Top 10 Biggest Threats in The World 2018

2018 has been on of the remarkably violent year and most of the worst threats to the security of humans that has also dodged people all across the world are not just the problems from a year ago. From growing terrorism to various environmental issues, reports distributed as per the US Intelligence shares some of the major global threats in 2018.

Almost all of the below-mentioned threats will affect the world population in some or other ways. So, here is the list of Top 10 biggest threats in the world 2018:

List of World’s Top 10 biggest threats to humanity in 2018

10. Closed Europe

This year will see the division of Europe reaching a critical point where the core conflict will be between Closed Europe and Open Europe and in addition the combination of various issues such as refugees, grassroots pressure on politics, inequality, terrorism and various unprecedented challenges on the principals with which the European Union was initially founded. The open borders will also face particular pressure. Britain’s exit from E.U is underestimated but social fabric of the entire Europe will fall gradually making everyone prone to the downfall.

9. Unpredictable Leaders

Biggest Threats

2016 will witness the erratic behavior in international politics with a wide group of leaders. Leaders like Vladimir Putin of Russia, Turkey’s Recep Erdogan and Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko belongs to the list of unpredictable leaders because of their conflict and intervention overlaps. One single unpredictable leader spells volatility, trouble and major global implications.

Principal Threats: Economic Downfall, Government Instability

8. Civil Conflict

Biggest Threats

We all know that civil was last many years then inter-state issues and longer the civil war, higher the death rate of civilian deaths. Countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen and Central African Republic are some crumbled in civil conflicts. 2016 saw the world’s the bloodiest conflict in Syria and has claimed more than 210,000 live so far.

Principal Threats: Death, Political unrest

7. Human Security

Biggest Threats

Increasing land usage, globalization will lead to a rise in infectious diseases and will pose a national risk in many countries. It will increase the possible chance of new epidemics that international community may not be prepared to respond to. Large scale hostility, violence, atrocities, instability will also remain elevated. United Nations are also expected to be underfunded this year.

Principal threats: Government instability, Infectious diseases & Global displacement

6. Economics & Natural Resources

Biggest Threats

Chinese economic downturn has lead to the decline in commodity prices and world energy. This has to lead to the global slowdown in terms of trading that have impacted the whole world’s economy. This will bring instability across all the major regions in the world. South American Country Venezuela is hard hit and will need to struggle hard to avoid any default. Countries like Angola and Nigeria are also struggling hard to cope up with the instability. Russia continues to grow its militarizing process across the north Arctic coastline leading to deteriorating ties between West and Russia.

Principal threats: Weak economic conditions

5. Organized Crime

Biggest Threats

Drug trafficking web of Mexico has increased their functioning throughout the US. The production of methamphetamine and heroin to cater to increased demand in the US has to lead to more active operations of drug mafia in the country. Increased cocaine output, designer drugs such as psychotic drugs are produced in Asia and through organised prices, they are brought to the Western world. African countries are known to exploit the regional stability by trafficking endangered animals, arms and influence political unrest. Talking about other crimes human trafficking still, continue to happen in every corner of the world.

Principal threats: Rise in Crimes, World Wide Web

4. Counter- space Concerns

Biggest Threats

China and Russia have started the rivalry for testing the capabilities of intelligence satellites and military. With the space satellite system advantage to the US, China and Russia are working towards the progress of creating counter space weapons to degrade, deny and disrupt the US space system. Electronic systems which are capable of jamming GPS satellites, communications will rapidly grow across the planet. Russia has already declared the development of the system that can simply blind away US Intelligence.

Principal Threats: China and Russia

3. Cyber Security

Biggest Threats

The continuous rise of new and smart devices will be giving more opportunities for hacking groups to gain private access to all the information. Such systems are otherwise used for the purpose of monitoring, surveillance and identification of many cyber-related crimes. Foreign countries are buying and also exploiting various counterintelligence operations conducted by the government. Cyber Security is one of the major threat in today’s time when the entire system has been taken over by digital media and cloud-based processing. All the information and its access to the wrong hands can lead to permanent damage of society for years to come.

Principal threats: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and non state actors.

2. Weapons of Mass Destruction

Biggest Threats

The advanced nuclear program has given an edge to North Korean and the country is committed to developing more number of long-range missile which is capable of carrying nuclear weapons to the US. Nuclear plant in Pyongyang is also said to have been restarted to expand its plutonium reactor. The country has also shown interest in proliferating the nuclear technologies and supplied to Syria and Iran. China has also modernised the nuclear forces, missiles and sea-based capabilities. Due to the growing speed of genome alteration, there is also an increased risk of developing dangerous biological weapons of mass destruction.

Principal threats: Biological Weapons, North Korea

1. Terrorism

Biggest Threats

World’s Biggest threats ISIS continues to dominate the world of the global terrorism. This group has all the capabilities that it has proved by conducting terrorist operations abroad, create affiliates, hold territory and lure fighters from foreign lands into with joining the ranks or carrying the attacks domestically. Al Qaeda is also a growing threat to similar operations across the world, particularly in Syria and Yemen.

Terrorism and insurgencies throughout the world have been increasing and has also become intermixed. Social media continue to aid and also abet terrorist in spreading their message also luring new recruits

The main threat to the US will be US-based homegrown violent extremists. These individuals will likely try to plot and carry out attacks like the San Bernardino and Chattanooga shootings in 2015. Such incidents may either be inspired or directed by ISIS or al Qaeda.

Principal threats: Al Qaeda, Shiite groups of Iran, ISIS

So, these are the biggest threats to humans in 2018 which will continue to create problems in the world and for the human safety.

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