberia. The river is almost 3395 miles long and has a drainage area 2,990,000 sq km. The average discharge of this river is around 12,475 cb meters/sec. This river is majorly responsible for power generation and irrigation purposes in Siberia and Russia. The river finally falls into Gulf of Ob.

6. Yellow River

Yellow River most popular largest rivers in the world 2019

Yellow river is famously called “Sorrow of China”. It originates in Western China around Bayan Har mountains. It flows across the nine provinces and finally falls into the Bohai Sea near to Dinging city in Shandong province of China. The river is measured at the total length of 3395 miles and comprises of total basin area of 742,442 sq km. The name Yellow river comes from the presence of sand in the water which gives it a yellowish tinge.

5. Yenisei-Angara-Selange River

Yenisei-Angara-Selange River

The Yenisei is the largest flowing river system into the Arctic ocean. It rises in Mongolia and follows the northern course to the Gulf of the Yenisei in Kara sea which drains the largest part of Siberian central region, the stream further follows along with Angara and Selange rivers before merging into the Arctic ocean. The river accommodates many dams, power generation centers and hydroelectricity plants. The river measures the length of 3445 miles.

4. Mississippi River

Mississippi River

The largest drainage system in North America is Mississippi river. It rises from the north of Minnesota and Meanders and further flows southwards slowly into river delta and the Gulf of Mexico. The river measures the length of over 3902 miles. It passes through the borders of Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas and Minnesota. The river further drains into the Gulf of Mexico.

3. Yangtze River

Yangtze River

Yangtze river is the largest river in the entire Asia. It measures around 3915 miles in length and flows mainly through the China into the East China Sea. It is popularly known as Chang Jiang. It raises at the Tibet Plateau and flows eastward crossing south-west to contraband finally into the eastern China before draining into the sea at Shanghai. It is also among the largest rivers by the volume of drainage. The basin of the river is home to an almost 1/3rd population of China.

2. Amazon River

Amazon River Top largest rivers in the world 2017

Amazon river is the world’s second longest river. It measures around 3976 miles. It is also one of the widest rivers in the world. During the rainy season, river almost goes to the width of 25 miles at many places. The source of the river is in South America and finally it drains into the Atlantic ocean. The river is powerful and very big that there is no bridge to cross at any point. The discharge of this river is also very powerful releasing almost 8 trillion gallons of water every day.

1. Nile River

Nile River

The Nile is credited number one largest river in the world. The main source of the river is Lake Victoria in central Africa. From its farthest stream at Burundi, the flow extends 4180 miles. The Nile has two tributaries; the Blue Nile in Ethiopia and White Nile in Rwanda. Both tributaries join at Sudan. From Sudan, it flows through Sahara desert finally drains into the Mediterranean Sea. Major settlements include Luxor, Cairo, Sudan, Aswan, and Khartoum. It is one of the main source of irrigation, power generations and many water based resources for many middle eastern countries especially Sudan and Egypt. The river after completing its course flows into the Mediterranean Sea in a vast delta form.

Rivers are responsible for shaping the history of the world. Most ancient life civilizations have grown and flourished due to these large rivers on earth. Gallons of water flowing through the land and gushing into the sea creates Nature’s most amazing views.

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