Top 10 Deadly Diseases Known to Man

Man knows many deadly diseases. These diseases are deadly and very dangerous. Some of them have no cure and many people have died due them. Preventive measure is a good way of staying away from this kind of problems. This article is well equipped with important information about these diseases. Let us check on ten dangerous ones that are killing people today. study list below carefully.

List of Top 10 Deadly Diseases Known to Man in 2017

10. Tuberculosis


It is popularly known as TB. Tuberculosis is a dangerous condition that is caused by bacteria known as Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. When discovered in early stages, this dangerous can be successfully treated and a patient is able to regain health and normal health status. Patients suffering from this disease are likely to die at a high rate especially when there is limited supply of drugs to cure them. More than 1 million people lost their lives in 2012 and this was a sad experience in life.

9. Preterm Birth Complications

Preterm Birth Complications Top 10 Deadly Diseases Known to Man

This condition occurs due to lack of essential care during childbirth and low birth weight. Preterm is one of deadliest condition hence featured in this article today. More than one million deaths were recorded in 2012. Only way to keep off this dangerous condition is by ensuring postnatal care is achieved and good prenatal. Expectant mothers are always advised to seek medical check-ups to ensure that their status is in safe place. Preterm Birth complication is ranked in ninth position of this article.

8. Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus Top Most Famous Deadly Diseases Known to Man 2018

Diabetes is a dangerous disease. In other words, Diabetes Mellitus is a group of illnesses that work together to gain a dangerous mission against Human beings. This condition affects use and production of insulin. Pancreas becomes dead or inactive. There are different types of Diabetes that are caused by several factors. Some of these factors include too much accumulation of fats in one’s body due to lack of exercise, poor diet and many others.

7. Diarrheal Diseases


On seventy position of this article, we have Diarrheal disease. This condition is dangerous and can kill people within a very short time. Research shows that people with Diarrheal are likely to pass more than two stools in a day. With that, a patient is likely to lose blood and water. Serious dehydration process takes place and death might occur any time. Causes of Diarrheal are parasites, bacteria and viruses that are found in dirty food. Contamination comes in food and water.



HIV/AIDS is a well known dangerous disease that has currently spread worldwide. There is no cure for AIDS. However, this should not worry you, ARV tablets are provided to restore health of a patient. Ever since it was discovered, more than 40 million people have died of this illness. In 2013, number of people who lost their lives due to AIDS was approximately 1.5 million. This disease is very dangerous, once a person is infected, no body protection is available and therefore gets prone to any disease. Currently, young people are most affected worldwide. Some of its symptoms include fatigue, too much sweating, a high rate of losing weight, white tongue and yellow eyes. Aids patients are recommended to take many exercises, eating well balanced diet and taking their drugs frequently. With this, they can stay for many years than expected.

5. Trachea, Bronchus and Lung cancer


All of the above named diseases are respiratory cancers. This type of cancer is also very dangerous and is caused by environmental toxins, second hand smoking and smoking. It has been featured in this list because of its dangerous conditions and high rate of killing. This can be proved by record available. They say that more than one million people died in 2012. Respiratory cancer destroys respiratory organs and breathing system is disturbed. Doctors are advising people to avoid smoking and lead health lives.

4. Lower Respiratory infections


Lower Respiratory infection is amongst dangerous diseases known to man and studied in this article today. A group of disease said to have caused 3 million deaths in 2012. Some of these diseases include bronchitis, pneumonia and influenza. Both of them kill at high rate but can be prevented. Some of their symptoms include problems in breathing and pain around ribs when coughing. During winter and rainy seasons, people are advised to dress warmly. Failure to that cold enters their lungs some of these conditions develop.

3. Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease


This condition is also referred to as COPD. Another dangerous disease caused by smoking of Tobacco. Both men and women are likely to be affected. Some other causes are air pollution from vehicle tankers and second hand smoking. Chronic obstruction has no cure. Patients are given certain medicine to help them restore their health. Millions of people have died because of this dangerous condition hence ranked in third position of this list. Washington and Minnesota are most affected countries.

2. Stroke


On second position of this article, we have stroke. With this condition, brains are blocked and several leaks occur. What follows next is brains cells getting weary and dies eventually. Most affected persons are women of old age. It can be managed when discovered early. Treating one patient of stroke is very expensive due to its medicines and oxygen machines that are used to offer breathing support when a patient goes unconscious for a long time.

1. Coronary artery Disease


It is also known as Ischemic Heart disease. Coroney is most dngerous disease and kill more than all disease conditions studied above. According to records available in health reviews, this dangerous disease killed more than seven million people in 2012. Ischemic occurs when blood vessels cannot supply blood to the heart. They become narrowed and a patient starts to encounter breathing problems.

These above are the Top 10 Deadly Diseases Known to Man 2017. This article is suitable to all people out there. Information about diseases is important to every person. People need to understand different kinds of diseases that might be found in their lives. It is so sad that some of these diseases are incurable.

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