Top 10 Futuristic Societies

Futuristic societies are normally organizations that speak openly about things to come. Some are not clear and therefore give their message in form of proverbs while others give theirs in plain words that can be understood by small children. Futuristic narrations speak positively about several years to come and normally give advices on how people should live happily and peacefully. Learn about this 10 futuristic societies that are listed below in this article.

List of Top 10 Futuristic Societies

10. Brave New World


Brave New world is our tenth futuristic society featured in this list of top 10 futuristic societies. It was named Brave New world because of Aldous Huxley’s interesting novel. The main aim of designing it was to put forward positive thought about future life. It however scooped a unique lifetime of its own by changing future before it came. One unique ad scaring thing about world definition is that babies are hatched. They are not born normally by women. You also need to know that in this futuristic society there is no need for family relationships.

9. The matrix

the matrix, Top 10 Futuristic Societies

The matrix is another futuristic society ranked in ninth position of this article. Matrix society states that everyone needs to be paid well once he or she has worked well ad hard. This is so fair for us all and more positive things are expected in future. Matrix society is said to give people superhuman powers that enables them fight battles that are beyond human power and understanding. Same battles can be fought using specific computer programs called Agents. This is simply a digital futuristic society.

8. Battlestar Galactica


Battlestar Galactica is referred to a repetitive of a certain Man’s story which states about his trips to space. Galactica normally means that people stay in other planets called the colonies and they are always on battles with children of other people of higher authority, products gone Rogue and Cylons. These things in the colonies planet always destroy human beings. No one has ever heard of this planet. We all know that earth is only planet with life. This name was however formed to explain to people and show them other side of life that they are not fond of.

7. Logan’s run


Logan’s run is another Futuristic society with positive narrations about future. We are only in 21st century but this organization speaks positive things that are to come in 23rd Century. People in this century are expected to live happily despite of any disturbing thing in their lives. This will only be achieved when there is a lot of peace amongst them. Large population should not be a reason for people to say without happiness. They should all agree and have one heart of renewing their status of everyday life.

6. Judge Dredd


Judge Dredd is in sixth position of this article. It is such a happy society from a country popularly known as Britain. Dredd is believed to be ruled by Judges that are said to be ruthless and wicked. Most of them have no moral locations and they therefore chuck citizens to cubes. Advanced version of this Futuristic society took place in New York City. Population of this place at that particular time is expected to be 800 million people. Some f these people travel to named city daily by use of pods and carts. This is because of house shortage in Britain.

5. Total Recall


On fifth position of this list is Total Recall. This society is normally based on a kingdom of Philip Nited. It was derived from a popular movie that was starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1990. Story line of this film is set on life of people that will be o earth in 2084. These are several years to come but earth of this time is looked at with a lot of consideration. Some cultures are said to be outdated and should be abandoned while others should be practiced continually because they are advantageous.

4. 1984


Many people may actually think that 1984 is a number to represent a year. At some point, it may be defined that way. According to this article, 1984 is featured here as a futuristic plan that is helpful to many people. All positive thoughts that are put forward are actually watched by government. Thoughts of every person are dictated and directed by governing state and authority. Classic book of this futuristic genre states the world is divided into three superpowers that are said to fight each other all time. The vision of 1984 is that people will live happily in years to come.

3. Wall-E


Wall-E is in third position of this article and is one of futuristic society narrated today. Totally a different organization speaks positively about years to come. Pixar brought these thought forward. Wall-E refers to a sorrowful robot that has a design of old days. This robot is said to have hopes of having many friends to make company. Every day of life is important and little effort made counts a lot to future days.

2. A Clockwork Orange


As this countdown continues, let us look at this Futuristic society plan known as Clockwork Orange. It is in second position of this article and has many issues to discuss about life. Clockwork is another skillful thought from Pixar. Future days are bright.

1. Back to the future


Back to the future is first in this list of 10 futuristic societies. This society narrates that people should live happily especially after so much violence have been experienced in a particular place. Back to the future contains many technological advances that were brought about by Marty McFly from a popular film of same name. Since that time, more other films were released talking of same story but as a continuation.

These are the best the futuristic societies that are studied in this article. They are interesting to learn about. If you happen to have more information concerning them, forward your message to my email address so that I can help in improving my articles.

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