Top 10 Highest Paid Professors in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Highest Paid Professors in The World in 2016 and 2017. There are many college professors who have changed their lives, challenged our world, taught us many new things that can improve our lives to a great extent. However, their range of salary varies widely depending on their eligibility and years of experience. It is estimated an associate professor earn $30,000 per month while a full-time professor earn $500,000 per month and even more in certain cases.

These college professors teach either in public or private colleges or universities. Their level of knowledge and experience determines where they have spent most of their years in teaching. If a professor secured a respectable position in any private colleges or university, he or she is likely to draw a huge salary than a teacher working at a second tier or lesser known school.

Though, it is not required to mention that the highest paid professors mostly teach in prestigious universities or institutions such as Comell, Columbia, Duke, Harvard, Yale etc. Here, you will get a list of top paid successful professors in 2016 who have created a history in today’s world of education. The salary of these professors is listed in ascending order. From this list you will get to know the names of highest paid professors in 2016-2017. Let’s have a look at them –

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Professors in The World in 2016 and 2017.

10. Graeme Rankine: ($493,000)

Graeme Rankine Highest Paid Professors 2018

Graeme Rankine is one of the associate professor in accounting as well as one of the highest paid professors in 2016. He holds the position of academic director in the field of electronics MBA at Thunderbird school of Global management.

9. Steven Weinberg: ($536,000)

steven weinberg Highest Paid Professors 2018

Steven Weinberg holds the regental chair in science at the University of Texas. In the year 1979, Weinberg was awarded with Nobel Prize for his extreme knowledge in physics. With the co-operations of his fellow colleagues Abdus Salam and Sheldon Glashow, he developed electromagnetic theory. He has combined four fundamental forces of nature such as weak atomic force and electromagnetic force.

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8. Andrew Inkpen: ($566,000)

Andrew Inkpen Highest Paid Professors 2016

Andrew Inkpen is one of the highest paid professors in 2016 who has done specialisation in the field of global management form Thunderbird school of global management. Inkpen has acquired his PhD degree from University of western Ontario. In respect to Thunderbird school, he taught at national university of Singapore, Temple University and Nayang technological University located in Singapore.

7. Kannan Ramaswamy: ($7000, 000)

Kannan Ramaswamy Highest Paid Professors 2016

Kannan Ramaswamy is the chair professor of management in the university of global business of management. Ramaswamy has received his MBA degree from the University of Madras and PhD from Virginia University of Technology. Dr. Ramaswamy is popularly known for his brilliant expertise in emerging markets, global strategy, corporate governance and global management.

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6. Andrew M. Isaacs: ($709,000)

Andrew M. Isaacs Highest Paid Professors 2017

Andrew M Isaacs is one of the highest paid professors in 2016 who plays the role of an adjunct professor in engineering and business administration in the University of Berkeley. Later he became the director of management technology and Co-executive director for environmental innovation and energy.
Issac teaches various courses on marketing the business of nanotechnology, technology and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

5. Dan J. Laughhunn: ($1.03 million)

Dan J. Laughhunn Highest Paid Professors 2018

Dr, Dan J Laughhunn is an Emeritus professor at University of Duke which is one of the most beautiful Colleges in the world. He has his doctorate degree from the Illinois University in Business administration. Along with business administration, he also studied other subjects as well such as capital budgeting, marginal economics, risk management, risk attitude management and the like. He is also one of the highest paid professors in 2016-2017. He has made extensive research on human resource decision making science and studied various theories and assumptions. Within conducting study in decision science, he specialised his field of teaching in studying risk management theory.

4. William.E.Fruhan: ($1.19 million)

William.E.Fruhan Highest Paid Professors 2018

William E. Fruhan is Foundation professor at the Harvard Business School. He has worked as senior associate and later on as a chairman of the Advanced management program. He also became the course head of Finance and MBA program. Fruhan has received his doctorate degree on business administration from Harvard University. He also took part in around 15 different corporations. He has written many subjective books such as financial strategy in the year 1979, the fight for competitive advantage in the year 1972, revitalizing business and many such things.

3. Dean Takahashi: ($2.6 million)

Dean Takahashi Highest Paid Professors 2017

Dean Takahashi is mainly an adjunct professor who practice finance in one of the top richest universities in the world, University of Yale. He is in the list of one of the highest paid professors in 2016. Dr. Takahashi has received his PhD degree in economics. Being a professor, Dr. Takahashi also plays the role of Director of investment where he oversee more than around $17 billion of university’s pension, charitable trust asset as well as endowment. Before join the Yale office of investment in the year 1986, he worked as Affirmative Investment in the city of Boston and a volunteer in Vermont.

2. Zev Rosenwaks: ($3.3 million)

Zev Rosenwaks Highest Paid Professors 2017

Zen Rosenwaks is another name of a professor who is considered as one of the highest paid academic lecturer in the subject of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He obtained his degree from the Comell University. DR. Rosenwaks received his MD certificate from SUNY health insurance center in Brooklyn. He is a renowned and board certified Gynaecologist teaching students across the globe.
Dr. Rosenwaks is internationally renowned professor for his pioneering and years of knowledge in this field. He served as the director at Jones Institute of reproduction medicine, which has pioneered in successfully inventing IVF pregnancy in the United States. He is the one who first started egg donation campaign.

1. David N. Silvers: ($4.33 million)

David N. Silvers Highest Paid Professors 2016

Davis N. Silver is one of the highest paid professors in 2016. He is a clinical professor of pathology and dermatology at one of the most expensive Universities In USA, Universities of Columbia. Dr. Silver has received his MD degree from Duke University in the year 1968. He is a board certified person in the subjects of pathology and dermatology.

So, finally, you get the list of highest paid professors of 2016-2017 who are remembered throughout the world for their brilliant academic knowledge and achievements.

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