Top 10 Hottest And Sexiest Sports News Reporters in The World

News reporting, journalism, TV show hosting are one important job in this world. A particular news program or any television shows get popular and successful mainly because of the hosts and presenters. News reporters are the sole cause for any news channel to achieve success in the ever competitive market. So the logic here is that the reporters should be delightful and one capable of arousing interests. This job gets perfectly done by sexy, beautiful and hot reporters. Along with being hot and sexy, these news reporters have to be experts in the job too.

Similarly, there are several news reports who have achieved great success for being exceptionally good in doing this job. Being good is one thing, some of these news reporters/sportscasters are too sexy and hot that they have even become people’s favorite personalities in TV.

List of top 10 sexiest sports news reporters of the world in 2017.

10. Samantha Ponder

Samantha Ponder Sexiest Sports News Reporters 2017

Known as one of the hottest sports news reporter, Samantha Ponder or also known as Samantha Steele is a basketball sideline reporter and college football host for ESPN. She is also a replacement for Erin Andrews on College Game day Saturdays. She has sexy looks and her dimple on her right cheek is just killer. She is one of the hottest sports news reporters.

9. Diana Dougherty

Diana Dougherty Sexiest Sports News Reporters 2018

One of the most beautiful and sexy sports news reporters is Diana Dougherty. Being one of the sexiest sports news reporters, she has also been successful with her career. Diana Dougherty is a presenter of the Sky Sports News channel and hosts Golf Night. She has also appeared on a series of shows like The Big Idea, Titleist golf balls, and many others. Diana Dougherty is one of the most popular sports news reporters.

8. Melissa Stark

Melissa Stark Sexiest Sports News Reporters 2016

Melissa Stark is a combination of pretty and sexy. Besides being the reporter of the NFL Network, she is also an American television personality. Melissa Stark has worked before with ESPN, ABC Sports and NBC. She worked as an anchor for MSNBC for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She is also best known as Monday Night Football’s sideline reporter. She is definitely one of the sexiest sports news reporters.

7. Sarah Spain

Sarah Spain Sexiest Sports News Reporters 2017

Sarah Spain is the anchor for Sports Center of Chicago’s ESPN 1000 and she is also a big Chicago sports fan. Sarah Spain also works as a reporter for She is slim and sexy; she is also the sweetheart of Chicago sports. Sarah Spain comes under the most popular sports news reporters.

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6. Charissa Thompson

Charissa Thompson Sexiest Sports News Reporters 2017

Charissa Thompson is a sports news reporter for Fox Sports 1; she is also an America’s highest paid television host. Charissa Thompson has also worked with Big Ten Network, GSN, Versus and Fox Sports. She has also appeared as a co-host of Sports Nation. Charissa Thompson is a pretty and sexy blonde women so she definitely comes under the hottest sports news reporters.

5. Kristina Akra

Kristina Akra Sexiest Sports News Reporters 2018

Kristina Akra is no ordinary sportscaster as she is an award winning sports news reporter. She is also a multi-talented host and her field of work includes news, sports and entertainment. Kristina Akra currently works for the MLB Network as a reporter and on-air host. She has also worked with Fox Sports. Besides being one of the most popular sports news reporters, Kristina Akra is also a trained dancer and she has 20 years of experience in teaching and choreographing.

4. Holly Sonders

Holly Sonders Sexiest Sports News Reporters 2017

Holly Sonders is probably the hottest sports news reporter. She works for the Golf Channel as a co-host for Morning Drive. She was also a golfer when she was in college and now she has become one of the most recognizable personalities in golf television shows. Holly Sonders is one of the sexiest sports news reporters.

3. Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews Sexiest Sports News Reporters 2016

Coming in the 3rd listing of the hottest sports news reporters is the pretty and hot Erin Andrews. Erin Andrews is multi-talented as she is one of the richest journalist, a sportscaster and a television personality. She works for Fox Sports as a host for FOX College Football. Erin Andrews has also worked with ABC Network and ESPN.

2. April Rose

April Rose Sexiest Sports News Reporters 2016

April Rose, also referred as Hometown Hottie works for Fox Sports and writes weekly shows for the Maxim magazine. She has also been ranked at number 82 in the list of Hot 100 world’s most beautiful women of 2012. April Rose has also appeared on famous shows of MTV like ‘Girl Code’ and MTV2’s ‘Guy Code’. April Rose comes second under the sexiest sports news reporters listing.

1. Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero Sexiest Sports News Reporters 2018

Spanish sportscaster, sports journalist and TV presenter, Sara Carbonero is so sexy and beautiful that she has got the title of “The sexiest reporter in the world”. Sara Carbonero works for Telecino but she initially started her career working at Radio Marca. She has also reported the match between Spain and Switzerland at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Sara Carbonero is probably the most populer sports news reporters as she comes on top of this list.

These are the hottest and sexiest sports news reporters according to various polls, reports and statistics. One thing to be remembered is that this is not the ultimate list as it keeps on changing.

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