Top 10 Cheapest Airlines In The World

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 cheapest airlines in The World in 2016 and 2017. In the age of today, the world is always on its feet. There is hardly anyone to be found anymore who has her or his entire life planned out and accounted for in the same suburban town when he or she was bor. You just have to keep moving. And it is not just for the sake of travelling or seeing the world. Nowadays, every single individual is accounted, every hippie under the forsaken flyover, every drifter sleeping on the pavement. The government even keeps track of people who are homeless. And to register oneself to the universal register and let yourself enjoy the privileges the government provides you for just existing, you just have to keep your behind moving. Besides, nobody wants to stagnate. And profiting immensely from this stage of non-stagnation is the transportation industry.

Even old faithful trains have become slower nowadays, as people need to go to their destinations as soon as possible. So men took to the skies. But one of the drawbacks of air transit is its ever high ticket prices. A one way travel to a different continent almost cost the same as the monthly income of an average middle class man. But there are solutions to that. To attract more customers whose main aim is to reach the destination fast and safe, several airlines provide discounts and price cuts. Listed below are the top 10 best yet cheapest airlines in the World.

List of the world’s top 10 best and cheapest airlines in 2016-2017

10.RyanAir Airlines (Prices start from $95)

Ryanair Top most popular Cheapest Airlines in the world 2019

Slogans: ‘Low Fares Made Simple’, ‘30 years of low fares’, ‘Always getting better’

RyanAir is based in Ireland and has its headquarters in Swords, Dublin. It is the busiest airline service in the world based in the number of commuters who use the airline daily. It has a huge fleet size of 355 and operates internationally. Most of its fleet is made up of Boeing 737-800s. It services transit to 32 countries. Even through the massive influx of passengers, RyanAir ran at a loss for quite some time but it recently bucked up and established itself once again as one of the most important airlines in the World.

9. Pegasus Airlines (Fares start from $94)

Pegasus Airlines

It is one of the three Turkish airlines to be on this list and is headquartered in Kurtkoy of Pendik, Istanbul. The airline has a fleet size of 72 and has its hub in Saiba Gokcen International airport and Ataturk International Airport. Their fleet mostly consists of Boeing 737s and Airbuses.

8.Tigerair Airways (Fares start from $91.50)

Tigerair Airways Top most cheapest airlines in the world 2017

The airline is from Singapore with its headquarters in Singapore Changi Airport. It is a subsidiary of SIA group and it has won the CAPA Low Cost Airline of the Year award in 2006 and 2010 beating out all time favourite RyanAir. The airline commenced its services in the year 2004 and began to become popular almost instantaneously. It has a fleet size of 24 and has over 38 destinations.

7.Atlas jet Airlines (Fares start from $91)

Atlas jet Airlines

Slogan: ‘A World beyond Dreams’.

AtlasGlobal is called Atlasjet for short for marketing purposes. It another Turkish airline in the list and is headquartered in Istanbul. Its chief airport is Istanbul Ataturk Airport. It has a fleet size of 22 and is mostly famous for providing services almost exclusively to Muslim pilgrims travelling to Mecca. It is a subsidiary of RyanAir and hence the low ticket fares.

6. Onur Air (Prices start from $81)

Onur Air

Slogan: ‘Fly, Turkey, fly’.

It is a Turkish airline with its headquarters in Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Istanbul. It is a very popular airline service in Turkey and had grown massively in just five years within its launch. It has a fleet size of 30 which includes McDonnell Douglas MD 88 and Airbuses in its fleet.

5.Fast Jet Airlines (Ticket prices start from $77)

Fast Jet Airlines Top popular cheapest airlines in the world 2017

FastJet is a UK based airline service with its headquarters in Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom. It is a new service and is supposed to start from August 2016 and provide low cost air transportation in Africa. It has two subsidiaries Fastjet Tanzania and /Fastjet Zimbabwe.

4.Spice Jet (Fares start from $76)

Spice Jet

Slogan: “Red. Hot. Spicy.”

It’s an Indian Airline company with two hubs, the Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. It has its headquarters in Gurgaon, like countless other cheap and reliable Indian companies. It is relatively big for a private company and has a fleet size of 42+1. It is fourth largest in the country if we rank the airlines according to commuters, both international and domestic. The fleet consists of Boeing 737 and Bombardier Dash 8 aircrafts.

3. Air Asia (Prices start from $72 for a journey)

Air Asia Top cheapest airlines in the world 2018

Slogan: ‘Now everyone can fly.’

It is a Malaysian airline with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and the Kuala Lumpur international airport as its hub. It is a huge company with more than eight subsidiaries and a fleet size of 82. .

2. VivaAeroBus (Prices start from $69)


Slogan: ‘All you need to fly.’

The company is called ‘Aerolances Nancionales S.A. de C.V operates as VivaAeroBus for marketing and promotional reasons. It’s a Mexican airline with its headquarters in Insurgentes Norte 42 in Mexico City. It was established by RyanAir (mentioned at the beginning of the list) as a subsidiary. Like the RyanAir initiative the VivaAeroBus services were established not for profit, but for cheap travelling experiences.

1. Firefly (Prices start from $44)

Firefly Top 10 cheapest airlines in the world 2018

Slogan: ‘Beyond Convenience’.

It is a Malaysian Airline with its headquarters in Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport and in Penang International Airport. It is the first community airline that is based o Malaysia. Its first flight was launched in 2007 April. Prices for a one way journey start from only $44, including all taxes.

Finally we have reached the end of the list. This are not exactly the cheapest one in the whole world, but if you are looking for quality travelling and not just sitting like cattle on the back of a truck, these airlines are your go to companies.

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