Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage in The World

As we all know water is life hence no one can live without it. It is therefore very important to try our best to conserve our natural water sources so that we may not run short. Very many organisations have been set up so as to ensure that water is conserved. These organisations have impacted great on water conservation. Unfortunately, to this day still there countries that are at the risk of having water shortage. Below is a list of these countries.

List of Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage in The World in 2017

10. Afghanistan

Afghanistan Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage 2017

In this country only 13% have clean water that is readily available to them. In the country most of its areas are naturally scarce with water. Many people are affected by lack of safe and clean water for this reason. High rate of pollution, insufficient infrastructure, negligence and many other factors have greatly led to lack of water in the country.

9. Ethiopia

Ethiopia Top Famous Countries With Water Shortage 2019

Africa is the continent that has most of the countries that have great water shortage. Ethiopia is a country in great need of clean and safe water to sustain the population. Only 42% have access to clean water. Clean sanitation is only available to 11% of the population. Both women and children have a great task in getting clean water they walk over long distances to go fetch water in very unsafe places. There is also a very high mortality rate in this country.

8. Chad


Chad is affected by both shortage of water and food. The country is located at the horn of Africa which is known for having severe drought that brings with it food and water shortage. Malnutrition as well as other diseases that are as a result of lack of water are very common in the country. Burkina Faso, Niger and also the North of Senegal are also not an exception.

7. Cambodia


84% of the population don not have access to water that is safe and clean. The great Mekong River also passes through the country. The river is normally affected by monsoon season right from May up to November. The question is that how such a place could be affected by water shortage. The answer is that the place lack the infrastructure for cleaning and treating the water. Many people rely on rain water for drinking and that is another reason.

6. Laos


This country holds the lion’s share of the great Mekong River. Due to reduced water levels of the river the country is experiencing great water crisis. This river is very important to the country. The people depend on it for transportation, electricity, food and many more ways. Production of electricity is one of the major things that Laos is known for. 80% of the population depends on subsistent agriculture. The drop in water level will mean great harm to this people.

5. Haiti


This is one amongst the Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage in The World 2017. Statistics show that half of the population in the country lack clean water. It also suggests that one in five people lack access to a hygienic toilet. The country is still recovering from an earth quake that happened in 2010. It brought great damage and also death to 316000 people. That earthquake also destroyed water sources bringing the country to its knees. Deforestation, soil erosion and lack of facilities to do water treatment are other major factors that contributed to water shortage.

4. Ghana


Ghana has very few places which are affected by water shortage. Volta region, which is at the border of Togo and Burkina Faso is very faraway and it is still very poor. In this region only a small number of families have the chance of accessing to clean and safe water. Diseases which are a result of consumption of this unsafe water are very common here. Guinea worm is an epidemic in this country because of lack of clean drinking water. The epidemic can only be eradicated by drinking water that is treated.

3. India


There is a very high rate of population growth in this country. That is why there is great water shortage. The water sources are been over stretched and that is why the country is under the risk of facing great water shortage. The sources are also being contaminated and that in various ways like pollution. That is another reason why there is great water shortage. The country has put in great effort but but more has to be done.

2. Rwanda


This is a country that has very many natural water sources but unfortunately, due to lack of infrastructure and capital. The country lacks the ability to bring this water to them and that is why the country is at the risk of having great water shortage. The way the land is makes the government have great difficulty in having in distributing water to the people. Very many people are getting sick because of the unsafe water they use. There is a very high rate of child mortality.

1. Bangladesh


There are very many cases of many people getting ill in this country. This diseases that people have are because of inability to have access to clean water. The people normally use untreated water and this is the reason they get water borne diseases. This crisis has affected both rural and urban areas especially the ones in the slums which is at the capital city. Statistics show that only 16% of those in rural areas have access to latrines. There are no clean toilets in urban areas. These factors also have greatly led to people’s sickness in the country.

These above are the Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage in The World 2017. It is beyond doubt that Sub-Saharan countries in Africa are the ones that are at the top of our list in those countries with great shortage of water. Pollution and depletion of the natural water sources are the things that lead to water shortage. Doing this to our water supplies lead to conflict, decrease in agricultural activities and also death because of water borne diseases.

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