Top 10 Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects

Okay people if you fall in love with something so much that you want to marry it then it is bizarre. No matter what you do nothing is going to change the fact that it is weird and unbelieveable. Tell me you love food and may think you just like it a lot. But tell me you married something because you love it so much then you are crazy. I guess if you want to go marry something that is not human then if there is a way then there is a will. Being able to finally say you are married and not available anymore makes you happy then you go for it and be happy. I guess the divorce will go easier if it ever happens. You will only have to get rid of you macbook or your car no big deal.

List of Top 10 Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects in 2017

10. Married To A Mannequin

Married To A Mannequin Top Famous Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects 2019

A guy named Dauveed Hakhainhaguadole married a mannequin named Clara. He walks around Hollywood taking her with him everywhere he goes. People do not take the marriage serious but he does and he is in love. Let him be happy and if he wants to stay with this thing forever then that is just fine. Having this love makes him one of the happiest people in the world today.

9. Tied The Knot To Berlin Wall


Eija Riita has been in love with the Berlin Wall since she was seven and first seen it. She would save money so she could go see it and she has lots of pictures of it. She tied the knot in front of some guests one her visit that was the sixth time she had ever been. When the wall was torn down in nineteen eighty nine she was broken hearted and felt horrible. Her surname is Berliner-Mauer and it means Berlin Wall.

8. Wed A Macbook Pro


A woman named Hermione Way decided to marry her Mac Book. it is unofficial but she still believes in her head they are a happy couple and his name is Alex. she is dedicated to her laptop every minute of everyday. She is hoping the law that you can not marry your computer will change in the future so she can get it done and it be official.

7. Got Hitched With Amusement Park Ride

Got Hitched With Amusement Park Ride Top Most Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects 2017

The ride 1001 Nachts is in the Knoebels Amusement park. Amy is a women who fell in love with the ride at the age of thirteen. She rode it three thousand times and then decided to pop the question. They got married in two thousand and nine. Amy changed her surname to Weber because that was the manufacture that made the ride. She carries nuts and bolts in her pocket to feel closure to her “husband”.

6. Love A Huggable Pillow

Love A Huggable Pillow Top Most Famous Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects 2018

Lee Jin-gyu loves his huggable pillow and is currently married to it. In two thousand and ten they had the ceremony tying the knot forever and they will love each other for a very long time. He takes it with him everywhere he goes his friends say. It has a image of Fate Testarossa on the face. He will be forever in love and never feel alone again. If you ask me they should never fight because why fight when she does not even talk.

5. Affair With English Oak Tree


Val Theroux is a sixty-four year old woman that is from Canada. She has visited England quite a lot in the past few years but not because of her love for the country. It is due to her having an attraction to an oak tree that is located there in the New Forest, Hampshire. She is a retired nurse that travels from Kamloops all the way to Britain and holds workshops in reiki. When she gets there she always makes sure to spend her mornings alone with this oak tree just so she can give it a hug and spend quality time together for a few hours.

4. Status: In A Relationship With iBook


Bill Rifka is thirty five years old and has it in his head that he is in a real relationship with his laptop that is an iBook. Apparently the computer is a male and their relationship is very real to Bill. He has admitted to flirting with a few other laptops since beginning his relationship with the iBook though so obviously mr. Rifka can not be that committed to his iBook if he is looking elsewhere.

3. Strong Attraction To Statue Of Liberty


In Leeds, England you will find a woman that goes by the name of Amanda Whittaker. Amanda has an attraction to different shapes but the one that beats them all is her attraction to the Statue of Liberty. Since 2007 she has visited the Statue of Liberty about five times and she even has nicknamed it the statue of “Libby”. When you go into her home you are going to find a ton of different items that are all the Statue of Liberty.

2. Sexually Attracted To Machines


Instead of looking at pretty women, Edward Smith would prefer to check out the front and back of a car to satisfy his needs. He is known as a mechaphile which is a person that is sexually attracted to machines. He has been attracted to a total of one thousand cars in the past forty-five years of his life. As of today he only has a thing for one machine and that is his ‘74 volkswagen beetle and he bought it thirty years ago. Edward has named the car Vanilla and says that she is the only one he is committed to these days.

1. Love At First Sight With Synthetic Wife


Apparently when you have a long line of bad relationships under your belt then you turn to falling in love with synthetic dolls. At Least that is what Davecat did when she bought Sidore from a doll creator for five thousand dollars. They have now been married for about thirteen years and live in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

These above are the Top 10 Bizarre Romances Between People And Objects 2017. When you think of a love connection, you probably see two humans that are crazy for one another. This list just proves that there is all kinds of relationships that someone could have when it comes down to love. Whether it be their love for cars or mannequins, these people are all happy and enjoy their lives exactly how they are living them.

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