Top 10 Greatest French Painters And Sculptors Ever

French painters and sculptors from the past were truly among the best that the world had to offer. These individual’s contribution to western art has influenced people not only in France but from around the globe. These great artists have either painted or sculptured many types of masterpieces that can be considered among the greatest artworks in history. Here is a list of the greatest French painters and sculptor to have ever lived.

List of Top 10 Greatest French Painters And Sculptors Ever until in 2017

10. Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse Top 10 Greatest French Painters And Sculptors Ever

Henri Matisse was a French painter of great skill. He has painted many great masterpieces but he is also known for his collage styled creations. Many young kids copy them today. Matisse had an unusual painting style that consisted of abnormal colors and shades. He created the Madame Matisse and Le Bonheur de Vivre. Both of these masterpieces were his greatest paintings. Matisse was a great artists and many French people really enjoy viewing his art today.

9. Edouard Manet

Edouard Manet Top Most Popular Greatest French Painters And Sculptors Ever 2018

Manet was a painter that was a realist and an impressionist. He is a great artist that many French people admire. Many people know his works such as Olympia and A Bar at the Follies-Bergere. Manet had a tendency to copy the other great artist of his time.

So, many of his greatest creations resembled previous paintings by other artist before his time. However, Manet’s approach to all of his works was still unique. Manet is considered a great artist because of his own unique way of painting and creating his pieces.

8. Eugene Delacroix

Eugene Delacroix Top Famous Greatest French Painters And Sculptors Ever 2019

Many people have never heard of Eugene Delacroix but he was a great artist in the past. One of his best paintings was Liberty Leading the People. This image is considered now one of the most iconic in all of France. It also revealed the tricolor which is often referenced to as the French flag. Like most great people of his time, Delacroix was not really appreciated until he died. Once he passed away his works were celebrated by so many French people. They saw them in a museum and at exhibits. Delacroix works live on and many people are now recognizing him for his talent.

7. Georges Seurat

Georges Seurat Top Popular Greatest French Painters And Sculptors Ever 2019

George Seurat instituted the artist technique known as pointillism. This style requires artists to place tiny dots of color in a patterned formation next to each other. However, they are not allowed to blend the dots. Seurat’s paintings were like modern day pixel technology that a person would see no a HD or 4K television.

They were very detailed and very defined. All of his paintings were created in this manner and each of them took some time to complete but George Seurat did them all regardless of the time it took to create. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte is one of his best works ever.

6. Paul Cezanne


Paul Cezanne was a post impressionist artist who made his name by painting fruit and statues. Some of his most famous creations included Still Life with Cherub and the Basket of Apples. Cezanne had the ability to bring to life the boring things in this world. Once he found an object that would otherwise be overlooked because of its mundane characteristics – he would make it into something grand.

Cezanne’s ability to perform this kind of feat is what helped to make his work shine. He is considered a go between the Impressionist and Cubist. Cezanne is one of the greats because he could operate between both of these styles and combine them together for his own original work.

5. Claude Monet


Claude Monet is a great French artist because he had the ability to influence people who would not give art a second thought. That is how great his painting were in the past and are today. Monet is considered the most famous French artist ever and people all over the nation (and the world) enjoyed viewing his work.

Monet’s paintings mainly consisted of the same locations that were shown in different locations. He also had a great command of lighting. His works were very realistic and many people were instantly drawn into the portraits. So many people enjoy his works and Water Lilies and the Japanese Bridge is one of his best pictures. He is one amongst the Top 10 Greatest French Painters And Sculptors Ever until 2017.

4. Jean-Yves Lechevallier


Jean-Yves Lechevallier is a great modern sculptor as well as artist. In 2016 he was in his 70s and is considered the most famous French artist of the 21st century. He is literally a living historical figure that will have his name placed within the annals of history. Lechevallier was born in 1946 and has created many great sculptors. That is his literal claim to fame.

Even though he is a sculptor by trade he managed to create some paintings that were very good. His paintings are on display and they too are considered great artistic expressions. Lechevallier paintings are rated among the best in France and within the world.

3. Auguste Rodin


Auguste Rodin was another French artists who specialized in sculptures but he had many paintings and drawings. However, his sculptors are his best work. He was given commissions to make some great pieces such as the Gates of Hell and The Kiss and the Thinker.

His works were featured in some films and in public displays. He had a great ability to sculpt pieces that were enduring and very inspiring. Rodin’s works were very realistic looking and he knew how to capture any scene that he wanted to create. Rodin is one of the best artist of all time.

2. Edgar Degas


Edgar Degas had a thing for ballerinas and dancers. He loved to see them move and to perform. So, he painted many of them in his pictures. Degas also liked to paint naked ladies and horses as well. His works featured these three themes and many people in Paris really enjoyed viewing them. They were lively, imaginative and creative.

People could also relate to his works. They were a common theme among all people and everyone who saw them could relate to his work. The Dance Class was one of his best portraits. He also painted L’Absinthe. Degas was a main influencing personality of the Impressionist movement. He just did not want to be labeled for this quality.

1. Paul Gauguin


Paul Gaugin was a French artists who mastered painting and sculptor techniques. Paul Gauguin was alive during that the time of Vincent van Gogh. He got into an argument with him and as a result, van Gogh cut off his ear. While van Gogh was famous for this incident he is really known for his paintings such as the Vision After the Sermon and the Dead Watching.

Many of his works were influenced from his time in the French Polynesia. Gaugin was a post-impressionist artist. His works live on as some of the best-ever created in France. Many regard him as a top rated French artist that still influences people today.

These above are the Top 10 Greatest French Painters And Sculptors Ever until 2017. No one can forget many of the masterpieces that were created by these French individuals. They have helped to revolutionize the world of art and have shaped how people would create artwork well into future.

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