Top 10 Best Wedding Flowers Ideas

It is important to identify your bouquet and centerpiece choices before meeting your florist or floral designer. People have different tastes when it comes to color, fragrance, how rare a flower is, how common, the scent etc. Flowers also plays a very important role in the theme of the wedding and for that reason care is needed while choosing of flowers to use in the wedding. The list below gives you the flowers ideas available today.

List of Top 10 Best Wedding Flowers Ideas in 2017

10. Sweet pea


These flowers are old fashioned but mostly used flowers in weddings. The colors range from while, pink to dark purple and they unleash a lovable scent. They are believed t signify lasting pleasure. If your theme contains colors that can blend in with those colors, you definitely got no excuse as to why you can’t incorporate them in your wedding flowers ideas. It is so good in the bouquets for the bride and her maids.

9. Gardenia

gardenia, Top 10 Best Wedding Flowers Ideas 2017

These lovely flowers can be used in different ways in weddings. Gardenias can be made into a bouquet for the bride or even her house cleaners, and it can be tucked into a flower bowl and used as a centerpiece. Gardenias produce a strong but lovely scent and this is what attracted its founder. They took it home as a souvenir. They have very delicate petals and so should be handled by an expert to maintain their lovely look with no bruises. A nicely blossomed Gardenia can also be used as a hair accessory. These flowers are available and affordable. Make this an idea for your wedding floral arrangements, with the help f your floral designer.

8. Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are lovely flowers that come in different shades ranging from pink, purple, light blue etc. it is still available in green and white and a stem or two of these flowers can fill up a bouquet. They are as well used as a centerpiece and give an elegant look to wedding table arrangements. Hydrangeas can also be beautifully used on wedding cakes or can be made the theme of the entire wedding and reception too.

7. Peony


Peony is a bright color flowers with a strong fragrance and can make very cute and nice bouquets. Its large full head makes it also suitable for centerpiece and any other flower arrangements. It is available in different colors that you would want to choose from depending on the theme color of your wedding. If you are not a strongly scented flower lover then Peony should not be in any of your flower choices as its scent is quite strong. This flower is a seasonal one and itavailability depends on the season. Its price is high due to this factor.

6. Stephanotis


Stephanotis is known to symbolize marital happiness. Does this not sound good? These flowers are pure white in color and star shaped and they really look fabulous. Each stem of these flowers must be held individually before being arranged. They have a mild scent and are available and affordable though you will have to pay the person assembling them in a bouquet. They are available throughout the year, any season and so you will have no headaches looking for them up and down. They are elegant and when arranged nicely they look bushy and so nice for the bride. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Wedding Flowers Ideas 2017.

5. Lily of the valley


Another popularly used flower in weddings that possesses a shape similar to that of a bell. It has fresh scent from its little flowers and it is only available during the springtime. This flower is very expensive and many people get just a few of its stem and use them to give a bouquet/center piece its sweet fragrance.

4. Ranunculus


This flower is known for its rainbow of colors and can be used as a substitute to roses. Its simple beauty makes it suitable for centerpieces and arrangements. They can feature on their own in an arrangement but they are mostly used as a supporting flower to add depth to other flowers

3. Tulip


These flowers are mostly associated with Netherlands and symbolize love and happiness. They come in a wide range of colors making them one of the good choices in a wedding. Again, it all depends on your taste and that of your partner for the decision of the theme of your wedding and this can help you choose the colors of the tulip to use. There are those tulips that are very much available and those that are rare to find. The available ones are affordable while the rare ones are a bit higher in price. These elegant flowers look even better when combined. In such a case make use of your floral designer and share the ideas of how you would want it to be to suit your taste and preference.

2. Calla lily


Calla lilies are common in creamy ivory but other colors such as yellow, orange, pink and purple are also available. Calla lilies are very classy with a modern look making it very interesting flowers ever. They have long smooth stems and so can be used s a centerpiece using a tall vessel. Several stems can be tied together to make a bouquet for the bride and her house cleaners. You do not have to put a lot of them; just a few stems can do and still bring out the beauty. Despite Calla lilies being available, they are among the expensive flowers you can buy.

1. Rose


As much as roses seem so popular flowers used in weddings, they never seize to be one of the best flowers to use. A rose symbolizes love and romance and they look so good and symbolic in weddings. Very many known people used roses in their weddings e.g. Princess Diana and other celebrities. All you need is to let it be known to your floral designer he look that you want and you are rest assured that a combination of roses would definitely give that look with no disappointment. Design of roses arrangements vary with occasions and a floral designer knows perfectly well, what fits your wedding according to the theme color of your wedding and the taste of both the bride and the groom.

These above are the Top 10 Best Wedding Flowers Ideas 2017. The above list contains flowers that are old fashioned but still remains the best overtime. The above flowers are true flowers that when used at a wedding a lively feeling is felt by everyone. Make your choice and let your floral designers come up with elegant floral arrangements.

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