Top 10 Defacers From India of All Time

Defacers can take on many forms. They can be people or things or effects overall. However, no matter who or what they are in essence, if they are bad or leave a bad impression. It is something that usually will affect the location from whence they did come from originally. What are the top ten defacers of India? Please read on to learn more. You will be glad you did.

List of Top 10 Defacers From India of all time until in 2017

1. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar


Dawood Ibrahim is both a racketeer and a terrorist that has been indicted. He is also currently a fugitive and has been one since 1993. He was the head of the Indian organized crime syndicate that is known as D-Company that was founded in Mumbai, India. He is number three on the international list of The World’s Ten Most Wanted. He has been accused, as well as, wanted for multiple crimes in connection with cheating, criminal conspiracy, and the operation of an organized crime syndicate. It is said that this man may have had previous connections with Osama Bin Laden.

2. Syed Salahuddin

syed salahuddin, Top 10 Defacers From India of All Time 2017

Syed Mohammed Yusuf Shah is known popularly by another name and that is of Syed Salahudeen. He is the person who heads up the militant rebel organization that is known as being Hizb-u-Mujahideen. Hizb-u-Mujahideen is a militant separatist group that is based in Kashmir. It operates mainly in Indian Kashmir. He is also the head of the alliance of Kashmiri terrorists organizations that are called the United Jihad Council. The United Jihad Council is the very force that does outright support the annexation of Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir over to Pakistan and the complete freedom outright of these Indian states from both India and Pakistan together.

3. Masood Azhar

masood azhar, Top 10 Defacers From India of All Time 2018

Masood Azhar is the founder, as well as, the leader of the UN-designated terrorist group that is called Jaish-e-Mohammed. This terrorist group is very active in Azad Kashmir and is Pakistani administered in description. It was Pakistani authorities that did take him into protective custody and it was due to the Pathankot attack in India. India has listed Azhar as one of the most sought after all of wanted terrorists and it is because of his direct tie to a history of unceasing militant activities.

4. Raman Raghav



Raman Raghav is an Indian serial killer that was also known by the name of Psycho Raman. The real name of Raman Raghav is that of Sindhi Dalwai and was active in Mumbai during the mid 1960’s. There was a series of murders that did take place on the outskirts of Mumbai in August of 1968. It was pavement and hutment dwellers who were brutally bludgeoned to death as they did sleep at night. The majority of these murders did take place at night and they were done with a very hard and blunt object as the murder weapon. A witness named Krithika did witness one of the murders. There was also a similar series of other murders that had taken place in early 1965 to 1966. These murders were in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai and of the 19 people that had been attacked. A total of nine of the 19 victims did die. One of the 9 victims that did die was related to Krithika.

5. Nithari Killers


The Nithari Killers also called the Noida serial murders or Nithari serial murders are something that happened in the home of a businessman named Moninder Singh Pandher. Pandher’s house was located in Nithari, India. The servant of Moninder Singh Pandher was accused of the five murders and sentenced to death. These murders took place at the Pandher residence between 2005 and 2006. There are still 11 murders in number that do remain unsolved as of yet. Surinder Koli was originally sentenced to death after being found guilty of the five murders. However, as of 2014, his death sentence was changed to that of a life sentence by the Supreme Court on September 7th of that year.

6. Auto Shankar


Auto Shankar is the nickname for the Indian serial killer whose real name is Gowri Shankar. Gowri Shankar had a gang. The gang consisted of him, his younger brother Auto Mohan, and two other associates by the names of Eldin and Shivaji. Some of the other members of this notorious gang did include Jayavelu, Ravi, Palani, Rajaraman, and Paramasivam. They were all found guilty of murdering six people that took place over a two year period between 1988 and 1989. The bodies of all the victims were either burned or buried inside of a home. The victims were all teenage girls who just had up and mysteriously vanished without a trace. He is one amongst the Top 10 Defacers From India 2017.

7. Charles Sobhraj



Charles Sobhraj was a serial killer that was known by the name of the Bikini Killer. He was a French serial killer who was of Vietnamese and Indian descent. What he did was to prey ferociously on any Western tourists who did travel to Southeast Asia during the 1970’s. He was also nicknamed The Splitting Killer and The Serpent as well. Sobhraj did earn these two nicknames for himself for one reason. What was this reason? He was known for being a criminal that knew very well how to be deceptive and evasive. It is said that he committed at least twelve murders and was convicted for his crimes in India. He was jailed in India from 1976 to 1997.

8. Thug Behram


Thug Behram or Buhram is also known by the name of Buhram Jemedar or “King of the Thugs.” He was the leader of the Thugee cult that was active in the northern central area of India. It was during the late 18th century and early 19th century. Thug Behram has been dubbed as being one of the most prolific of all Indian serial killers and that is because he may have been involved in the strangulation deaths of 931 people. These 931 murders did take place between 1790 and 1840. These murders were carried out with a rumal which is a ceremonial cloth or hankerchief. Behram was executed in 1840 and it was carried out by hanging.

9. Mir Jafar


Mir Jafar is also known by the name of Gaddar-e-Abrar and the name translates to that of betrayer of true faith. Mir Jafar was the chief army officer for Daula and he supported the British. If he hadn’t done that, the history of India may have been something entirely different, and Siraj-Ud-Daula did have a big army. However, his army didn’t support him in the Battle of Plassey in 1775, for the very reason of Mir Jafar. The loss of this war is what led to the establishment of the British Empire in India.

10. Muhammad Ali Jinnah


Muhammad Ali Jinnah did start out at being a young freedom fighter in his initial time like Jawarharlal Nehru did. However, later on, in his attempts to establish a Muslim country where he did want to end up being a crowned prince. He was the very torch that did ignite communal violence and this caused an inflamed presence of hatred felt among Indians. He was once a man that was described as being an “Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity throughout India” by Sarojini Naidu. However, he ended up becoming something entirely unacceptable, and that was one of the most dangerous of all men in Indian history.

So, these above are the Top 10 Defacers From India of all time until 2017. When you openly deface something, it means that you are spoiling it in some way, and the following defacers listed here have made India look bad in their own kind of ways. These defacers are not just people. They are also things as well. However, despite what they are, they have managed to mar India to some degree in description.. Simple as that.

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