Top 10 Most Popular And Hottest Peppers in The World

Peppers can add taste to any type of food. These spices make foods taste delicious and add that extra zing to even seemingly ordinary dishes. Good cooks swear by the power of peppers and people love the fact that these have amazing health benefits for them. The flavor of peppers is unique and the strong smell of the spice adds a special taste and flavor to dishes, making them tastier and healthier in form.

If you love to cook and would like to add peppers to your dishes, you need to know about them. Here is a list of the top 10 hottest peppers in the world which are regarded as sexiest and most popular among spice lovers and food connoisseurs.

List of the world’s Top 10 Most Popular And Hottest Peppers in 2017.

10. Pot Primo

Pot Primo Hottest Peppers 2016

It is a hybrid pepper which is a combination of two different peppers, Naga Morich and Trinidad 7 pot. It is very hot with a hotness measurement of 1.2 million SHU. It comes from Trinidad and is a rare form of chili. It is named after a horticulturist and musician named Troy Primeaux aka Troy Primo.

The pepper’s pungency resembles that of Naga Morich and Bhut Jolokia. A single pod of this pepper is reportedly able to spice up 7 stew pots. It is essential to maintain 28 – 32 ° temperature on a continuous basis for proper germination. This is a stable pepper which belongs to the Capsicum Chinense species, and is also referred to as 7 Pod Primo. It is most popular pepper in this variety.

9. Bhut Jolokia

Bhut Jolokia Hottest Peppers 2018

On the YouTube social platform, it has got the name Ghost Pepper. This is a very hot pepper which is very flavorful and comes with a hotness of about 1.04 million SHU. This is much more than the hottest peppers which can be found and used conventionally.

8. Red Savina Habanero

Red Savina Habanero Hottest Peppers 2017

This is a very hot pepper. At one time, it was regarded as the hottest of all peppers. It measures 350,000 – 577,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). The presence of very high capsaicin levels results in acute numbness and burning sensations unless the pepper is consumed in low amounts. The spice was once protected under the Plant Variety Protection Act by the U.S. Government.

7. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Hottest Peppers 2018

It is a unique and rare variety of pepper and is smoking hot to taste. It measures about 2 million SHU in hotness, which is quite a big figure to consider, and this makes it one of the top 10 hottest peppers in the world.

6. 7 Pot Douglah

7 Pot Douglah Hottest Peppers 2017

It tastes as good as dried as when it is new. It is an outstanding variety of pepper which is used to provide flavor to delicacies. It has a hotness measurement of about 1.8 million SHU, which makes it close to the hottest variety of pepper.

5. Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Hottest Peppers 2017

At one time, this Australian pepper was on top of the list of 10 hottest peppers, and is still regarded as very hot with a hotness measurement of 1.46 million SHU. It is one of the sexiest peppers in 2016.

4. Naga Viper

Naga Viper Hottest Peppers 2018

It is a very uncommon variety which was created in the United Kingdom. It has been created by a combination of different types of peppers and tireless cross fertilization for a long time. It has a very balanced taste, which makes it popular.

3. 7 Pot Barrackpore

7 Pod Barrackpore Hottest Peppers 2016

It is able to change the essence of almost any dish that you might have, due to its strong pungency and hotness. It has a hotness of about 1 million SHU, and this makes it competent enough.

2. Butch-T-Header

Butch-T-Header Hottest Peppers 2016

It is one of the hottest peppers in the world with hotness of around 1,463,700 SHU, which is quite a large value. In 2011, it was the Guinness World Record holder from Australia. It is hotter than many other peppers, and owes its name to the scorpion stinger which is there on its tip. It also owes its name to Butch Taylor, its creator. It has an amazing flavor and is very hot in form. It is a very powerful variety of pepper which is able to add good taste to foods.

1. Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper Hottest Peppers 2017

At present, it stands on top of the list. It is the hottest pepper on the planet and measures .2 million SHU in hotness and even the more standard varieties of this pepper measure somewhere between 1.5 and 2.2 million SHU. It is now the top-most pepper in terms of flavor and hotness. Its taste falls somewhere within a Red Habanero and a Pakistani Naga. It is officially the hottest pepper in the world according to Guinness Records, which makes it insanely hot.

These are the hottest peppers in the world and are consumed widely in Asian as well as in many Western nations. Use the list of the top 10 hottest peppers in 2017 worldwide to make your dishes more flavorful.

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