Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters Ever

Initially it was known that sport journalism was a men’s job but when women started getting in this category, they have now dominated. In every country around the world, you will not miss to see beautiful and hot women in the desk or standing before sportsmen and sportswomen interviewing them. They are not successful in catching the attention of all the sport lovers but have been successful on their career.

In every sport channel, you will not miss to see this beautiful lady reporting in the studio or on the field. Below is a list of the top ten hottest women sport reporters ever.

List of Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters Ever until in 2017

10. Jane McCarthy

jane mccarthy, Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters Ever 2017

Starting our list is this beautiful lady by the name Jane from ESPN news. She is the sports center anchor at ESPN. In her career, she has worked in several places: started her career at Springfield Massachusetts at WGGB-TV, worked at Philadelphia for WCAU where she won several awards in the Emmy sport category. She has worked for several channels and her beauty has made her very famous amongst sports fans. She is very adorable.

9. Lindsay Czarniak


Another hot woman from ESPN is Lindsay. She has been working for ESPN from 2011 where she has worked as both anchor and reporter on the Sport Center show. Throughout her career, she has worked for several channels. Some of them include NBC4, TNT, NASACAR coverage. Her biggest was when she appeared in the 2008 Summer Olympic in Beijing where she was a sports desk reporter. She has also hosted for NBC sports. Her outstanding beauty has made even those persons who do not love to watch sport to sit and watch it.

8. Renee Paquette


For all those WWE fans, this is one of the best faces to see and hear. She is a Canadian sport broadcaster and actress. Her stage name at WWE is Renee Young. Her beauty has made it look so nice to hear how several fighters tore each other on the ring. She conducts interview and commentate several matches. She has also worked for The Score as their reporter. Her hotness is what make the sport she reports look incredible.

7. Laura McKeeman


Another very hot woman whose work in sport has sent men watching sports news. She works for CNN International and was a former ballet dancer and beauty queen. Some of the sport channels she has worked for are: FSN, Fox Sports San Diego and Fox Sports Florida. Her beauty had made her to become Miss Sun Coast in 2010 and she reached the semi-finals for Miss Florida in the same year. She is one of the sensational beauties in the sports industry and currently she works for CNN International as host and reporter.

6. Marisol Gonzalez


Marisol is one of the hottest women not only in sports reporting but among the hottest women. She occasionally works as a model and an actress. She works as a reporter at Televisa Deportes on a full time basis. She is a former beauty queen and in 2003, she participated in the Miss Universe pageant held at Panama City. She will catch your attention when she starts reporting and will lead sportsmen into answering all the questions she asks. She is one of the best in what she does.

5. Charissa Thompson


This is one of the sexiest women from Fox Sport 1. She has worked as a reporter as a host at Fox Sport. Her job in ensuring that all the sports lovers and fans are updated of what is happening. In her career she started working at Fox Sport and then went to GSN, later at Versus and Big Ten Network. She had worked along Marcellus Willey when she was at Fox Sport. Her beauty blends well with her courage in standing before the camera.  She is one amongst the Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters Ever until 2017.

4. Erin Andrews


This is another great and amazing lady from Fox Sports. She has worked for Fox Sport where she hosted Fox College Football. Before joining her current channel, she worked as a co-host at ESPN hosting College Game-Day. After she had graduated from University of Florida, she decided to start to work as a freelance reporter and then later joined Fox sport Florida in 2000. Other channel she has worked in is Good Morning America on the ABC network. She has caught the attention of many people because of her outstanding beauty.

3. Katherine Webb


This is one of those few sport reporters, who have also worked as models. She has been very successful in her career as an American model. In 2012 she was crowned Miss Alabama USA. She is extremely hot and beautiful. In her career at sport reporting, she has worked for Inside Edition where he appeared at 2013 BCS National Championship Games. Throughout her career, she has been very incredible in catching the attention of all the sports fans who are glued to their screens for hours just to watch her report the trending news.

2. Sara Carbonero


This is the sports new reporter who was awarded the sexiest reporter in the world by FHM USA in 2009. Her outstanding beauty is attributed to the fact that she hails from Spain. She is from Toledo in Spain and she has been working for Spanish TV Telecinco. When she stands before the camera to start reporting what is happening in the world of sports, she has even sportsmen listening to her incredible voice.

1 Michelle Beadle


This is the sexiest and most beautiful reporter. One thing about her is that she comes from ESPN and if you keenly check on our list you will find out that ESPN has been giving the world some of the most beautiful women. She graduated from University of Texas. Michelle has worked for several famous networks. Some of them include YES Network, College Sport Television, and Winners Brackets on ABC. She joined ESPN in 2009 and she has co-hosted with Marcellus Wiley. She is one of the best women when it comes to making sport news look attractive.

Finally, as I conclude these are the top ten best and sexiest women sport reporters 2017. They have been rated highly in their job on making sure that everyone will be on their couches watching sports news. Most of these women come from the best networks and channels in sport. They are definitely the best.

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