Top 10 Largest Rivers In The World

To humans the benefits that rivers have are immeasurable and cannot be quantified in terms of dollars. Rivers are core to the existence of human race and without them extinction is inevitable. Rivers are the primary transporters of nutrients on earth, they are a key element in water cycle, and they are a habitat for some species and a source of food to some people and organisms, provide travel routes and recreation areas, provide water for farming and are an important energy source among other unlisted benefits.

No wonder in the recent times environmentalists across the globe have come up together to protect, conserve and rehabilitate water catchment areas in order to maintain ecological balance. There are so many rivers on earth, some wide, some small, others deep and other shallow, some of them seasonal and others flow all year round. Here we shall look at the top 10 biggest and largest rivers on earth putting factors such as length, drainage area and the rivers average discharge.

List of Top 10 Largest Rivers in The World in 2018

10. Amur River

Largest Rivers

On the position ten we have the Amur River which is the world’s 10th longest river with 1,755 miles. Its primary source of water is Shilka River and the Argun River. It forms the border between China and Russia and makes a great arc on the southeast part. Some of Amur River tributaries are Shilka, Ussuri, Right Ergune, Amgun, Zeya, Huma among others. Its mouth is Strait of Tartary and forms a basin of 1,855,000 km2

9. Congo River

Largest Rivers

It is the second longest river in Africa measuring 2920 miles after Nile and the 9th longest in the addition it is also the deepest river in the world measuring 750 feet. The river sources are the east African rift, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Mweru and flows across Congo rain forest. Some of its notable tributaries are Kasai, Sangha and Ubangi. The Congo River drains into Atlantic Ocean and its basin measures 4,014,500 km2

8. Parana River

Largest Rivers

The river is located in South America and is the second longest river after amazon with a length of 3,030 miles. It passes across three nations that is Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Its primary source is Paranaiba River and Rio Grande and drains into Atlantic Ocean. Its drainage area is 2,582,672 km2 square kilometers and discharges water on average discharge of 17,290 m3

7. Ob River

Largest Rivers

It is the world’s 7th longest river flowing 3,395 miles and with a drainage area of 2,990,000 square kilometres. Its formation occurs on Biya and Katun Rivers which their sources are Altay Mountains. Among the rivers of Siberia this is the westernmost which flows into the Arctic Ocean. The other two rivers are Lena and Yenisei rivers. Note that the Gulf of Ob is the world’s longest estuary

6. Yellow River

Largest Rivers

Also known as Huang He it is the second longest river in Asia measuring 3,395. Its primary source of water is Bayan Har Mountains in Qinghai province and flows across 9 provinces to empty in Bohai Sea. When its total basin area is measured it roughly gives a figure of 742,442 square kilometres. The river to the Chinese people it’s a foundation of civilization and a symbol of spiritual home.

5. Yenisei

Largest Rivers

The largest river flowing in the Arctic Ocean and with a length of 3443 miles is Yenisei also known as yenisey. It’s more prominent than the other two Siberian Rivers flowing into the Arctic Ocean namely Ob and Lena. Its maximum depth is 80 ft. and rises from Mongolia draining into Yenisei Gulf. Its basin is 2,580,000 km2. This is one amongst the Top 10 Largest Rivers in The World 2017.

4. Mississippi River

Largest Rivers

The river flows entirely in the United States and its source is Lake Itasca. Its 2320 miles long and occupies the 4th position and in relation to largest it takes position 10 among all rivers of the world. In terms of discharge it holds position 15 in the world and has the fourth largest drainage basin which covers 3,220,000 km2. Mississippi River empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

3. Yangtze River

Largest Rivers

In china the Chang jiang or rather Yangzi jiang is the longest river in the whole of Asia and third longest on the planet. The river basin is the habitat to more than 1/3rd of the whole of china population and holds the record of being the longest river in the world to flow in one country. In terms of discharge it occupies position six and it flows 3,915 miles. Its origin is Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and drains at east china at shanghai

2. Amazon

Largest Rivers

There has a contrasts between the Nile and the Amazon River regarding which one of them is the longest. Some geographers state the Nile is the longest where others refer amazon as the longest. The amazon is said to be 4000 mi in length and is the largest river in terms of discharge of water in the world. The amazon basin is also the largest drainage basin on the entire planet measuring 2,720,000 sq mi. in addition the amazon is also among the widest rivers since some of points are seven miles wide and its source is in South America.

1. Nile

Largest Rivers

The Nile River is documented to be the longest river on the planet which takes a journey of 4,132 miles before it drains into the Mediterranean Sea. The river has two tributaries only the White Nile which its source is Rwanda and the Blue Nile which its source is Ethiopia. The Nile water is shared by countries such as Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Eritrea, Southern Sudan, Kenya and Congo. Some of the major developments that been as a result of the river are towns such as Cairo, Khartoum, Aswan and Luxor

These above are some of the largest rivers 2018 we have on earth. If you research further you will know the reason as to why these rivers must be protected by all means possible. We need them since they serve a very important function in the existence of humans or rather biodiversity in general.

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