Top 10 Countries With Largest Gold Reserves

Gold is a precious and one of most expensive stone mined in various countries worldwide. Counties with large gold preserves have a high growth rate of economy worldwide. This is achieved when some amount of Gold is exported to various clients in exchange of foreign exchange. We are going to look at some of these countries that are currently developed and have large gold reserves. The list below has ten of these counties with adequate information.

Checkout the list of Top 10 Countries With Largest Gold Reserves in 2018

10. India


India is one of largest Gold reserve rated in tenth position of this article. A rich and developed country gives out more than 155.7 Tonnes of Gold Yearly. Population of this country is approximated to be 1.25 billion people. Found in Southern part of Asia, India uses a lot of Gold and several other minerals especially o wedding ceremonies that are held in between September and December. Apart from Gold there are several other precious minerals in this country.

9. Netherlands


This is another popular and common country that cannot be omitted in this list of largest Gold reserves worldwide in 2018. Amount of gold produced in Netherlands is approximated to be 612.5 tones in every year. Dutch central bank of this rich country is still looking for a good place to store their wealth of precious stone. Large amount of Gold is exported from Netherlands to United States of America ad it is through this that this country has remained to be ahead of many others in terms of Economy.

8. Japan


Japan is rated in eighth position of this article and is amongst largest Gold reserves worldwide. This country is so amazing and hold a record of having third largest economy growth worldwide. Essay of central banks of Japan is very aggressive and has hard working employees that are always on their toes in developing lives of local citizens. It is always good to learn that some few countries are actually willing to help lives of their people. Japan produces 765.2 tons of Gold yearly. Some of them are exported to various countries such as United State of America. Yellow medal is another quality mineral produced in Japan.

7. Switzerland


This is another popular country found in United States of America. It has many things to learn about but Gold reserves are major thing of Switzerland. Gold produced by this amazing country is approximated to be 1,040 tons yearly. This country is considered to be neutral and most of its Gold reserves were discovered during Second World War. It has always remained successful since that time to date. Europe is one continent that is always proud of having Switzerland in it. Gold manufacturing companies of this amazing country are now combined with those of China and more specifically Hong Kong.

6. Russia


Russia is a rich country and produces a total amount of 1,460.4 tons of Gold and many other important precious stones. This country has developed so fast due to Gold reserves that are creating many employment sectors for young people. Some other Gold mineral are exported to different counties than have need of developing theirs too. Problem of Jobless people is highly settled in Russia and quite a god number of people are currently able to sustain themselves in their lives. Huge amount of Gold treasures is normally sold to United States of America and many other neighbouring countries.

5. China


We can comfortably talk of China many things. It is best known for producing quality electronic devices such as phones, radios, televisions and many other electronic gadgets that are useful in everyday life. China is amongst popular countries that own largest Gold reserves worldwide. This is main reason why we have featured it in fifth position of this article. a total amount of 1, 797.5 Tons is produced yearly by this wonderful country. Through these productions, you will find out that economy growth rate of China is always growing fast.

4. France


France is another developed country that has highest reserves of gold worldwide. France produces large amount of Gold while others are distributed to neighbouring countries. As a result, a lot of Foreign exchange is earned and it helps a lot in growth of economy of this particular country. In past few years however, little amount of Gold was exported to other nations and willing clients worldwide. This was as a result of low rate of Gold mined recently. France is one country that many people wish to go because of low rate of corruption and large reserves of Golf in this Universe.

3. Italy


Italy is another popular and developed country that cannot be omitted in this list of Highest Gold reserves worldwide. A total amount of 2, 451 tons of gold is produced by Italy in every year. Research shows that total amount of Gold has not been added to its revenue in past few months. This is according to Central bank of Italy. Such conditions were experienced in 2013.

2. Germany


This list could have been untrue without featuring Germany as one of largest Gold reserves worldwide. Germany produces high amount of Gold in each year. Some are preserved to be used by manufacturing companies of Germany while others are exported and sold to several parts of the world. Amount of Gold produced in Germany is approximated to be 3,378.2 tons yearly.

1. United States


United States is largest world producer of Gold. United States of America produces about 8,133.5 tons of Gold yearly. It is because of this mineral that the economy of this nation has increased at high a high rate. Citizens of United States of America are always well of ad cannot be considered to be poor like that of undeveloped and corrupt countries from different continents such as Africa.

Above list comprises of countries with highest reserves of Gold production. There is no African country featured in any position above. Gold is a precious mineral that helps a lot in boosting economy of various countries worldwide. When Gold is exported, Foreign exchange is earned.

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