Top 10 Cheapest Places To Live In The World

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 most popular Cheapest Places To Live In The World in 2016 and 2017. After the most expensive cities to live in it is time to know something about the cheapest cities of the world. The list has fluctuated rapidly in the past year, and even in the last few months, after the releasing of the new budget plans around the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit creates a list of cheapest and costliest cities in the world in the World Cost of Living survey, which conbines fuel costs and salaries combined with the cost of daily lifestyle like the cost of food and transportation, food and medication.

At the beginning of the year, the list contained three Indian cities, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, but a recent update from the Telegraph UK removed the first two cities from the list. Read on to find out more about the cheapest place to live in right now. The cost of Living is given in the currency of the home countries of these cities.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular, cheapest places to live in 2016-2017

10. Tunis (Cost of Living 2830.36 DT per month)


It’s the largest city of Tunisia, often referred to as Grand Tunis. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea gulf behind the lake of Tunisia. It houses the La Goulette port. The city is even larger as it stretches along the coastal plain and the hills surrounding the plain. It is a beautiful town. It is also a very rich city. The Tunisian economy has been booming in the last few decades. And in the hub of that booming economy is Tunis.

9. Chennai (Cost of Living Rs 70064.51 per month)


Chennai is the Indian health capital. Also the presence of Chennai on this list signifies that the people residing in the city are in awesome mental health. The city controls the entire Kollywood industry, or the South Indian movie industry, which is almost as big as the Bollywood industry. It is the most visited city in India by foreign tourists because of its numerous temples and the Marina beach, the second longest beach in the World.

8. Quito (Cost of Living 1874.66 $ per month)


Quito is Francisco de Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. Being on a height of 2850metres above sea level, it is the highest capital city in the whole world. It is also the second most popular city in the country. Quito also has a rich history and was a part of the empire of Incas and it was later occupied by Spanish Inquisitors.

7. Mexico City (Cost of Living 30726.93 MXN per month)

Mexico City Top cheapest places to live in the world 2017

Mexico is the capital city of Mexico and also the most populous one. It is one of the two Mexican cities on the list, bumping Mexico to the list of one of the cheapest countries to live in at this moment in the World. The city consists of sixteen municipalities or boroughs. It also has the world’s largest Spanish speaking population in the World. It is literally the whole of Mexico in one big city. It is truly the City if Mexico.

6. Auckland (Cost of Living 4494.74 NZ$ per month)

Auckland Top most popular cheapest places to live in the world 2018

It is an important city of New Zealand and also the most populous one. Like almost all the other cities in the list, Auckland is a very prosperous city. Its name literally means ‘the maiden sought out by a hundred lovers’, and the city like its name is indeed sought out by a lot of people who travel from the suburbs to have a taste of metropolitan heaven.

5. Wellington (Cost of Living 4307.65 NZ$ per month)


It is the Harbour capital of New Zealand and also the second most populous city of the country. The presence of Wellington makes New Zealand with its two best cities occupy the cheapest list. It is the cultural capital of New Zealand. It was marked 12th inn the list of Quality of Living survey.

4. Karachi (Cost of Living: Rs. 119288 per month)

Karachi Top 10 cheapest places to live in the world 2017

It is the largest city of Pakistan and the second most populous metropolis in the World. It is also known as the City of Lights; of course it can’t be compared to the City that never Sleep- New York, but it comes pretty close. It is also the 7th largest urban agglomeration. It is a business hub with the population being involved in textiles, shipping, automotive industry, entertainment and the arts and fashion design and also scientific and medical research. It is a Beta World City.

3. Asunción (Cost of living 1989404.80 Gs per month)


It is the largest city and capital of Paraguay. It is an agglomeration of Fernando de la Mora, San Lorenzo, Lambare, Luque, Mariano Roque Alonso, Nemby, San Antonio, Limpio, Capiata and Villa Elisa. It has the Municipality of Asuncion listed under Asuncion Stock exchange which is a unique feature.

2. Monterrey (Cost of Living 28901.72 MXN per month)

Monterrey Top most cheapest places to live in the world 2018

Monterry is a city is a city with a rich history in the state of Nuevo Leon in Mexico. t serves as an anchor to the third largest metropolitan area of the country. it is also the ninth largest city in the country. The presence of Monterrey in the list does not really come as a surprise as the country ranks at about 4 inthe list of top 10 cheapest places in the world. The city houses the offices of a large number of international organizations.

Just like Johannesburg on the top of this list, the city of Monterrey in itself is not poor. On the other hand, it is one the wealthiest regions of the country. It is the second wealthiest city in Mexico and the ninth most wealthiest in Latin America. Even with a lot of American culture seeping into the whole country; it is the most ‘Americanized’ city in Mexico.

1. Johannesburg (Cost of Living 2440.69 R per month)

Johannesburg most popular cheapest places to live in the world 2019

It is the largest city of South Africa and a large metropolis. In spite of that it is the cheapest city in the world. The city, Johannesburg as we know it was established in 1886, when it was discovered by people of the new World and named. It belongs to the list of the 50 largest urban agglomeration of the world. Even though the discovery of Johannessburg was due to the gold rush, as a large quantity of gold was discovered in a farm (it is called the El Dorado of the modern world) and even though the city is the wealthiest province in Africa, Johannesburg is the cheapest place in the world.

Even though these cities are not a part of the top 10 cities with flowing energy in the World, they are in fact a few of the biggest metropolises in the world.

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