Top 10 Famous Horses and Their Famous Owners Ever

Probably dating back to the friendship between man and dog, horses have almost always been among us. Whether man rode them or not at the time, they were around when many caveman paintings were drawn on the rocky walls of caves.

For hundreds of years, however, our primary mode of land transportation has been through the use of horses. Everything from dogs to elephants has been used, but in the end, the use of horses clearly worked best, at least for most of us. Instead of having a Ford or Chevy in our garage, we kept one or more horses.

Perhaps not quite as loving and cuddly as dogs, nevertheless, warm, and even great friendships can be developed between humanoids and horses and throughout history, many “teams” have come down to us together. Here are some of the more well-known and even famous horses names.

List of Top 10 Famous Horses and Their Famous Owners Ever until in 2017

10. Tony

tony, Top 10 Famous Horses and Their Famous Owners Ever 2018

One of the first famous cowboys in talking film was Tom Mix. Tom Mix came by horses naturally, his father being a stable-master, and eventually Mr. Mix’s talents let him into the movie industry where he quickly made a name for himself and his horse, Tony. Through 160 films Mr. Mix rode Tony (when the original Tony had to retire, he had a “Tony, Jr.” but that’s a horse of a different color).

Tom Mix and Tony were featured on the radio too and his famous jingle, “Take a tip from Tom, go and tell your mom, Shredded Ralston can’t be beat” rang from the lips of kids all over the country.

9. Silver

silver, Top 10 Famous Horses and Their Famous Owners Ever 2018

Another famous movie horse was, of course, Silver. Kids all over the country faithfully listened to The Lone Ranger on the radio and later, on television.

Shortly before the appearance of The Lone Ranger, another big western star, Buck Jones (whose steed was also called Silver) perished in a Boston fire while trying to help others escape the flames. When The Lone Ranger appeared shortly after, many a kid thought he was really Buck Jones whose face had perhaps been scarred by the fire.

The familiar television series starring Clayton Moore and his sidekick Tonto (Jay Silverheels) ran for eight years on television and for years after that kids watched the show in re-runs.

8. Topper

topper, Top 10 Famous Horses and Their Famous Owners Ever 2017

One of Hollywood’s most revered cowboys in the early days of “talkies” was William Boyd who became transformed into Hopalong Cassidy. This mature, good-natured cowboy who always wore black despite being a “good guy” rode Topper and as with Tom Mix and Gene Autry, Hoppy and Topper had a warm close relationship.

Like so many roving cowboys in the westerns of yesteryear, Hoppy always had a couple of sidekicks. The young guy who had a lot to learn and the old-timer who gave the kids a laugh from time to time.

Remember, in those days, the cowboy didn’t kiss the girl; he kissed his horse!

7. Marengo


Going back a bit further into history, Marengo was the famous horse ridden into battle and later preserved in statues and paintings belonging to Napoleon. In those days, generals and their horses as well bravely led their troops into battles that usually turned into hand-to-hand combat.

Napoleon named this stallion Marengo for the June 1800 battle at Marengo in Northern Italy. For Napoleon, this was a decisive victory. But on both sides supplies grew short and Napoleon’s chef wanting to prepare a chicken for his emperor, had no flour for creating sauce (in France, everything comes with a sauce!). He crumbled bread and from that made a thickening for a sauce for the emperor’s dinner. Thus the famous dish, Chicken Marengo was born.

6. Citation


The first racehorse in history to win a million dollars. In the ‘40s, that represented a much more impressive sum than it is today). but citation did much more than earn lots of money for the Calumet Farm. A Triple Crown Winner. Citation’s record of wins would fill a book. The Jones family owners of Calumet Farm could be justly proud just to call themselves close friends with this outstanding champion.

From his first start as a two-year-old, Citation proved to all that this beautiful sleek bay stallion was a winner. The Jones family owners of Calumet Farm could be justly proud just to call themselves close friends with this outstanding champion. This is one amongst the Top 10 Famous Horses and Their Famous Owners Ever until 2017.

5. Secretariat


Christopher Chenery’s super horse, Secretariat, Triple Crown winner (an almost impossible feat), was not only beloved throughout the ‘70s but is still remembered today among those who follow the careers of outstanding horseflesh.

This outstanding chestnut winner will always be remembered as one of racing’s great champions. By 1970 his winnings earned Mr. Chenery well over a million dollars. A million dollars went a long way in those days.

4. Mr. Ed


Okay, not quite a real horse in the sense of others, but Mr. Ed’s regular appearances on television through 143 episodes made him a star in his own right.
Alan Young, Mr. Ed’s foil or “straight man” held his own. Mr. Young’s innocent, laid-back manner fit in just right with the caustic remarks often made by this horse.

And it’s good that Alan Young’s TV wife, Connie Hines didn’t become jealous of his little affair on the side with this horse who really never did anything but stick his head out of his stall…and talk.

3. Black Beauty


Although a fictional horse, Black Beauty has been a staple in the reading for young people since 1877 when the novel by Anna Sewell appeared. That’s a long time for a character to remain popular, especially when that character is a horse.

The latest film to appear was in 1994, and in total, some nine Black Beauty movies have been produced and no doubt there will be more.

2. Seabiscuit


One of the all-time greats in the world of horse racing, Seabiscuit deserves a special place of honor. Born in 1933, his beginnings were disappointing and it became doubtful despite his royal lineage, that this thoroughbred horse would ever race. Seabiscuit was undersized and had bad-looking knees. He slept too much and ate too much. His owner, Charles Howard, a big man who liked big Buicks…and thoroughbred horses. was about to give up but his trainer and family had more faith and groomed Seabiscuit into an eternal star of the racetrack.

1. Trigger


Just about the most well-known and beloved horse in the world has to be Trigger. Who knew that this studio-owned horse already had a movie role as Olivia de Havilland’s steed in “The Adventures of Robin Hood” back in 1938 when Ms de Havilland as Maid Marian, rode him through Sherwood Forest?

It has been told that Gene Autry was leaving the studio and while some “suits” worried, one producer sneered that he could take the next man who walked through the door and make him into another Gene Autry. Well, so the tale goes, the next man to walk in was Roy Rogers. And then he had to have a horse so they saddled Trigger up for him.

That led to a life-long love affair with Trigger “the smartest horse in the world”. Mr. Rogers was able to buy Trigger and never looked back.

Even today, many years after the passing of Roy, Dale Evans and Trigger too, the family lives on and in the L.A. region, there is a museum that’s well worth the visit.

So, these above are the Top 10 Famous Horses and Their Famous Owners Ever until 2017.

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