Top 10 Largest Gas Producing Countries

Oil producing countries are highly featured for been successful famous and developed. Economy of these nations is very high. I would like to suggest that such nations should be well equipped with fine road and excellent means of transporting natural products. Fine gas from crude oil is exported to several nations of the world. However, some great producers of Africa grew poor due to exporting more oil for gas production that what is remaining in their own state.

List of Top 10 Largest Gas Producing Countries in 2018

10. Algeria

Largest Gas Producing Countries

Algeria is a well known country from North Africa basically on Mediterranean coast. Many people in Africa and surrounding continents are aware of it because of producing oil and gas. Shale gas has been its produce for many years. Manufacturing company of gas was started in 1958 and through it Algeria has gained a lot of fame and success. Large percentage of oil for gas production is exported to different European countries and other states. Oil from Algeria is fine and pure. It is a trusted country for gas production.

9. Venezuela

Largest Gas Producing Countries

Venezuela is located in northern coast of United States of America. It holds a title of being largest state at that particular region. It is among highest oil producers worldwide. Oil is an essential product for making gas. Several industries of this business are located in Venezuela. One problem facing this state in America is poor roads. Transportation of oil is difficult because of these roads. Because of that, there daily target is never met. Venezuela has more than 70% of gas produced and that has contributed a lot to growth of petroleum industries.

8. Nigeria

Largest Gas Producing Countries

When the name Nigeria is mentioned, what comes in our minds is petrol production. Located in Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, Nigeria has many landmarks and tourist attraction sites. Oil manufacturing companies are also plenty releasing fine products to market. Foreign countries are beneficiaries of oil from Nigeria. Some of these countries are Qatar, Mexico, Canada, Chad, Cuba and Tunisia. Many other resources are released by this African country. They include Arable land, Limestone, niobium, lead, coal, Zinc, zinc and natural gas. Value of gas and oil exported to other states from Nigeria adds up to $45, 365 million.

7. United Arab Emirates

Largest Gas Producing Countries

This famous and successful country of Arabs is located along Persian or Arabian Gulf. United Arab Emirates is located in this list as one of largest producers of gas worldwide in 2017 review. Currently, Emirates have 6 trillion natural meters of Cubic production. Good thing about this country is that its residents welcome people from other nations who are interested in establishing themselves. One of richest place in this country is Abu Dhabi, which manufacture large amount of crude oil for gas production.

6. Turkmenistan

Largest Gas Producing Countries

Turkmenistan is one of famous and successful counties in Asia. Karakum desert and Caspian Sea are some of its surroundings. It lands in sixth position of this list and is amongst largest gas producing nations. Oil production reserved in Turkmenistan is approximately 265 trillion Cubic feet. Smooth roads and other reliable means are needed to transport oil from this country to other parts of this universe. Turkmenistan has established itself greatly through oil production. Government of this nation has plans of implementing oil transportation through pipeline means. Through this way, road congestion will be much reduced. Destined spots will have plenty of oil for gas manufacturing.

5. United States of America

Largest Gas Producing Countries

There are many reserved place that have grown to oil manufacturing countries in United States of America. Some of them are Ohio, Texas, North Dakota and Arkansa. Many nations are currently benefitting from USA for gas production. Advanced technologies are used in manufacturing companies of oil. Every process and step takes less time than expected. One thing that makes this country reliable with its products is its road. They are well build and there travelling and transporting of natural goods becomes easier. USA makes improvement in every year.

4. Saudi Arabia

Largest Gas Producing Countries

Level of Crude oil production in Saudi Arabia is approximately 10.29 million. Oil forms useful gas when processed. Located in Middle East, Saudi Arabia has a problem of drought. Oil production compensates every loss made by hot scorching sun. Major natural products from Saudi are transported to several. Fine gas is important for production of energy. Ghawar is an example of a famous region where gas is produced in Saudi. This is advantageous to young people because employment sectors are created and therefore problem of joblessness is highly encountered. Interested clients are requested to register in their websites and be part of Saudi Arabia’s investment.

3. Qatar

Largest Gas Producing Countries

Qatar is another Arabic country situated in Middle East and well known for gas production. It is among countries that supply gas to required nations. Qatar holds a record of generating more than three trillion cubic meters of gas in 2009. Because of that, this Arabic country has grown very successful hence landing in third position of Middle East.

2. Iran

Largest Gas Producing Countries

Iran is a famous country for gas production that is dominated mostly by Muslims. Oil and gas production has been major business of people from this country. Several investments and achievements have been reached by Iraq. This tells us gas-producing business is highly regarded and successful compared to others. Supreme Leader of Iraq is known as Ali Khamenei. He has greatly contributed to growth of gas manufacturing countries.

1. Russia

Largest Gas Producing Countries

Russia is largest gas producing country studied in this article. Total gas in Russia accumulates to 32%. This famous country is largest worldwide and is located in borders of European and Asian countries. Gas manufacturing companies fight work effortlessly to meet their budget and producing best to consumers from developed and undeveloped nations.

These above are the Top 10 Largest Gas Producing Countries 2018. Most of them started at humble backgrounds but are now flying high. You are now fully equipped with reliable information about these different nations. Apart from producing of gas, employment sectors are made available for youths. These countries are developed and are famous.

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