Top 10 Crazy Things Parents Used to Allow

Years ago, when we were young, we lived perhaps, in a more innocent age. It’s true that most news came to the world via local newspapers and kids, in particular, seldom got past the “funny papers” as many called the comic strips. If there was nearly as much violence in the world then, most kids, and even most parents, were only vaguely aware of it. And besides, things like that didn’t happen in their neighborhood. Here are some of the things kids used to do all the time and no one thought a thing about it.

List of Top 10 Crazy Things Parents Used to Allow

10. Axes

axes, Top 10 Crazy Things Parents Used to Allow 2017-2018

Many a boy had to go out into the back yard and chop firewood, not just for a fireplace, but for the kitchen range so Mom could prepare the next meal. Obviously, this could be very dangerous without a good deal of special training.

With Dad working and Mom in the kitchen, most kids learned the hard way.

9. Going to School


Most kids walked to school, even if the school was situated some distance away. Trudging through snow and over slippery streets, they were open not only to taking a bad fall but of course, could be an easy prey for predatory offenders.

8. Downtown Alone


In most towns and even in larger cities, kids ran around on the loose night and day without supervision. Mostly they stayed out of serious trouble, but shoplifting and sneaking into the movies weren’t exactly rare events. There was always the danger of getting hurt or into serious trouble and few children would be allowed such freedom today.

There was always the danger of getting hurt or into serious trouble and few children would be allowed such freedom today.

7. Kids’ Night Out


Today, most kids have to be inside the house before dark, and for good reason, but in the past, it was not unusual for them to stay out as late as they pleased. Even if they got a little corporal punishment for such behavior from time to time, the punishment was just part of life at the time.

6. Dining Out


Running around the neighborhood and eating at all the neighbors’ houses. Many kids in the past had a regular dining-crawl. They went from house to house, mostly the homes of other kids, but often to the homes of older persons whose kids had flown the coop.

Kids knew (without even having a timepiece) just when the food would be coming out and the host would ask, “You hungry?” Naturally, a kid had to admit he or she was hungry. This could go one for some time until it was time to get home and enjoy Mom’s home cooking as well.

5. Secret Hideouts


Many a kid in the past had a secret hideout or fort somewhere in an empty lot, or wooded area near the home. Usually, the parents had no idea of this and if they kid hid out there (usually because he or she knew big trouble lay ahead at home), no one could locate the little offender. This is one amongst the Top 10 Crazy Things Parents Used to Allow.

4. Playing with Matches


While parents didn’t condone the playing with matches by their children, few seemed to realize the potential danger. Beyond telling the kid to “be careful” the child was left alone and often did cause damage, fortunately, it was usually minor, but setting a house on fire was certainly not unheard of.

And burning candles, something many a romantic-minded girl enjoyed having in her room, could also present a serious fire hazard.

3. Movies


Going to horror movies alone was quite common, even for youngsters under ten. Many local theaters showed afternoon programs with plenty of cartoons and other entertainment kids liked.

But when a child of ten is out alone in the streets today, he’s likely to be on the evening news as having disappeared from sight.

2. Helmets


Parents allowed their kids to ride bikes all the time without a helmet. In fact, most parents had never heard of bicycle riders wearing helmets in the past.

Over the years however, people have learned that bicycle accidents can be very dangerous when a rider strikes his or her head on the pavement.

Helmets may not be pretty, but they’re a necessary evil for safe biking.

1. Stunt Riding


Trying to imitate the stunts of the famous Evel Knievel was common. Mr. Knievel may have been quite the showman but doing dangerous stunts has caused even Mr. Knievel to break nearly every bone in his resilient body doing dangerous stunts.

One not so pretty side effect of these performances, was the hundreds of kids with bikes who wanted to emulate their idol.
Many a kid has been seriously injured attempting Evel Knievel stunts. It wasn’t really because most parents would permit this behavior, but through lack of supervision the majority never had a clue until they had to go to the emergency room where their child lay with a broken leg or sometimes something even more serious.

These above are the Top 10 Crazy Things Parents Used to Allow as of 2017. Today, compared to the past, parents’ attitude toward their children’s safety may appear overly-protective, it comes mostly from the sometimes bitter, even heartbreaking experiences in the past.

Now, when a child out alone disappears, we fear the worst and that is only too often exactly what we get. Allowing our children to run solo about the neighborhood and dropping to visit homes where there are no children can raise a large red flag.

It’s a pity that we have to be suspicious of possible very nice older people who simply miss having their own children around, but as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When in the past, we allowed strangers to give candy, etc. to our children, this again can be a danger signal and the kids should have it firmly in mind that they’re never to accept gifts from strangers.

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