Top 10 Highest Paid Professors in The World

Being a professor is perhaps one of the hardest academic achievements you can make. With millions of doctorate dissertations approved to date, there are no limits to what the human brain can achieve. The following professors have excelled in their field, so much so that there is need to generously compensate them for their rare skill and talent. These professors have changed the world using their respective disciplines. From books used in lecture rooms worldwide to invention of the IVF, they do not necessarily reinvent the wheel; they only make the subjects more understandable and easier to apply. Here are the best paid professors, based on monthly remuneration and compensation as of 2017.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Professors in The World in 2017

10. David N. Silvers – $4.33 Million

David N. Silvers, Top 10 Highest Paid Professors in The World 2018

The highest paid professors as of 2017 is none other than David N. Silvers. Clearly Pathology and Dermatology is a lucrative profession. It costs the University of Columbia over 4 million dollars a month to keep him in the institution. He received his MD certificate from Duke University back in 1968. He is a certified board member in Dermatology and Pathology. A lot has been discovered by this guy, although not necessarily reinventing the wheel, but his work is highly respected and distinguished the world over.

9. Zev Rosenwaks – $3.3 Million


Obstetrics and Gynecology Professor, Dr. Zev Rosenwaks is the second highest paid professors in the world 2017. His doctorate dissertation was approved by the Cornell University. The medical doctor turned professor got his MD at SUNY health insurance center in New York. He is a certified Gynecology, qualified to practice all over the world. He is behind the invention of IVF pregnancy in the United States, specifically at the Jones Institute of Reproductive Medicine. He initialized the egg donation system and campaign.

8. Dean Takahashi – $2.6 Million


University if Yale professor Dr. Takahashi is head of finance at the University. He holds a PhD in Economics, and is director of Investment at Yale. For someone who controls and oversees spending of some $17 billion university pension scheme funds, charity trust funds and also the endowment funds, you will have to compensate him generously. He is a former volunteer at the Affirmative Investment department of the City of Boston.

7. William E. Fruhan – $1.19 Million


Harvard Business School hosts one of the best paid Professors of modern time in Dr. William E. Fruhan. H is a foundation professor at the University, who previously worked as a senior associate in the same university, and later on chairman of the advanced management department. He earned his doctorate still at Harvard, and has played part in the success of 15 different organizations. He is also an accomplished author in the field of finance

6. Dan J. Laughhunn – $ 1.03 million


Million dollar lecturer and Professor Dan J. Lauhhunn is a genius in the world of Emeritus. He earned his doctorate degree from the Illinois University for his mastery of Business Administration. He teaches in one of the best universities in the world, Duke. He is also a master in the field of marginal economics capital budgeting, risk attitude and management. His research in various business theories has led to development of business models used in major business subjects.

5. Andrew M. Isaacs – $709


University of Berkeley plays host to one of the best paid professors in the world. His name is Dr. Andrew M. Isaacs. The genius in engineering and business administration has produced great research work in the field, efforts that have earned him recognition the world over. He is a director of management technology at Berkeley and also co-chairs the environmental innovation and energy. He is a Silicon Valley professor, specializing in nanotechnology and entrepreneurship. The tech professor has taught some of the best Silicon Valley geniuses and his salary is a reflection of his contribution in the world of technology.

4. Kannan Ramaswamy – $700,000


Also a professor at the University of Global Business Management, Dr. Ramaswamy is the head of Management at the school. He holds a Master’s Degree from University of Madras and earned his doctorate at Virginia University of Technology. His research on emerging markets, corporate governance and global strategy and management has earned him respect in the field and has co-authored a couple of publications on international trade and marketing, earning him various awards for the same work.

3. Andrew Ipken – $566,000


Thunderbird School of Global Management hosts another millionaire professor in Andrew Ipken. His Doctoral Dissertation was approved by the University of Western Ontario and he was on course to earning more than half a million dollars in salary every month. He has also taught in high profile universities including the University of Singapore, Temple University and the Nayang Tech University in Singapore. He earns his money doing research on new technology and his research skills has been used in advanced technology particularly in the fast growing economy that is Singapore

2. Steven Weinberg – $536,000


Chairman if the Science Department at the University of Texas, Nevada is none other than Steven Weinberg. He rose the ranks to become one of the highest paid professors in the world 2017, taking home well over half a million dollars every 30 days. He is a Nobel Price recipient for his prowess and research in the world of Physics. He, together with colleagues Abdus Salam and Sheldon Glashow, developed the electromagnetic theory as we know it today. The theory combines weak atomic force theorem with electromagnetic force theorem. With such advanced knowledge and analytical skill, who is to say we have not seen the last of Steven?

1. Graeme Rankine – $493,000


Renowned the world over, Graeme Rankine is an associate professor in Accounting, and one of the best compensated lecturers in the world. At Thunderbird School of Global Management he has excelled and has become one of the most sought after professor in recent times. He is the Academic Director at the same school, heading the electronics MBA department. He takes home close to half a million dollars each month thanks to his academic ingenuity, research prowess and advanced teaching skills.

These above are the Top 10 Highest Paid Professors in The World 2017. These academic marvels will be remembered in the future as having made the world a better place for their work in the respected fields. If you can match their ingenuity, then you are on course to earning millions and perhaps even billions. They are true academic heroes of our times and their work will remain imprinted in the books they write, students they teach and research they undertake.

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