Top 10 Inventions And Discoveries Made By Ancient Indians

The Native American people had discoveries well beyond their time. The native people have one of the oldest civilizations in the world and have made a number of valuable contributions. They have discoveries that made advancements in the arts, sciences, and even math. There are even some modern inventions that are based on the knowledge of these native people. Modern people still use many things that the ancient Indians discovered. While there may be a modern spin on them they originated in the Native American cultures. These are the top 10 inventions that were discovered by the ancient Indians. These discoveries are used today to help make modern life easier.

List of Top 10 Inventions And Discoveries Made By Ancient Indians

10. Buttons

Buttons Top 10 Inventions And Discoveries Made By Ancient Indians 2017

When a person is putting on their clothing in the morning they usually fasten a button. Buttons help keep their shirt and the pants together. They also keep jackets closed. Buttons are very useful and no one really stops to think about how they came to be. The button was used by the Mohenhgo daro Indain tribe. These buttons were first used for decorative purposes to add to clothing. The first button was used by the Indus Valley Civilizations. This civilization dates all the way back to 2000 BCE.

9. Chess

Chess Top Most Famous Inventions And Discoveries Made By Ancient Indians 2018

The game of chess requires a lot of strategy. A person has to remember what pieces can move in what direction. They also have to develop a plan to capture the king and make it so that the other player does not have anywhere left to move. Many people do not realize that this game was developed by the ancient Indian people. The people of Chaturanga developed this game in the time of the Gupta Empire. This game was designed to help the people develop strategy. It was also said to help the mind function and keep the native people sharp. This game is now used for entertainment but at one time it was used for strategy.

8. Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated Homes Top Popular Inventions And Discoveries Made By Ancient Indians 2019

A person would not think that the modern prefabricated home can be attributed to the ancient Indian people. Many have seen these modular homes going down the highway on a large truck. The home is delivered to the destination and placed on a foundation. It is then ready for a family to live in it. The first prefabricated home dates back to the 16th century. The Mughal Indians first made this home. During the time that Akbar was the ruler the native Indians built the first prefabricated structures and structures that were able to be moved as needed.

7. The Ruler


Modern people use the ruler for measurement. They are able to tell the exact inches or centimeters that something is due to the ruler. This ancient Indians were the first people to use the ruler. IT was invented by the Indus Valley Civilization. The ruler dates back to 1500 BCE. The first rulers were made of ivory and they were used to help the people determine the accuracy of the decimal system. The ancient people used the ruler with a dismal system as well. They were able to take some of the most accurate measurements.

6. Shampoo

Shampoo Top 10 Inventions And Discoveries Made By Ancient Indians

Shampoo is something that many people use everyday. People use this product to clear their hair and keep dirt and grime from building up. Shampoo comes from the word champo people. The Nawabs of Bengal used shampoo as massage oil for the head. Over the years this massage oil developed into soap to clean the head. This massage oil has turned into shampoo to clean the head over the years. Shampoo has been around since 1762 to the native people. This is one amongst the Top 10 Inventions And Discoveries Made By Ancient Indians.

5. Cotton Clothing


People need clothing to protect their body from the elements. Clothing can help keep the body warm and keep things for hurting the delicate skin. The ancient Greek people used to wear animal skin as clothing. The Indian people took it a little further. The people in the Indus Valley Civilization started to use cotton to make clothing and covering for the body. This spread on to the people of the Mediterranean and took off from there. Cotton was easy to use and provided the warmth that a people need.

4. Cataract Surgery


Many people get this surgery to correct their eye and vision problems. This surgery dates all the way back to the ancient Indian people. The Indian physician named Sushruta during the 6th century was the first person to perform this surgery. This surgery caught on to the Chinese people as well. Greek scientists also began to use this technique from the Indian people. Modern people now use this surgery to help correct their vision.

3. Toilets That Flush


Many people think the flushing toilet are thanks to modern plumbing. Flushing toilets was first used by the Indus Valley Civilization. They were one of the first societies to study hydraulic engineering and learn how to properly remove their waste.

2. Ink


Many ancient cultures had some form of writing. The use of ink date back to the time of the ancient Indians. Carbon pigment was called musi was first used by the ancient Indians. They have developed a writing system and since this time people have been recording information. This is the first time information was written down and recorded.

1. Steel Workings


Many people would not think that the ancient Indian cultures would be involved in steel and metal workings. Two thousands years before the western people discovered the importance of steel the ancient Indian people were using this steel work. They were even able to make a seamless celestial glove that has been used for an umber of years. People have once though it was impossible to make a steel ball without seams but the ancient Indian people were able to do so.

These above are the Top 10 Inventions And Discoveries Made By Ancient Indians. These are just some of the modern inventions that were discovered and used by the ancient Indians. These people have been using this technology for a number of years. They have used these modern inventions long before the western society was discovered. Many of the modern devices are used today thanks to this discovery in ancient times by the ancient Indian people.

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