Top 10 Biggest TV Celebrity Weddings Ever

Marriage is a very wonderful thing to do, that every single person has dreamt of it when he or she was little. When you do a beautiful wedding, some many people who had attended will also remember it. Doing a wedding means that, it is a new beginning of your lives together and forever loves. It does not matter if you do a traditional or church wedding, the only thing that matters is those two how are getting married and their happiness. Below are top ten biggest TV celebrity weddings ever that had held.

List of Top 10 Biggest TV Celebrity Weddings Ever until in 2017

10. David Beckham & Victoria “Posh Spice” Adams


This two might not be too royalty, however to great extent, when other entertainers and athletes are mixed together, it always seems like they are. This occurs often when they have married in a castle, example of former Spice Girl Victoria “Posh Spice” Adams and footballer David Beckham did. They got married at Luttrellstown Castle on outskirts of Dublin. This is where they marked their beginning of which until now seems to be perfect match. Special points of this wedding included a crown for bride with strapless gown that was designed by Vera Wang and matching thrones purple while ceremony was still in progress.

9. Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt wedding did not last for long; it was a scant of five years. However, all of commotion it made, not to mention secrecy that was endured until it was over, this deserved to be in this list more than any other weddings. Both of them had biggest names in Hollywood when they got married first, but after awards, their popularity soared. That left Brad messing things up.

8. Grace Kelly & Prince Ranier

Grace Kelly & Prince Ranier, Top 10 Biggest TV Celebrity Weddings Ever 2018

You have to go back to history of Hollywood books to find these two lovers. This is a true-life story of a TV star who became a princess, Grace Kelly and her real life prince, prince Ranier of Monaco. You will find every movies, songs and books writing of their wedding and honoring Grace as a legend. The wedding had more than 20,000 million people who came to welcome princess, and Kelly’s family received a dowry of $2 million and 80 pieces of personal luggage before attending to the wedding.

7. Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton


Their affairs started commotion, which did not subside until after Taylor finalized her divorce with Eddie Fischer in 1964 March. After 10 days these two got married and it was a wedding of century even thru it was only had nine invited guests and it was of low key.

6. Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise


If you want to make sure that is the right person before getting married, well Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are best example couple who waited until their kids were born. Their wedding took place in 2006 in 15th century castle. Despite that Cruise performed for Katie in Top Gun style with his version of Righteous Brothers hit, you’ve lost that Loving Feeling. Eventually they lost it after five beautiful years spend together and finally divorced.

5. David Gest & Liza Minnelli


A movie executive David Gest married megastar Liza Minnelli in 2002 where they spent more than $3.5 million planning for their wedding. With no doubt you can get a lot for that price including 12-tier wedding cake, galore, music by Doobie Brothers, Tony Bennett and Donny Osmond, all backed up by a 60-piece orchestra. All invited gest got they own piece personalized piece of cake, however this marriage did not last for long, since it was over within one year.

4. David Furnish & Elton John


Sir Elton married his partner filmmaker David Furnish of more than 12 years in an elaborate ceremony that took place barely a minute after civil partnership legislation took place. They wedding were held in Windsor’s Guildhall, same place where Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles his second wife tied their knot few months earlier. Over 600 guests were invited to witness they marriage and reception was held at Elton’s nearby mansion. Elton sang for Furnish with Your Song.

3. Jamie Hince & Kate Moss


Kills guitarist Hince and Kate Moss a supermodel made their vows in a ceremony, which took place in Southrop at 12th century church. Kate wore a beautiful vintage inspired wedding dress while wedding party and star-studded guest looked on. Their wedding was so colorful and very fun.

2. Beyonce & Jay-Z


You can see what happens when not only one but also two superstars get married. Jay-Z and Beyonce made it look so amazing when they both said I do. They were more than 200 guests in their wedding some of them including Beyoncé’s form group mates Destiny’s Child and many others who enjoyed this elaborate ceremony which was held in Tribeca penthouse that is owned by Jay-Z. Their favorite New York DJS delivered music while equally talented music lineup were among the guests. Marriages were in low-keyed which took over six months for bride to reveal her 18-carat wedding ring, $5 million.

1. Katie Price & Peter Andre


These two beautiful famous TV celebrities decided to tie a knot after some debate. They selected first Highclere Castle as their location, same locations where Downton Abbey television drama is filmed. After that, they decided to design it as a bubble gum and Barbie-doll themed wedding, which was followed down to tacky candy bar that was sent to couples by one of their guests. I hope that this wedding will last for long than chocolate bar.

Above is a list of top ten biggest TV celebrity weddings ever until 2017. Some People marry and get divorced but weddings will probably be remembered forever, for bad or good reasons. Those memories will last forever even if a couple decides that enough is enough.

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