Ten Japanese Serial Killers Ever

A serial killer is someone who takes life from more than one person in cold blood. Such murderers in most cases are not of sound mind. Their actions in most cases can be linked to traumatizing experiences in their lives. Serial killers in most cases target victims who have certain similar characteristics. In most cases the characteristics of their victims can be traced back to the traumatic experiences in their lives. It is hard to imagine that there is a certain person who is born a murderer.

The actions of serial killers in Japan over time have left the people in a lot of pain. The experiences will forever remain in the memories of the people. The ruthless killings of innocent victims from all ages, genders and even ethnicity remain fresh in the minds of the affected. Below is a list of the top ten Japanese serial killers ever.

10. Miyazaki Tsutomu

Miyazaki Tsutomu

Born in August 21, 1962 and died on June 17, 2008. Miyazaki goes by many other nicknames such as; Dracula, The Otaku Murderer, and The Little Girls Murder. Just like it is expected Miyazaki did not have a normal childhood. He was a little deformed and as such he received bad treatment from other children growing up. During high school, he could not handle it anymore so he gave up his dream of becoming a teacher and ended up being a photographer instead. In 1988 and 1989 he snapped; murdered and molested the bodies of four your girls. He even proceeded to eat some of their body parts. The worst part was that he took pictures of the incidents and used them to torment the families of his victims.

9. Matsunaga Futoshi

Matsunaga Futoshi Top Ten Japanese Serial Killers Ever

He was born in April 28, 1961. He was convicted of one manslaughter and six murders between 1996 and 1998. Matsunaga had a fairly stable childhood but married at an early age of 19 and begot a son. He is said to have been a charmer and at one point he had close to ten women. His love circles soon became sour and the killings started. Many of his lovers and their families suffered deaths and pains that would forever remain in the minds and hearts of the Japanese. The details of the murders included torture and blood chilling happenings.

8. Maeue Hiroshi

Maeue Hiroshi Famous Japanese Serial Killers Ever

He was born in August 8, 1968 and died on July 28, 2009. Hiroshi’s story is a 100% sick. It is said that he was suffering from paraphilic psychosexual disorder and as such he could not achieve an orgasm under normal sexual intercourse. He instead could only cum when he strangled his victims. It is however difficult to prove the validity of those claims. He got his victims from an online suicide club and killed them for sexual pleasure. Hiroshi had been convicted for several previous murders and continued to kill anyway after his release.

7. Kurita Genzo

Kurita Genzo Most Famous Japanese Serial Killers Ever 2019

He was born on 3rd November, 1926 and met his demise on 14th October, 1959. Kurita was not just a murderer but also a rapist. He perpetrated a series of murders and rapes between 1948 and 1952. He did not just rape his victims while they were alive but also even after he had killed them. He killed a total of 9 victims before being arrested and sentenced to death on 14/10/1959. His horrible actions are still remembered to date.

6. Kodaira Yoshio

Kodaira Yoshio Top Famous Japanese Serial Killers Ever 2018

Yoshio was born on the 28th of January, 1905 and died on the 5th of October, 1949. Yoshio was a soldier a murderer and a rapist. He killed people both on the line of duty as a soldier and out of it. At one point he attacked his wives family and killed his father in-law with an iron rod after being deserted by his wife. He was convicted but still continued to rape and kill ten women. The accounts of the stories are extremely dreadful. He was then arrested and executed for those murders.

5. Katsuta Kiyotaka

Katsuta Kiyotaka Popular Japanese Serial Killers Ever 2020

He was born in August 29, 1948 and died on November 30, 2000. The firefighter is said to have shot and strangled at least eight people in his time. Although it cannot be proven, he is also suspected to have killed 14 others. He was involved in a series of other crimes including assaults and robbery with violence just to name a few. Katsuta tarnished the heroism and respect given to firefighters and dragged their name in mud. The accounts of Katsuta’s atrocities were later featured in the film Renzoku satsujinki. Katsuta was later hanged for his crimes.

4. Ishikawa Miyuki

Ishikawa Miyuki Most Popular Japanese Serial Killers Ever 2018

Ishikawa was born in 1897 but the date of his demise is not known. Ishikawa was a Japanese midwife who was recognized and respected far and wide. That was until she it was discovered that she had killed at least 169 infants in her care in the 1940s. In her defense, Miyuki said that she only killed children from poor families to save them and their parents from the pain of raising the kids in poverty. She received a four year sentence in what was termed as ‘mercy killings’.

3. Hidaka Hiroaki

Hidaka Hiroaki Top Popular Japanese Serial Killers Ever 2019

He was born in April 1962 and died in December 2006. Hidaka was a learned individual who even made it to university but dropped out and ventured into alcohol and prostitution. He later became a taxi driver married and had a daughter. His wife was later admitted into a mental hospital due to mental illness. For some reason Hidaka later snapped; killed and robbed four women. He was convicted and sentenced to death.

2. Fukiage Sataro

Fukiage Sataro Most Japanese Serial Killers Ever 2019

He was born in February 1889 and passed on in September 1926. In early 20th century he raped and killed at least seven girls and was arrested for the same but was released later. He was arrested again for molesting a four year old girl and released again. He went on to kill six more girls. He was arrested again and confessed to 13 more murders and withdrew. He was later sentenced to hang.

1. Eto Sachiko

Eto Sachiko Top Most Japanese Serial Killers Ever 2018

He died in September 2012 and her date of birth is not known. Also known as the ‘exorcist’ Sachiko was convicted of 65 murders. She mainly killed her victims by beating her victims with a drum stick in the name of driving away evil spirits away from them. The court termed her actions as ‘excessively grave’ and was sentenced to death while her accomplices (her daughters) were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The above atrocities are among the worst that have been perpetrated by serial killers in Japan in history. They represent a sad cloud that is better buried and forgotten but it is not as easy as it sounds.

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