Top 10 Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

Many diseases attack human beings globally today. Most of these medical problems occur due to certain conditions that attacks human bodies. It is so sad to learn that some of them have not cure and patient live by expecting God to work on their lives. Dangerous and most expensive conditions are common to us all. Study carefully information given below. It contains 10 most expensive diseases to treat.

List of Top 10 Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments in 2017

10. Stroke


This dangerous condition comes because of disturbed blood supply to brain. Most affected people are old men and women. It rarely attacks young and strong men. When a normal person has been attached by this condition, they have poor thinking capacity and loss of memory. Stroke disease is not very dangerous when discovered in early stages of life but become expensive to treat once fully grown. Risk factors of stroke disease are high cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and old age.

9. Hemophilia


Hemophilia is always considered as one of most dangerous disorders of genetic type. It hereditary and puts a patient in a dangerous condition. His body cannot be in a condition to control blood clotting. This is also called coagulation. When this disease has attacked a person, there is continuous bleeding of blood observed and several other dangerous complications follow. Males are the most attacked people because of X chromosome nature that is found in their sperms. When minor injuries or cuttings occur, victims go through a lot of bleeding and in that way; they tend to lose a lot of blood.

8. Heart attack

Heart attack Top Most Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments 2018

Heart attack is another dangerous condition featured in this list of most expensive diseases to treat. It can be studied together with Cardiac Revascularization because of their similarities in symptoms. This is a dangerous condition in human beings and comes because of interruption of blood supply to heart area because of blockage brought about by large body arteries. There are many symptoms of heart attack. This will clearly notify you if you are actually suffering from it. They include shortness of breath, vomiting, anxiety, chest pain, sweating and vomiting. To prevent this condition, people are advised to do many exercises.

7. Coronary Artery disease

Coronary Artery disease Top Famous Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments 2017

Cost of treating this disease has been estimated to be USD 75,000 in every year. Coronary artery is therefore amongst expensive medical condition to treat worldwide. It has been ranked in seventh position of this article because of money mentioned above. People with minor heart problems are likely to suffer this condition. In other words, Coronary is caused by plague that attacks inner parts of heart arteries. These arteries tend to narrow and their blood flow to heart area becomes minimal each day. Coronary artery disease attack people that have obesity condition. Drug addiction is another major reason.

6. Neonate

Neonate Top 10 Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

It is a dangerous and one of most expensive medical conditions to treat. Neonate is a well known complication that attacks new born babies. They are normally born with diseases and abnormal conditions. Some of these babies are born prematurely. With that medical status, a baby may grow with short and long-term health complication that may lead to his or her death after a certain period. Different organs of this innocent creature are said to be weak. This is one amongst the Top 10 Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments 2017.

5. End-stage Renal Disease


On fifth position of this article, is end-stage renal condition that is also referred to as chronic kidney disease. Cost of treating this condition is always high when compared to all diseases studied in various positions above. When a patient has been attacked by end-stage, renal disease his or her renal part stops functioning for many years. Doctors discover it by doing thorough blood test of patients. When discovered in early stages, treating is cheap but cost shoots extremely high as it grows in one’s body. Cost of treating chronic kidney disease has been estimated to be USD 173, 000.

4. Respiratory Failure on Ventilator


Respiratory Failure on Ventilation is amongst expensive diseases to treat hence ranked in fourth position of this article. It is described as insufficient exchange of gases that is brought about by respiratory system. As we all know, human beings use oxygen and carbon dioxide in their breathing systems. They take in oxygen and breathe out Carbon dioxide during daytime. This normal rate is maintained in every person. When any of these gases is insufficient, what occurs is Respiratory failure, which is also fatal. This condition attacks patients because of fatigue, drug intoxication, cardiac dysfunction and pulmonary dysfunction.

3. Transplant


On third position of this article is Transplant medical problem. When organs important organs like heart, livers, lungs, pancreas, thymus and intestine fail to work, a patient is rendered in a very dangerous situation. What happens here is replacing these organs with functioning one. Highly trained and specific doctors are capable of doing this procedure. Countries such as India and many other have highly qualified doctors to deal with this condition. Hospital cost of doing a single transplant in a Human’s body is rated to be USD 51, 000.

2. HIV


Above abbreviation stand for Human immune deficiency viruses. When a person is attacked with this condition, her body loses ability to fight back diseases. He or she becomes prone to every unhealthy condition that comes in his way. There is no cure for this dangerous disease. In most countries, vitamins tablets are offered to help patients attain their health until next session.

1. Cancer


Cancer is a human medical condition that is more dangerous than any other diseases mentioned and featured in this article. There are different types of cancer such as skin cancer, throat, breast and cervical cancer. Its symptoms are high temperatures, change of skin color, rapid weight loss and getting extremely tired. One cancer condition is treated at USD 49, 000.

These above are the Top 10 Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments 2017. I have taken a lot of time in studying above named medical conditions. You are now fully equipped with information concerning these diseases. Above named diseases are fatal and highly expensive to treat. Some of them require emergency attention like transplant.

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