Top 10 Hottest & Cutest Newsmen in The Philippines

Everyone likes the news because it lets people know what is going on in the world. They also like the news because there are some really sexy people that appear on this informative show. Some of those sexy people are smoking hot female anchors, reporters and weather bunnies. Guys on news programs can also be classified as sexy. The following information will describe the top hottest and cutest newsmen in the Philippines. Many women like the guys on this list. So, lest check out who they are.

List of Top 10 Hottest & Cutest Newsmen in The Philippines in 2017

10. Jerome Lantin

jerome lantin, Top 10 Hottest & Cutest Newsmen in The Philippines 2017

Jerome Lantin is a ABS-CBN reporter and correspondent. He is serious about reporting the news and informing people about current events. He has been reporting for years and his skills as reporter are honed. Lantin is keyed in with the public and he knows how to interact with them. Many women like Lantin because they think he’s a naturally good looking, successful guy. He has a great career at ABS and will continue to shine as a reporter.

9. Kirby Cristobal


Kirby Cristobal is a news anchor that many women think looks good behind a desk. When he reports the news the ladies go wild. They will tune in just to see him. Current events don’t mean a thing unless Cristobal is reporting them. Females who do even care about the news will even tune in to look at this journalist hunk. Cristobal just makes news reporters look like highly rated and sexy guys that women can’t stop looking at. People can see Cristobal on PTV News.

8. Joseph Ubalde


TV5 is home to Joseph Ubalde who reports the weather. He is a meteorologist that is male version of a weather bunny. That’s right, women tune in to get their weather report just to look at him. It could be a tsunami heading their way and they would not care as long as Joseph Ubalde is reporting it. That is the type of marketability this weatherman has. He is a solid guy who knows how to bring out the sunshine in any woman’s life with his great weather reports.

7. Dano Tingcungco


Dano Tingcungco is a GMA-7 reporter. This man frequently reports the news and is constantly out in the field. He is a good reporter that has established a good reputation within his community. He is also a sexy reporter that the ladies love to see. When he has something to say, many Filipino women pay attention. Whether he is reporting an unfortunate incident or talking about a local event, Dano TIngcungco is the man that women love to get their news from.

6. Renzie Ongkiko


The news station TV5 has a lot of handsome reporters on their role. As a matter of fact, some of their reporters are even male models. Go figure. Not only do they know how to look good for the camera, they can also look sexy for the ladies while they report the news. This is a very important quality for reporters to have since it can improve a station’s ratings. So Renzie Ongkiko is a very smart reporter. He should keep modeling while he reports the news because he will have a long healthy career in position as a news man.

5. Pochoy Labog


Pachoy Labog is the host of the public show Ako ang Simula which is a news program that focuses on special stories. Labog has been hosting this program for some time and many women like his success and sexy looks. Labog is a great reporter who works hard and looks good while doing it. The females can’t get enough of this dude and he will continue to dazzle them while he tells people about current events impacting their lives.

4. Jason Webb


Sports commentator Jason Web is a popular figure for the Philippine Basketball Association. He is also the GMA News Online anchor. He is the perfect figure for commenting on basketball games and getting people involved in this exciting sport. The ladies like athletic guys and Webb just happens to be a cute and athletic reporter. That is a double bonus for the women who love them some Webb. He has a long career ahead of him if he can continue to keep doing good work.

3. Carlos Santamaria


Carlos Santamaria is a Rappler correspondent and he is also married to the Filipino singing sensation Rachel Alejandro. Santamaria has a hot and popular babe and he is a sexy and in-demand correspondent. This guy is just in a good position to be a sexy news man. While he is married, women just love to look at him and wish they could have what his wife already possesses. However, they can only wish because Rachel is not letting go of her man.

2. Edric Mendoza


Edric Mendoza is the host of ANC’s “On the Money”. This show is about financial and economic situation in the Philippines. Many women like this combination. A hot news man who specializes in money. Women are drawn to looks and money. A guy who provide these types of qualities is guaranteed to have the babes lining up for him. Mendoza has a long future ahead of him as long as he keeps up his good looks and keeps reporting on the money.

1. Hadji Rieta


GMA-7 newsman Hadji Rieta is a well-respected journalist who is adored by his female fan base. They love this guy and want to be with him. They enjoy watching him report the news with his trademark hair and signature suits. Rieta commands the attention of women and he gets it. He knows how to make the news entertaining and fun. This is because he is a sexy and hot guy. It helps that he can use his looks to inform people about what is going on in the world around them.

These above are the Top 10 Hottest & Cutest Newsmen in The Philippines 2017. All of these newsmen might be sexy guys but they really do take their jobs seriously. Many women know that it is fun to rate newsmen and their sexiness and they enjoy having a good time doing it.

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