Top 10 Bollywood Movies That Were Banned In India

India is a well known country in Asia that is well known for production of fantastic films. Actors and actresses from this country are highly talented ad have great passion for their acting career. There are rules and regulations that have to be followed for one to produce quality film that is allowed for public viewing. There are other kinds of roles that are totally illegal and cannot get through way in censor board. Check the list below, it contains 10 Bollywood movies that were banned in India for not satisfying censor board.

List of Top 10 Bollywood Movies That Were Banned In India

10. Kama Sutra

kama sutra, Top 10 Bollywood Movies That Were Banned In India

Kama Sutra is amongst oldest Bollywood films that were written by Vastyayana. It is featured in this article because Censor board of film certification banned it. Reasons that contributed to its banning were sexual features. Some of its portions give advice openly concerning sexual intercourse. Censor board described this film to be dirty, Unethical, explicit, inhuman ad immoral. Kama sutra’s director had a bad argument with producers after they refused to serve him. Homosexual and heterosexual activities are also highly featured here.

9. Fire

fire, Top 10 Bollywood Movies That Were Banned In India

Fire is another banned Bollywood film in India. Its story line features mostly on two sisters in law women that fall in love with each other. Fire clearly portrays all activities that are practiced by Lesbians. This was strong enough for Central board of film certification to ban it completely in India. Names that were used to represent these two sisters were so dirty and contributed a lot to its banning. These names are Sita and Radha. Lesbianism is an illegal action among Indians and is a way of disrespecting their dignity.

8. The Pink Mirror


The Pink Mirror is in Eighth position of this article and is one of those banned Indian Movies of History. The pink Mirror was completely banned by censor board of film certification because of having homosexual portions in it. This is complete betray of Indian culture and there was no way it could be allowed to take part in Bollywood film industry. Director of this famous film was Sridhar Rangayar and released it on 14th September, 2003. There were many negative reviews that were released by many people of its portions that aren’t good for free viewing.

7. Kissa Kursi Ka


This is another Bollywood film that cannot be left out in this article of Bollywood banned films in India. Kissa Kursi Ka was banned because of having political views and this was during the reign of Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India. Director of Kissa thought that this film could receive much recognition because of its political views but things turned otherwise. It was banned instead. Those people that were against political views of Kursi Ka could not take things lightly. Due to these disagreements, censor board of India decided to burn it completely.

6. Sikkim


Sikkim is featured in sixth position of this article and is amongst banned films in India. It is one of oldest Bollywood films that were released in 1971 ad got banned by censor board for some genuine reasons. Several threats that are featured I this film contributed greatly to its dismissal. Music that played in this film was by Satyajit Ray. Sikkim destination was ruled by one bad ruler known as Chogyar. This man however had felt that his own state was under a lot of threats that hindered its move economically.

5. Garm Hawa


Garm Hava is in Fifth position of this article and is one of banned Bollywood films in India. It is a famous film that shows a lot of adventures that could not escape censor board regulations. Board members of these film certifications gave out suggestions that Garm was against Hindi traditions, culture and all traditions of Indian people. Hava was initially released on 3rd May, 1974 by M.S Santhu. This film was based on short story that was unpunished. Before banned, Garm had received a filmware award for best story in India and gained a lot of recognition.

4. Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom


This amazing film was released in 1984. Unlike other Bollywood films featured in different positions above, Indiana Jones and the temple of doom was partially banned because of showing negative depiction on Indians. Characters that are used in this movie served as monkey brains. As we all know, Indians consider monkeys as sacred animals. This is according to Hinduism religions. For this reason, Censor board of film certification based in Indian could not allow it go on with public viewing. Directors got little profit from all efforts that were used in its release.

3. Final Solution


This film was released to Bollywood Market industry in 2004 and was later banned because of having provocative characters. This was a major concern for Indians by Censor Board of film certification. Final solution featured all events that took place during 2002 Gujarat violence. Good news about this famous film is that it was cleared after sometime of being banned from industry. Some improvements were done greatly to encouraged director.

2. Black Friday


Black Friday is a 2004 Bollywood film but was released to market in 2005. This film featured mostly on Bombay bombings of 2003. Its released was blocked temporarily until verdict of Bombay High Court. During petition of trials, things did not get easy with the director of Black Friday. Some of its portions are not for public viewing for they scare a lot. It was until 28th January 2005, that CBFC gave directors and producers an authority to continue with their plans. However, horrifying parts were cropped completely.

1. Amu


On first position of this article is Amu. This film is one of banned Bollywood films that are featured in this list. Amu was released o 25th May, 2007 by director Shonali Bose. Amu film was denied for rating because of featuring anti-Sikh riots that occurred in 2004. Some adult cuts were done and it was given rating later on.

Above list comprises of ten Bollywood movies that were banned permanently or temporarily by Censor Board of film certification of India. There were genuine reasons that led to banning of films. however, as featured above, if the director agreed to cut off awful sections, then it was freely allowed in market by CBFC.

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