Top 10 Infamous Prisons In The World

Every wondered what kind of prisons are the worst? This is a list of the top ten and the numbers do not stop there. They have prisons that are really bad and can be problematic. Just make sure you stay out of trouble more than you get in trouble. Staying away from drama is one way to stay out of trouble and out of prison.

List of Top 10 Infamous Prisons In The World in 2017

10. Louisiana State Penitentiary

Louisiana State Penitentiary, Top 10 Infamous Prisons In The World 2017

This prison use to have the name of Angola prison but it was changed at some point to what it is named today. They are the biggest prison that is maximum security that is located in the United States. The place has over five thousand people locked up here and the prisoners are forced to work on the farm that the prison has. They work hours that are long and get to be a part of rodeos. As fun as that sounds, the violations of human rights and all of the abuse that goes on here is not something that is worth it. Supposedly there was two inmates that got put in solitary confinement because they was suppose to have killed a security guard.

9. Alcatraz Penitentiary


It first opened in nineteen thirty four and ended up getting the name of hellcatraz because of the things that went on here. At one time different famous gangsters were all imprisoned here such as Al Capone. The place can be found on an island called Alcatraz that is right off of the San Francisco coast. It is used for a museum now because the place closed doors in 1963 because of all the awful living conditions and the torture that happened mentally here. Many of the inmates would fight terribly and it always ended bad.

8. Tadmor Prison


This place had types of tortures happen here that no one would ever want to be a part of. In the year of nineteen eighty, the president of the prison at the time order for a clean to go down because he wanted to get back at the the prisoners for trying to assassinate him. Thousands of inmates died in this massacre and then after the president died the place got shut down. They opened up again in 2011 but got tore down to the ground four years later.

7. Guantanamo Bay Prison


The prison is located at the bottom of Cuba but the United States has say over it. When the terrorism attack happen in New York in 2011, the ones that was responsible got sent to this prison by the then President, George W Bush. He let the place put the terrorists away for unlimited amounts of time. In the early part of the millennium there was almost one thousand inmates but there was tons of bad things that happened here. Because of the amount there was in the building, a lot of the prisoners got let off of their sentences while others was given back to their home countries for that place to decide what was best for the person.

6. Maracaibo Prison


This place is run by gang members. It all started in the fifties and is still going on. In nineteen ninety four it had so much blood and gore that it was the worst that could happen at the time. Gangs started fighting and over a hundred people got killed during the whole thing. Nothing will change this because government does not want to deal with a place like this. They would rather just give up and forget about it all.

5. Diyarbakir Prison


Found in Turkey and they even starve the people who are placed here. They often are tortured for fun and no one even cares that it is happening. The torture that has happened has taken so many lives that you would not believe the things that are going on. Teens are included in this torture and nothing is done to stop it from happening.

4. Carandiru Penitentiary


This place is in Brazil and is one of the worst places to be at. It is very dangerous and brutal. The pain and suffering of so many people is why it is so bad. A hundred and two inmates was shot at one time and it was the worst scene that could have possible happened in the history. This is normal for them to do something like this. Almost thirteen hundred people have been killed during forty six years of the building being on the land.

3. Gitarama Central Prison


It was built to house four hundred people but they force seven thousand people into the hole and they have to make due with what they can. Think of a tiny room fit for five people and they force in so many more so that they have to either push people out of the way oir they have to just suffer. It is horrible how people will deal with this and not have a choice.

2. Camp 22


The fact that it is called a camp should tell you how bad it is. They even place children here and that is what makes it ten times worse.They do not get to go outside and that is what drives them mad. They get tortured and they also get to work all day and probably all night. Why would you place a child in a prison for them to suffer. They stave sometimes so they do not also feel that well and can sometimes fall very ill but still have to work.

1. ADX Florence


This is the place that is not seen by others and rarely talked about. The people placed here can not talk to other people and they can usually never see other people. They are isolated. You get very little light and you get very lonely. Most lead to killing themselves or they go mad from being a lone all the time. It is in Colorado and is a pretty bad place to be put if you think about it.

These above are the Top 10 Infamous Prisons In The World 2017. These prisons may be bad but the years have changed. Nothing in the prisons has changed but maybe if people would listen they would stay out of jail so they do not have to deal with things like this happening. The children never did anything to be placed in some of the prisons that are on this list.

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