Top 10 Best Wood Furniture Designers in The World

Furniture is made for the purpose of supporting human being activities such as seating, holding things and sleeping. You can do without them in your home. To select the right brand is very essential. It is because aspects of our life and comfort ability depend on what kind of product you have purchased from home and offices. Wooden furniture are trending so much these days. Objects like chairs, shelves, sofa, bed, table and desks are made will various designs and beautiful varieties for those who love wood things. Below is a list of top ten best wood furniture designers in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Wood Furniture Designers in The World in 2017

10. Sundance Catalog

sundance catalog, Top 10 Best Wood Furniture Designers in The World 2017

Sundance Catalog is well known for its reliability and quality. This entire work rotates around salvage of aged wood. This designer has brought forth stylish and update furniture items. Most of components used are wood stuffs and antiques of olden time.

9. April Hannah

april hannah, Top 10 Best Wood Furniture Designers in The World 2017

She is a designer and an artist in Brooklyn. April Hannah received her MFA in visual Arts school in 2001. She was awarded a residency at Museum of Arts and Design (MAD Museum) on December 2010 in New York City. Just recently her work was shown in McNeill Group Art Tribeca Space Project as part of Mad about Art + Design exhibition during 2012 summer. Her work has been shown in both national and local venues which include Art-house at Jones Center in Texas, Austin, space gallery in Ohio, Cleveland and at Carlos Gallery of Sewanee; south university in Sewanee, Tennessee. She is well known for designing tree table collation that is made for kids.

8. Uhuru


This is very highly ranked furniture designer. It is a company for wood furniture which designs brand pieces from used or recovered materials. If you want to save money, then this company is best for selling cheaper items without any compromising quality. It is based in Brooklyn that was founded by Rhode Island design school (RISD) graduates Bill Hilgendorf and Jason Horvath in 2004.Uhuru has worked at Brooklyn Museum of Art, Renwick Gallery at Smithsonian Institution, and Design Museum & Architecture in Los Angeles, Milwaukee Art Museum and New Yorks New Museum. Uhuru have a showroom in Brooklyn.

7. Green Swan


This company is known for creating current furniture and it’s headquarter is located in Chicago. It is famous for making unique and quality wood brands both for professional to domestic uses. They are experts in making countertops, doors and cabinets with much better modifications.

6. Miles & May


Miles & May is a famous and great designer who is based in Geneva, New York. Brandon Phillips originated it in 2004. They deal with sustainable and domesticated furniture. Over the years, they have come to be known for their creative and unique collections and designs. Most of their furniture are for showcasing character and history of each piece of hand selected wood. Every item is created by using hand in both modern and traditional techniques.

5. Nightwood


This is another outstanding furniture designer. Its collections are such as glass and domesticated wood that they transform them into different items like desks, credenzas, chairs, couches, shelving and counters. Best thing about this company is that they have quite affordable furniture that comes with varying styles and colors.

4. Team 7


This is a well-known furniture designer expert of making era. They are believed to be among most leading and promising producers of modern and high-quality furniture items. Behind team 7 there is Batinau Group Design Company which is initiated in Europe.

3. Schubladen


Schubladen is a big wood furniture manufacturing company. It was first originated from Germany. They are expert in recycling saved scarceness drawers abide in a concrete wood or MDF forms. This brand has styles and wider range in wood furniture to offer its worldwide consumers.

2. Kerf Design


This giant company is popular in manufacturing wood furniture in the world. They aim is to make attractive and practical pieces of furniture which will make their consumers feel comfortable using. Kerf’s brands are factory-made by formaldehyde-free glue, FSC-certified plywood, and other materials that are processed over UV remedial system for improved outcome.

1. Andre Joyau


Andre Joyau is a renowned furniture designer as the biggest production internationally today. This designer produces handcrafted and modern furniture. It has been in market for more than 20 tears. Their product brings out stylish and high quality wood furniture at affordable costs. You will love having this furniture in your home.

These above are the Top 10 Best Wood Furniture Designers in The World 2017. Furniture is known as movable objects that are intended to support several human activities and for holding objects at a convenient height for work. Most of the designers have been using natural objects like trees stumps, moss and rocks as furniture since civilization of human began. Many people prefer to use wood furniture because there are durable and very affordable. They styling and designs are unique and fits well almost everywhere you put in your house. Above is some of wood furniture you can choose to purchase.

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