Top 10 Countries With Highest Exports

It has come to our observation that many countries worldwide have been developed through products that are exported to outside world. These products contribute greatly to growth of development end economy of various nations. There are major products that are exported by specific countries worldwide. In this list however, we will be looking at countries that export products to other nations. Study about ten of these countries in the list below. Adequate information is also given.

List of Top 10 Countries With Highest Exports in 2017

10. South Africa

South Africa Top 10 Countries With Highest Exports

South Africa is one of the most developed, successful and richest countries of African Continent. It is located in southern part of Africa. This country has many tourism industries that have contributed greatly to its growth in economy. Various countries that import their product are always satisfied with what they get. Natural resources are the most exported products to other countries. South Africa earns a total amount of USD 56 billion from what they export.

9. Italy

Italy Top Famous Countries With Highest Exports 2019

Italy is in ninth position of this article and is amongst countries with highest exports worldwide. It is a wonderful country that produces high quality vehicles. Hotels and restaurants of Italy are of high class and attract many people that come to visit specifically in Holidays. Good services are also offered in Restaurants of Italy. Economy growth of this amazing and beautiful country has been greatly contributed by large number of exported products. Various countries of this Universe important many products from Italy and has made it to be amongst developed countries worldwide. Italy earns approximately USD 60 billion yearly from its exports.

8. India


India is another developed and famous country that is found in largest continent known as Asia. Products of this wonderful country are highly secured and protected by the government of India. This is why India has a good report of Finances all time. Exported products increase daily and has contributed greatly to high rate of economy growth. So far, a total amount of USD 70 billion is made yearly from their exports to various countries worldwide. People from India lead in comfortable and satisfied lives altogether.

7. United States of America


United States of America is one of most developed countries worldwide. It has many things to talk about regardless of this article, which is of countries with highest exports. USA has many Gold fields and some of these minerals are exported to other countries that are interest with those quality products. Other products that are exported are Digital weapons of war, war-fair equipment and high quality tea. Products from this country are always satisfying and this is one reason why they cannot lack market. Vehicle brands and aeroplanes of USA are of high quality and supplied worldwide. They offer quality services to all people. USD 80 billion is made yearly by USA through their exports.

6. China


China is rated in sixth position of this article and is amongst countries that make many exports to many countries of this Universe. Most of these products are of high quality. China is popular for exporting high quality products for local and international industries. Needles of this amazing country are sold at affordable price hence supplied worldwide. Other products are electronic devices such as radios, televisions, mobile phones, kitchen equipments and many others. Vehicle cannot be left out in these lists of products. China makes USD 90 billion yearly from its exports. Many local and international industries are also featured in this wonderful nation.

5. Turkey


Turkey is rated in fifth position in this article of countries with highest exports. It is amongst these countries and makes a lot of money through this major activity. Turkey’s economy has grown with past few years ad this is due to their high quality products that are imported by other famous and successful countries worldwide. Currently, Turkey is raked amongst countries with high developments and makes approximately USD 100 billion yearly through their exports.

4. Netherlands


On fourth position of this article is Netherlands. It is amongst countries that exports a lot of high quality products to outside world. Some of these products and other various activities have led to reliable ad strong economy to people of Netherlands. Gold Reserves of this wonderful country are so many and bring Netherlands a lot of money when sold in international markets. Most of exported products are agricultural tools and resources. These products are useful in other countries. Netherlands makes a total of USD 120 billion in every year. This is always supported by its government, which strongly believes in development and improvement of lives of people.

3. Germany


Germany is another popular and developed country that cannot be omitted in this list of countries with highest exports worldwide in 2017 review. It is rated in third position. Many electronic ad technology companies and manufacturing industries are located in Germany. They produce high quality laptops, radios, desktop computer, mobile phones and other electronic devices that are highly used today. Development of this nation depend o exports made to other countries. Germany a total of USD 150 billions from what it exports to other countries.

2. France


On second position of this article is France. It is one of those countries with highest rate of exports worldwide. Their exported products are of high quality and hence have high market value in every year. Fabric and textile product are the most exported items. France earns a lot of money that is approximated to be USD 150 billion.

1. United Kingdom


United Kingdom has topped in this list of countries with highest rate of exports yearly. High quality products are exported to various countries that strongly need them. This has contributed greatly to economy growth of United Kingdom, which depends on the exported products. United Kingdom earns a total amount of USD 150 billion from their exports.

The list above comprises of Top 10 Countries With Highest Exports 2017. These countries are developed from money that is earned through this famous and major activity. Educated people in various countries get job vacancies in manufacturing companies of various products that are exported outside.

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